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Environmental Monitoring and Remediation Technologies II
Editor(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Robert L. Spellicy

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Volume Number: 3853
Date Published: 21 December 1999

Table of Contents
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New spectroscopic methods for environmental measurement and monitoring
Author(s): Jeffrey I. Steinfeld; Robert W. Field; Matthew Gardner; Manjula Canagaratna; Shengfu Yang; Arturo Gonzalez-Casielles; Scott Witonsky; Pankaj Bhatia; Barclay Gibbs; Brian Wilkie; Stephen L. Coy; Alexander A. Kachanov
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Supersonic jet spectrometry for online real-time monitoring of dioxins and their precursors
Author(s): Totaro Imasaka; Junichi Matsumoto; Tomohiro Uchimura; Genta Saito
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Two-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy for online monitoring of chromatographic separation of molasses
Author(s): Egbert Staerk; C. Harbeck; R. Faurie; Carsten Lindemann; Thomas-Helmut Scheper
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Electromagnetic Radiography (EMR) for the detection of low-level chemical contamination in the ground
Author(s): Aka G. Finci; Daniel F. Stanfill III
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Pattern recognition and image processing for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Khalid J. Siddiqui; DeLyle Eastwood
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Optical detection of polychlorinated biphenyls
Author(s): Gabriela Kuncova; Daniela Berkova; Jiri Burkhard; Katerina Demnerova; Jarmila Pazlarova; Jan Triska; Nadezda Vrchotova
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Some carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): R. K. Garg; Pardeep Kumar; R. S. Ram; Zahid H. Zaidi
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Remote sensing and GIS techniques for the environmental management of areas exposed to industrial pollution events
Author(s): Alessandra Marino; Massimo Pecci; Francesco Silvestri
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Tests of a compact lidar system for global monitoring of tropospheric ozone
Author(s): Thomas H. Chyba; J. Thomas Zenker; Renee S. Payne-Baggott; Crystal Toppin; Mika Edmondson; Kyle Lewis; David Harper; N. Scott Higdon; Dale A. Richter; Jack Fishman
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Greenhouse gas scenario in Indian continent
Author(s): T. N. Singh
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Field detection of bacillus spore aerosols with stand-alone pyrolysis-gas chromatography and ion mobility spectrometry
Author(s): A. Snyder; Waleed M. Maswadeh; John A. Parsons; Ashish Tripathi; Henk L. C. Meuzelaar; Jacek P. Dworzanski; Man-Goo Kim
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Two-dimensional angular optical scattering (TAOS) measurements of single airborne microparticles: transition to clusters and dual-wavelength absorption studies
Author(s): Stephen Holler; Mario Surbek; Yongle Pan; Richard K. Chang
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Detection of biological aerosols by luminescence techniques
Author(s): Peter J. Stopa; Darlene Tieman; Phillip A. Coon; Dorothea A. Paterno; Maurice M. Milton
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Imaging spectrometer for fugitive gas leak detection
Author(s): Michele Hinnrichs
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Real-time trace detection of vapor-phase elemental mercury and its compounds
Author(s): Xiaomei Tong; Robert B. Barat; Arthur T. Poulos
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Intelligent systems for the characterization and quantification of microbial systems from advanced analytical techniques
Author(s): Royston Goodacre; Aoife C. McGovern; Eadaoin M. Timmins; Michael K. Winson; Naheed Kaderbhai; David Broadhurst; Janet Taylor; Richard Gilbert; Jem J. Rowland; Douglas B. Kell
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Biosensor for remote monitoring of airborne toxins
Author(s): George K. Knopf; Amarjeet S. Bassi; Shikha Singh; Roslyn Macleod
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GasVue VOC and SF6 leak location field test results
Author(s): Thomas G. McRae
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Continuous sampling air-ICP for metals emission monitoring
Author(s): David P. Baldwin; Daniel S. Zamzow; David E. Eckels; George P. Miller
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Burning parameter diagnostics by means of bichromatic pyrometer, oxygen, and hydrogen sensors
Author(s): Michael A. Gofman; Oleg I. Potaturkin; Pavel A. Chubakov; Michael V. Kolechkin; Alexander V. Jakovlev
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Fabry-Perot interferometer with conjugate convex-concave mirrors as wide-angle spectrometer for scattered light
Author(s): Mark L. Gourari
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Advanced ammonia (NH3) monitoring system for industrial applications
Author(s): Oded Spector; Esther Jacobson
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Room-temperature phosphorescence fiber optic instrumentation for simultaneous multiposition or multianalyte monitorization of environmental chemical parameters
Author(s): Juan Diaz Garcia; Jose Manuel Costa Fernandez; N. Bordel; Alfredo Sanz-Medel
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Mobile multisensor system for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Thorsten de Vries; Ralf Paetzold; Kai Jantos; Eberhard Voss; Angelika Anders
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Solid state gas microsensors for environmental and industrial monitoring
Author(s): Robin M. Walton; Richard E. Cavicchi; Stephen Semancik; Balaji Panchapakesan; Don L. DeVoe; Maria I. Aquino-Class; James D. Allen; John S. Suehle
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Airborne air temperature radiometers
Author(s): Loren D. Nelson; Carl S. Weimer; Martin J. O'Brien
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Flow through luminescence for heavy metal analysis in seawater
Author(s): Blanca San Vicente De la Riva; Jose Manuel Costa Fernandez; Rosario Pereiro Garcia; Alfredo Sanz-Medel
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Development of a dual-pulse fiber optic LIBS probe for in-situ elemental analyses
Author(s): Kristine L. Eland; Dimitra N. Stratis; J. Chance Carter; S. Michael Angel
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Amine-containing poly(vinylchloride) membranes for detecting polynitroaromatic vapors above land mines
Author(s): Liliana Gheorghiu; William Rudolf Seitz; Diane Arbuthnot; Jerome L. Elkind
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Model for laser-generated acoustic wave in soil
Author(s): Li Wen; Charles A. DiMarzio; Carey M. Rappaport
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Detection of objects buried in soil using microwave heating
Author(s): Charles A. DiMarzio; Taner R. Oktar; Wen Li; Carey M. Rappaport
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Land mine detection through GPR and EMI sensor fusion
Author(s): Robert A. Weisenseel; David A. Castanon; William Clement Karl
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Space-resolved measurement of transport processes at liquid-liquid interfaces using laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Klaus Joeris; Thomas-Helmut Scheper
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Problems of monitoring and long-term risk assessment for groundwater from high-volume solid waste sites in industrialized and developing countries
Author(s): Irena Twardowska; Gulab Singh; Prem S. M. Tripathi
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Development of a SERS optode for the in-situ detection of chemicals in sea water
Author(s): Heinar G. Schmidt; Thomas Murphy; S. Lucht; Heinz Detlef Kronfeldt
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Water quality monitoring based on ultraviolet pulsed laser excitation of Raman and fluorescence spectra
Author(s): Vladimir S. Gorelik; Alexander M. Agaltsov; Ruslan Moro
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Development of instrumental ORAM system for radiation dosimetry
Author(s): Brian M. Cullum; Joel Mobley; James S. Bogard; Marko Moscovitch; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Dual-pulse LIBS: why are two lasers better than one?
Author(s): Dimitra N. Stratis; Kristine L. Eland; S. Michael Angel
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IR-remote sensor and lidar for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Yongjiang Dai; Huaiyi Wang; Zhongming Wang; Xiangjun Chen; Jin Dai
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Precision of selected trace elements in groundwater: examples from regional groundwater quality monitoring in the Upper Vistula River Basin (Poland)
Author(s): Jadwiga Szczepanska; Ewa Kmiecik; Irena Twardowska
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Synchronous scanning luminescence: methods to detect pesticides and explosives
Author(s): George J. Hyfantis Jr.; Matthew S. Teglas; Timothy P. Finnegan; Patrick J. Mulligan; Wendi Watts
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Organic vapor sensing using a coated piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor array
Author(s): Zulfiqur Ali; W. T. O'Hare; Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan; Brenden Theaker; Elsdon Watson
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Atmospheric deposition of TiO2 films on glass substrates for antibacterial activity
Author(s): Zulfiqur Ali; Ross Gimblett; David Lax; David Meakins
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Monitoring global atmospheric constituents capable of forcing climate change
Author(s): Russell C. Schnell
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Atomic spectrometry in environmental monitoring and process control
Author(s): Jean-Michel Mermet
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