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Optical Devices for Fiber Communication

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Volume Number: 3847
Date Published: 26 November 1999

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Q-switching dynamics in SBS/Er fiber laser with low-power pump
Author(s): Andrei A. Fotiadi; Aris Ikiades; Nikos A. Vainos; Olivier Deparis; Roman V. Kiyan
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Improved polarization stability of the output mean wavelength in an Er-doped superfluorescent fiber source incorporating a Faraday rotator mirror
Author(s): Dario Gregor Falquier; Michel J. F. Digonnet; H. John Shaw
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Picosecond pulse generation at two wavelengths by simultaneous active mode locking in an Er-doped fiber laser with wide-bandwidth (>1 nm) nonchirped fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Olivier Deparis; Roman V. Kiyan; Ertan Salik; Dmitry S. Starodubov; Jack Feinberg; Olivier Pottiez; Patrice Megret; Michel Blondel
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Long-period fiber gratings: sensors, sources, and beyond
Author(s): Heather J. Patrick
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Long-period fiber grating fabricated by focused irradiation of femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Yuki Kondo; Kentaro Nouchi; Tsuneo Mitsuyu; Masaru Watanabe; Peter G. Kazansky; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Photosensitivity and UV-induced optical loss of silica optical fibers exposed to very high pressure hydrogen environments
Author(s): James F. Brennan III; Diann A. Sloan; Michael May; Dwayne L. LaBrake
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Index-shifted Bragg gratings
Author(s): Miguel A. Rodriguez; Michelle S. Malcuit; James J. Butler
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Integrated optical polarizers of high extinction ratio on glass substrate with a polymer overlay
Author(s): Celia Sanchez Perez; Pierre Benech; Alain Morand; Ted Smail Tedjini; Dominique Bosc; Alain Rousseau
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Micron-sized channel-dropping filters using silicon waveguide devices
Author(s): Desmond R. Lim; Brent E. Little; Kevin K. Lee; Michael Morse; Harry H. Fujimoto; Hermann A. Haus; Lionel C. Kimerling
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Theoretical and experimental study of polarization-dependent loss of optical passive devices
Author(s): Jian Liu; Yee Loy Lam; Jianping Yao; Yuen Chuen Chan; Yan Zhou
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All-optical switching in semiconductor-doped nonlinear fibers
Author(s): Eric Donkor
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Charge dynamics and distributions in thermally poled silica fiber
Author(s): Danny W. Wong; Wei Xu; Simon C. Fleming
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High-efficiency silicon optoelectronic modulator based on a Bragg mirror and integrated in a low-loss silicon-on-insulator waveguide
Author(s): Andrea Irace; Giuseppe Coppola; Mario Iodice; Antonello Cutolo
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Novel x-cut lithium niobate intensity modulator with 10-G bandwidth
Author(s): Yasuyuki Miyama; Tohru Sugamata; Yoshihiro Hashimoto; Toshihiro Sakamoto; Hirotoshi Nagata
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Optoelectronic switching network with 2D optical fiber bundle array I/O access device
Author(s): Fengguang Luo; Mingcui Cao; Qiaoyan Hu; Anjun Wan; Jun Xu; Cong Deng; Yuan-Zhong Xu
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Performance of polycrystalline silicon waveguide devices for compact on-chip optical interconnection
Author(s): Kevin K. Lee; Desmond R. Lim; Anuradha Agarwal; Daniel Ripin; Harry H. Fujimoto; Michael Morse; Lionel C. Kimerling
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InP-based bulk-micromachined tunable filter applications for WDM systems
Author(s): Joachim Pfeiffer; Joachim Peerlings; Rolf Riemenschneider; Riccardo Genovese; Michael Aziz; Gerhard Boehm; Markus-Christian Amann; Peter M. Meissner; Hans L. Hartnagel
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Soliton WDM system using channel-isolating notch filters
Author(s): Pak Lim Chu; Boris A. Malomed; Gang-Ding Peng
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Optical demultiplexing using semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Chiming Wu; Honglei Fan; Niloy K. Dutta; Uziel Koren; Alfonso B. Piccirilli
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Efficient surface gratings in hybrid sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Daniele Blanc; Serge Pelissier; S. Iraj Najafi; Mark P. Andrews
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Minimizing the power penalty of a 100-Gb/s NOLM demultiplexer employing an optical soliton control pulse
Author(s): Chin Ying Cheung; Zabih F. Ghassemlooy; Graham Swift
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Upconversion in Tm3+-doped fluorozirconate fiber pumped by Raman
Author(s): Andrey N. Starodumov; Efrain Mejia-Beltran; Yuri O. Barmenkov; Valery N. Filippov
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Active materials for integrated optic applications
Author(s): Joseph S. Hayden; David S. Funk; David L. Veasey; Philip M. Peters; Norman A. Sanford
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Linewidth enhancement factor in electroabsorption modulated lasers
Author(s): Niloy Choudhury; Niloy K. Dutta
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Pump-induced lasing wavelength uncertainty in Er/Yb co-doped fiber-grating lasers
Author(s): Yuan-Zhong Xu; Hwa-Yaw Tam; Shuihua Liu; M. Suleyman Demokan
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Simple modeling approach for the temperature dependence of the gain of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Paul F. Wysocki; Nicholas Conti; Douglas P. Holcomb
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Optimal design of Er3+-doped amplifier for soliton optical fiber communications
Author(s): Vladimir Ya. Khasilev; Boris A. Malomed; Vladmir N. Serkin
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Stimulated Raman scattering in all-fiber optical switching
Author(s): Andrey N. Starodumov; A. Martinez-Rios; Yuri O. Barmenkov; Valery N. Filippov
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New rare-earth hosts: OH in laser glasses
Author(s): Philip M. Peters; Susan N. Houde-Walter
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