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Terahertz Spectroscopy and Applications II

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Volume Number: 3828
Date Published: 9 September 1999

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Electrically pumped terahertz quantum well sources
Author(s): Jerome Faist
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Long-wavelength high-power quantum fountain unipolar lasers in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye; Bruno Seguin-Roa; Francois H. Julien; Gottfried Strasser; Philippe Collot; Carlo Sirtori; Jean-Yves Duboz
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Carrier dynamical issues for extending the operating wavelength of quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Paul Harrison; K. Donovan; Robert W. Kelsall; P. Kinsler
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Unipolar semiconductor lasers: new class of devices for the generation of mid-infrared radiation
Author(s): Peter Kruck; Carlo Sirtori; Stefano Barbieri; Hideaki Page; Philippe Collot; Julien Nagle; Mattias Beck; Jerome Faist; Ursula Oesterle
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GaAs AlGaAs intersubband MIR lasers
Author(s): Lubos Hvozdara; Stefan Gianordoli; Werner Schrenk; Gottfried Strasser; Karl Unterrainer; Erich Gornik
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THz oscillators based on intraband transitions in bulk semiconductors
Author(s): Valery N. Shastin; R. Kh. Zhukavin; Andrei V. Muravjov; Ekaterina E. Orlova; Sergei G. Pavlov
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Investigation of phosphorus-doped silicon as a possible far-infrared laser material
Author(s): Heinz-Wilhelm Huebers; Karsten Auen; Sergei G. Pavlov; Ekaterina E. Orlova; R. Kh. Zhukavin; Valery N. Shastin
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Pulsed and mode-locked p-Ge THz laser: wavelength-dependent properties
Author(s): Tjeerd O. Klaassen; J. Niels Hovenier; W. Th. Wenckebach; Andrei V. Muravjov; Sergei G. Pavlov; Valery N. Shastin
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Two-terminal devices as fundamental solid state terahertz oscillators
Author(s): Heribert Eisele
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CW-harmonic power generation of GaAs-IMPATT diodes above 200 GHz
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Viktor Boehm; Juergen Freyer; M. Claassen
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Millimeter-wave emission from current oscillations in semiconductor superlattices: present status and future prospects
Author(s): Ekkehard Schomburg
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Electronic devices for nonlinear applications at terahertz frequency
Author(s): D. Lippens
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Highly nonlinear capacitance in quantum well/barrier heterostructures: application to harmonic multiplication at terahertz frequency
Author(s): V. Duez; Mohamed Henini; O. Vanbesien; J. Martyn Chamberlain; D. Lippens
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Generation and detection of THz waves with photomixers
Author(s): Simon Verghese; K. Alexander McIntosh; Erik K. Duerr
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DFG THz-wave generation in DAST using dual-wavelength Ti:Al2O3 laser
Author(s): Maya Mizuno; Kodo Kawase; Syunichi Soma; Hidenori Takahashi; Yoshiharu Urata; Satoshi Wada; Hideo Tashiro; Hiromasa Ito
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Terahertz photonic microstructures for electro-optic modulator applications
Author(s): Richard M. De La Rue
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Tunable solid state terahertz-wave sources: new ideas and prospects
Author(s): Sergey A. Mikhailov
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Plasmon-based terahertz laser without population inversion
Author(s): Krzysztof Kempa; Pradip M. Bakshi; Mikael Ciftan; Erich Gornik; Karl Unterrainer; Gottfried Strasser; C. Rauch
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Free electron laser studies of carrier lifetime and lifetime design in semiconductors and ionic crystals
Author(s): Carl R. Pidgeon; Jon-Paul Wells; I. V. Bradley; B. N. Murdin
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Free-electron laser studies of intra-acceptor transitions in GaAs: a potential far-infrared emission system
Author(s): Matthew P. Halsall; Paul Harrison; H. Pellemans; Carl R. Pidgeon
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Suppression of LO phonon scattering in quasi quantum wires and dots
Author(s): B. N. Murdin
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Measurements of magnetic resonance and high-frequency conductivity at low temperatures and high magnetic fields
Author(s): J. M. Schrama; Eva Joanna Rzepniewski; Arzhang Ardavan; R. Edwards; A.-K. Klehe; A. Kornilov; J. Singleton
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Photon-induced transport through mesoscopic structures using nano-ploughed Josephson junctions
Author(s): Alex W. Holleitner; Friedrich C. Simmel; B. Irmer; R. H. Blick; Jorg Peter Kotthaus; Max Bichler; Werner Wegscheider
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THz imaging: fundamentals and biological applications
Author(s): Martin Koch
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Applications of terahertz (THz) technology to medical imaging
Author(s): Donald D. Arnone; Craig M. Ciesla; Alessandra Corchia; S. Egusa; Michael Pepper; J. Martyn Chamberlain; C. Bezant; Edmund H. Linfield; R. Clothier; N. Khammo
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Subpicosecond time-resolved terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of transient carrier dynamics in semiconductors
Author(s): Michael Schall; Markus Walther; Carsten Winnewisser; Hanspeter Helm; Peter Uhd Jepsen
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Pulsed optical THz technology: generation and amplification of coherent THz radiation
Author(s): Peter Haring Bolivar; Rainer Martini; Heinrich Kurz
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Advances in continuous-wave THz generation
Author(s): Karsten Siebert; Frank Siebe; Mark Thomson; Jalil Zare Baghbidi; Rainer Leonhardt; Hartmut G. Roskos
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Mechanism of THz emission from asymmetric double quantum wells
Author(s): S. R. Andrews; Peter G. Huggard; C. J. Shaw; J. A. Cluff; R. Grey
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Near-field phenomena observed with terahertz pulses
Author(s): Klaas Wynne; John Carey; Justyna Zawadzka; Dino A. Jaroszynski
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Spatially resolved optical measurements of electric terahertz signals on passive devices
Author(s): Michael Nagel; Thomas Dekorsy; Heinrich Kurz
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THz time domain spectroscopy of liquids
Author(s): C. Ronne; K. Jensby; G. K. H. Madsen; Ole Faurskov Nielsen; Soren R. Keiding
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Spectroscopy with electronic terahertz techniques
Author(s): Daniel W. van der Weide; Janusz A. Murakowski; Fritz Keilmann
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Cyclotron resonance light holes amplification in optically pumped semiconductors
Author(s): Dmitry B. Veksler; Andrei V. Muravjov; Valery N. Shastin
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3D photonic crystals: low-cost high-quality filters for THz applications
Author(s): Sebastian Rowson; A. Chelnokov; Jean-Michel Lourtioz; Lionel Duvillaret; Jean-Louis Coutaz
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Parametric THz-wave generation using trapezoidal LiNbO3
Author(s): Akihiro Morikawa; Kodo Kawase; Junichi Shikata; Tetsuo Taniuchi; Hiromasa Ito
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Millimeter-wave magneto-optical determination of the anisotropic superconducting order parameter in the molecular superconductor K-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2
Author(s): J. M. Schrama; Eva Joanna Rzepniewski; Arzhang Ardavan; R. Edwards; J. Singleton; M. Kurmoo; P. Day
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Time-resolved detection of far-field THz-radiation patterns: spatially restricted coherence of surface field THz emitters
Author(s): F. Hilbk-Kortenbruck; Peter Haring Bolivar; Rainer Martini; Henricus P. M. Pellemans; Heinrich Kurz
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THz imaging in a Brewster-angle configuration: characterization of thin oxide coatings for fuel cell applications
Author(s): M. Brucherseifer; Peter Haring Bolivar; Hans Hermann Klingenberg; Heinrich Kurz
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Unconditionally stable high-current-density resonant tunnelling diodes
Author(s): Olivier Dupuis; J. C. Pesant; Patrick Mounaix; Francis Mollot; O. Vanbesien; D. Lippens
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Micromachining techniques at terahertz frequencies
Author(s): S. Arscott; Lionel Duvillaret; Patrick Mounaix; Frederic Garet; Jean-Louis Coutaz; D. Lippens
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Cyclotron resonance of two-dimensional holes in strained multi-quantum-well Ge/GeSi heterostructures
Author(s): Vladimir Ya. Aleshkin; Vladimir L. Vaks; Dmitry B. Veksler; Vladimir I. Gavrilenko; Irina V. Erofeeva; Oleg A. Kuznetsov; Mariya D. Moldavskaya
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Beam-mode analysis of a slotted horn antenna suitable for micromachined rectangular waveguide
Author(s): Brian M. Towlson; John W. Bowen
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Quasi-optical characterization of waveguides at frequencies above 100 GHz
Author(s): Silas Hadjiloucas; John W. Bowen; John W. Digby; J. Martyn Chamberlain; David Paul Steenson
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Fermi surface traversal resonance in metals: two theories and an experiment
Author(s): Arzhang Ardavan; J. M. Schrama; S. J. Blundell; J. Singleton; A. Semeno; Philippe Goy; M. Kurmoo; P. Day
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Low-power optically controllable THz attenuator
Author(s): Nancy E. Hecker; Imke. H. Libon; M. Hempel; S. Baumgaertner; M. Koch; Philip Dawson; Jochen Feldmann
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Optimization of pulsed GaAs IMPATT diodes for 200 GHz
Author(s): Christian Benz; Juergen Freyer; Helmut Grothe
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Theoretical and experimental results of an integrated millimeter-wave frequency tripler
Author(s): Renato Meola; Juergen Freyer
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FIRL: simulations of methanol laser output power
Author(s): Michael Raum
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NbN phonon-cooled hot-electron bolometer as a mixer for THz heterodyne receivers
Author(s): Heinz-Wilhelm Huebers; Josef Schubert; A. Semenov; Gregory N. Gol'tsman; Boris M. Voronov; Eugeni M. Gershenzon; Gerhard W. Schwaab
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KASIMIR initiative and recent results
Author(s): Chung-Chi Lin; Peter J. I. de Maagt; T. Naerhi; Paivi Piironen; Juergen Mees; T. Weber; J. Mosig; P. Otero; Volkert W. Hansen; Thomas Vaupel; Hans L. Hartnagel; C.-I. Lin; Alexander Simon; V. Moettoenen; A. Raeisaenen; Erik L. Kollberg; Harald F. Merkel; Peter Zimmermann
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Demonstration of a millimeter-wave subharmonically excited quantum barrier mixer
Author(s): Wai Yip Liu; David Paul Steenson
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Micromachined e-plane filter for w-band operation
Author(s): A. Champion; Fatima Masot; David Paul Steenson; Robert E. Miles
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