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Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection

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Volume Number: 3824
Date Published: 21 September 1999

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Active vision approach for optimizing illumination in critical surface inspection by machine vision
Author(s): Tilo Pfeifer; Lorenz Wiegers
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Active approach for holographic nondestructive testing of satellite fuel tanks
Author(s): Torsten Merz; Frank Elandaloussi; Dietrich W. Paulus; Wolfgang Osten
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Compact optical sensors for measuring linear and angular velocities
Author(s): Bjarke Rose; Per E. Ibsen; Steen Gruner Hanson; Rene Skov Hansen
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Miniaturization of speckle interferometry for rapid strain analysis
Author(s): Ronny Wegner; Andreas Ettemeyer
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Shearography for determination of 2D strain distributions
Author(s): Ralf Kaestle; Erwin K. Hack; Urs J. Sennhauser
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Theoretical modeling of the laser feedback technique for length measurement of moving materials
Author(s): Thomas Allgeier; Heinrich A. Hoefler; Elmar E. Wagner
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Shape measurement by multiple-wavelength interferometry
Author(s): Yves Salvade; Rene Daendliker
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Flexible autocalibrating full-body 3D measurement system using digital light projection
Author(s): Gunther Notni; Wolfgang Schreiber; Matthias Heinze; Georg H. Notni
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New approach: intelligent digitization with AutoScan
Author(s): Bertram Kaupert; Andreas Betsche; Hans Steinbichler
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Three-dimensional micromeasurements on smooth and rough surfaces with a new confocal optical profiler
Author(s): Roger Artigas; Agusti Pinto; Ferran Laguarta
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High-speed optical 3D roughness measurements
Author(s): Robert Windecker; Stefan Franz; Hans J. Tiziani
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Compact system for measuring rotational speed in two dimensions
Author(s): Steen Gruner Hanson; Rene Skov Hansen; Bengt Hurup Hansen
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Digital refinement of interferograms obtained by double-pulse interferometry and automatic sign correction of phase gradients after FFT evaluation
Author(s): Wolfgang Steinchen; Peter Maeckel; J. Nickel; Frank Voessing; Gerhard Kupfer
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Object pose monitoring for multifinger grippers by laser scanning
Author(s): Thomas Fischer; Heinz Woern
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Three-dimensional pulsed ESPI technique of analysis of dynamic problems
Author(s): Zhiguo Wang; Thomas Walz; H. R. Schubach; Andreas Ettemeyer
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Signal-to-noise ratio of differential interferometer and reference beam interferometer: a comparative study
Author(s): Vyacheslav Aranchuk
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Detection of hydrogen isotope atoms by mass spectrometry combined with resonant ionization
Author(s): Yasuhiro Okada; Masafumi Yorozu; Akira Endo
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Measurement of depth profile of hydrogen isotope atom contained in solid material using resonant laser ablation
Author(s): Masafumi Yorozu; Yasuhiro Okada; Terunobu Nakajyo; Akira Endo
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Time-resolved measurements of the spectra of a broadband laser used as light source for the coherence radar
Author(s): Kay Mittler; Dieter A. Lorenz; Ralf Menzel
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Metrological features of laser interferometers with frequency conversion in supporting channel
Author(s): Oleg G. Morozov; German Ivanovych Il'in; Yuri E. Pol'ski
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Adaptive optical 3D measurement with structured light
Author(s): Richard M. Kowarschik; Joerg Gerber; Gunther Notni; Wolfgang Schreiber; Peter Kuehmstedt
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Laser system for wavelength of laser interferometer calibration
Author(s): Janusz Pienkowski; Janusz Rzepka; Slawomir Sambor; Henryk Pawolka
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New particle tracking velocimetry
Author(s): Antonio Baldassarre; Maurizio De Lucia; Paolo Nesi; Francesca Rossi
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Optical inspection of large-scale technical components
Author(s): Werner P. O. Jueptner; Wolfgang Osten; Michael K. Kalms
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Toward robust and distant estimation of the wear on a track vehicle's wheels
Author(s): Dirk Holm; Gerd Stanke
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Analysis of interferometric fringe patterns by optical wavelet transform
Author(s): Sven Krueger; Larbi Bouamama; Hartmut Gruber; Stephan Teiwes; Guenther K.G. Wernicke
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Application of digital speckle photography for local strain analysis
Author(s): Daniel Holstein; Carmen Theiler; Hans-Juergen Hartmann; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Determination of mechanical joint properties by automated moire interferometry
Author(s): Malgorzata Kujawinska; Leszek A. Salbut
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Nondestructive large-area composite testing using shearography
Author(s): Rene Krupka; Hubert Burggraf; Dirk Rathjen
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Rapid defect inspection of display devices with optical spatial filtering
Author(s): Seung-Woo Kim; Dong-Seon Yoon
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Application of optical spectroscopy to paper production
Author(s): Carl Magnus Nilsson; Jorgen Carlsson; Lars Malmqvist; W. Persson
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Automatic shearography inspection systems for aircraft components in production
Author(s): Oliver Erne; T. Waltz; Andreas Ettemeyer
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Surface inspection on bodies in white in the automotive industry
Author(s): Gang Wan; Ernst H. Noesekabel
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WinGS: optical measurement and inspection system for aircraft wind tunnel models
Author(s): Andreas Zilker; Detlef Winter
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Shape measurement in sheet metal formation: requirements and solutions
Author(s): Roland Hoefling; Petra Aswendt; Reimund Neugebauer
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Determination of technological parameters in strip mining by time-of-flight and image processing
Author(s): Frank Elandaloussi; B. Mueller; Wolfgang Osten
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Real-time defect detection on cloths
Author(s): Antonio Baldassarre; Maurizio De Lucia; Paolo Nesi; Francesca Rossi; Jacopo Zamberlan
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High-resolution linear sensor system for sheet metal width measurement
Author(s): Stephan Hussmann; Wolfram Kleuver; Joerg Groeneweller
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Laser diffraction wire diameter measurements: correction of diffraction models by interferometric calibration
Author(s): Juan Carlos Martinez-Anton; Ibrahim Serroukh; Eusebio Bernabeu
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Quality monitoring and assurance for laser beam cutting using a thermographic process control
Author(s): Heinz Haferkamp; Martin Goede; Alexander von Busse
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ESPI with holographically stored waves and other innovative ESPI methods used for real-time monitoring of dynamic thermal deformations in a practical industrial environment
Author(s): Valery Petrov; Bernhard Lau
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Optical frequency domain reflectometer for fiber structural testing
Author(s): Renat G. Zalyalov; Rishad A. Akhtiamov; Gennady A. Morozov; Oleg G. Morozov; Yuri E. Pol'ski
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NDT on wide-scale aircraft structures with digital speckle shearography
Author(s): Michael K. Kalms; Wolfgang Osten; Werner P. O. Jueptner; Wolfgang Bisle; Dieter Scherling; Gustav Tober
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Particle image velocimetry (PIV) as a tool in optimization of fan-based cooling systems in cars
Author(s): Helmut Zahn; Andreas Seyler; Heiko Hinrichs
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Prototype of a fiber optic sensor for online measurement of coating thickness
Author(s): Giulio D'Emilia
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DSPI applied to rubber viscoelastic behavior at low stresses study
Author(s): Ilia Roussev; Assen Choulev; Pavel I. Koulev
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One-point-of-view high-precision and versatile optical measurement of different sides of objects
Author(s): Gerd Stanke; Dirk Holm; Tim Woehrle
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Optical sensor for measurement of roll + pitch + yaw angles over large distances with high accuracy
Author(s): Rainer Treichel; Rainer Sesselmann; Joachim Krieger
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