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Laser Metrology and Inspection
Editor(s): Hans J. Tiziani; Pramod Kumar Rastogi

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Volume Number: 3823
Date Published: 9 September 1999

Table of Contents
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Stroboscopic shearography for vibration analysis
Author(s): Wolfgang Steinchen; Gerhard Kupfer; Peter Maeckel; Frank Voessing
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Measurement of the density field around an airgun muzzle by pulsed TV holography
Author(s): Staffan Schedin; Per Gren; Marie Finnstroem
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Alternative methods for wavelength determination: interference filters and double photodiodes
Author(s): Frank Bitte; Tilo Pfeifer
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Holographic modal analysis for the investigation of vibro-acoustic systems
Author(s): Carsten Haberstok; Raymond Freymann; Hans Steinbichler; Herman Van der Auweraer; Steve Vanlanduit
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Particle measurement with digital holography
Author(s): Mike Adams; Thomas M. Kreis; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Strain/stress measurements using combined ESPI contouring and deformation measurements
Author(s): Tilo Pfeifer; Horst Konstantin Mischo; J. A. Lemos; Ronny Wegner
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Whole 3D digital holographic measurements of vibrating objects
Author(s): Giancarlo Pedrini; Fernando Mendoza Santoyo; Staffan Schedin; Philipp Froening; Hans J. Tiziani
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Mechanical characterization of natural building stones: observation of the fracture process zone by ESPI
Author(s): Francesco Calvetti; Giuliana Cardani; Alberto Meda
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Single-frame evaluation of object-adapted fringes
Author(s): Tobias Haist; Ernst Ulrich Wagemann; Hans J. Tiziani
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Unwrapping of phase maps using mathematical morphology
Author(s): Pierre Soille
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Advanced particular digital signal processing in a real-time laser-speckle-correlation-based strain sensor with optical preprocessing
Author(s): Christian M. Kargel; Bernhard G. Zagar
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Multielemental analysis of low-alloyed steel by laser-induced breakdown spectrometry
Author(s): Laszlo Peter; Volker Sturm; Reinhard Noll; Risto Hakala; Jorma Viirret; Bringfried Overkamp; Peter Koke
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Holographic vibration analysis by frequency compensation stroboscopic illuminations
Author(s): Mikhail E. Gusev; Vadim S. Gurevich; Anry Isayev
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Correction of cyclic error in optical waveguide distance meter
Author(s): Ichiro Fujima; Katuo Seta; Shige Iwasaki; Hideaki Yoshimori
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Measurement of the magnetization in thin films using magneto-optical effects
Author(s): Kamil Postava; Jaromir Pistora; Dalibor Ciprian; Petr Hlubina
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Influence of mechanical stress on the conversion efficiency of KTP and LBO
Author(s): Guido Mann; Stefan Seidel; Horst Weber
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Optimization of a shape measurement system based on spatial light modulators
Author(s): Jonathan Mark Huntley; C. R. Coggrave
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Interferometric testing of technical surfaces by grazing incidence interferometry in the infrared region
Author(s): Roland Schreiner; Sven Brinkmann; Thomas Dresel; Johannes Schwider
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Avoidance and elimination of errors in optical scanning
Author(s): Michael Schulz; Ingolf Weingaertner
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Spatial frequency self-filtering and brightness adaption of incoherently illuminated objects
Author(s): Ernst Ulrich Wagemann; Hans J. Tiziani
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High-resolution tomography for scattering media by synthesis of optical coherence function
Author(s): Zuyuan He; Kazuo Hotate
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Design and performance of an optical sensor for the measurement of surface roughness and waviness
Author(s): Franco Docchio; Umberto Minoni; Roberto Rodella; Luigi Rovati; Valeriano Corallo
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Design and performance of a low-coherence sensor for industrial applications based on a self-mixing superluminescent diode
Author(s): Luigi Rovati; Franco Docchio
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Multichannel telecentric flying spot scanner for real-time surface inspection
Author(s): Seetharama K. Sureshbabu; Andrew K. Forrest; Anthony J. McCollum
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Time-of-flight range imaging with a custom solid state image sensor
Author(s): Robert Lange; Peter Seitz; Alice Biber; Rudolf Schwarte
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Development of a hightly transparent fluorescent optical sensor for transverse positioning of multiple elements with respect to a reference laser beam
Author(s): J.-Ch. Barriere; H. Blumenfeld; Michel J. Bourdinaud; O. Cloue; F. Molinie; Phillippe Schune
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Laser vision sensor for in-vessel inspection of fusion reactors
Author(s): Luciano Bartolini; Andrea Bordone; Alberto Coletti; Mario Ferri De Collibus; Giorgio G. Fornetti; Carlo Neri; Claudio Poggi; Marco Riva; Luigi Semeraro; Carlo Talarico
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Development of a transparent optical telescope for absolute positioning with respect to a reference laser beam
Author(s): J.-Ch. Barriere; O. Cloue; C. Guyot; P. Ponsot; J.-C. Saudemont; J.-P. Schuller; Phillippe Schune; S. Sube
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Optical properties of ZnSe diffractive optical elements for spot array generation
Author(s): Keiji Ebata; Keiji Fuse; Manabu Shiozaki; Tetsuya Hattori
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Quality assurance in the production of pipe fittings by automatic laser-based material identification
Author(s): Ingo Moench; Laszlo Peter; Roland Priem; Volker Sturm; Reinhard Noll
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Time-domain and spectral-domain low-coherence interferometry used for dispersion characterization of optical fibers
Author(s): Petr Hlubina
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