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Computer-Controlled Microshaping
Editor(s): Vadim P. Veiko; Tamas Szoerenyi

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Volume Number: 3822
Date Published: 20 September 1999

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CVD diamond transmissive diffractive optics for CO2 lasers
Author(s): Vitali I. Konov; V. V. Kononenko; Sergej M. Pimenov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Vladimir S. Pavelyev; Victor A. Soifer
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Hybrid laser processing of micromachining for hard materials
Author(s): Koji Sugioka; Jie Zhang; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Pulsed laser ablation mechanisms of thin metal films
Author(s): Zsolt Toth; Bela Hopp; Tamas Szoerenyi; Zsolt Bor; Elena A. Shakhno; Vadim P. Veiko
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Producing master disks by method of laser ablation
Author(s): Andrey A. Kryuchin; Viacheslav V. Petrov; Vasyliy G. Kravets; Alexander V. Prygun
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Submicron regular structures formed by nanosecond laser intracavity treatment
Author(s): Vasily V. Valyavko; Vladimir P. Osipov
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Ceramics thin film formation for micromechanism and electronic device by ArF laser ablation
Author(s): Masayuki Ikeda; Takashi Morino; Yoshimi Takahashi; Hayato Onodera
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Laser-induced formation of semiconductor films based on transition-metal silicides
Author(s): Sergey A. Mulenko; Volodymyr S. Ovechko
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Laser plasma limiting effects at nanosecond laser microablation
Author(s): Beatrice Salle; Mikhail N. Libenson; Patrick Mauchien; Guillaume Petite; Alexandre F. Semerok; J.-F. Wagner
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Problem of laser impulse microshaping quality: analysis and synthesis
Author(s): Victor A. Serebryakov; Vladimir A. Rusov; Vadim P. Veiko; B. M. Jurkevich
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High-aspect-ratio microdrilling in polymeric materials with intense KrF laser radiation
Author(s): John Lopez; Sylvain Lazare; Francois Weisbuch
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Comparative analysis of silicon wafer micromachining versus nonconventional technology
Author(s): Dumitru Gh. Ulieru
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Surface dynamics during laser polishing of glass
Author(s): Fidel Vega; Jesus Armengol Cebrian; Nuria Bas Lupon; Ferran Laguarta
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3D microstructuring by selective laser sintering/microcladding of metallic powder
Author(s): Yash P. Kathuria
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Fine surface modification of aluminum by laser irradiation with TiO2-Ni composite powder
Author(s): Masanobu Akanuma; Hiroyuki Tanaka; Takanori Sato; Masayuki Ikeda
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Ablation of solid targets with UV femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Peter Simon; Juergen Ihlemann; Jan-Hendrik Klein-Wiele; Jozsef Bekesi; Gerd Marowsky
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Methods for improving the beam quality of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Volker Raab; Martin Ostermeyer; Ralf Menzel
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All-optical inverter derived from negative nonlinear absorption effect
Author(s): Toshikazu Yamada; Yoshinobu Maeda
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Resonant intracavity modulator for q-switching a CO2 laser in a new parameter regime
Author(s): Johan H. Stiens; W. Ranson; C. De Tandt; Vladimir M. Kotov; Gustaaf Borghs; Peter F. Muys; Roger A. Vounckx
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Laser ablation and microstructuring of Si-containing polycarbonates and polyestercarbonates
Author(s): J. Wei; Juergen Stebani; Thilo Kunz; Christina Hahn; Thomas Lippert; Alexander J. Wokaun
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Excimer laser fabrication of low-cost diffractive optical prototypes for CO2 laser marking applications
Author(s): Manuel Flury; Jean-Guy Fontaine; Philippe Gerard; Thierry Engel
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Increase of hole-drilling speed by using packs of laser pulses
Author(s): Sergey G. Gorny; A. M. Grigoriev; Vitaliy A. Lopota; Gleb A. Turichin
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Furrow appearance during laser cutting with assisting gas
Author(s): Vitaliy A. Lopota; Sergey G. Gorny; Gleb A. Turichin
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Copper vapor laser for micromachining
Author(s): Sergey G. Gorny; Michail O. Nikonchuk; Igor V. Polyakov
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Measurement of absorptivity of Al-Mg samples irradiated by high-power cw CO2 laser
Author(s): Dunja Soldo Roudnicky; Antun Persin
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Optimization of plotting trajectory for precision 2D and 3D laser cutting
Author(s): Vadim P. Veiko; A. G. Yakovlev; Boris P. Timofeev; Sergei A. Tretyakov
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Laser technological installations with adjustable time structure of the laser radiation pulses
Author(s): Alexander A. Allas; A. V. Gromovenko; V. M. Opre; A. V. Fedorov
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Peculiarities of laser-assisted drawing-out processing of optical probes for SNOM
Author(s): Alexey I. Kalachev; Igor B. Smirnov; Vadim P. Veiko; Nikolay B. Voznesensky; Evgeny B. Yakovlev; Alexander A. Ejov; Dmitriy A. Muzychenko; Lev N. Kaporsky
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Laser micromachining of metals
Author(s): Jose Antonio Ramos de Campos; Rafael Estrela; L. V. Pitarch; J. Enrique Julia; B. Pascual
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