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Environmental Sensing and Applications
Editor(s): Michel R. Carleer; Moira Hilton; Torsten Lamp; Rainer Reuter; George M. Russwurm; Klaus Schaefer; Konradin Weber; Klaus C. H. Weitkamp; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Ljuba Woppowa

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Volume Number: 3821
Date Published: 16 September 1999

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Scanning the troposphere with a low-cost eye-safe lidar
Author(s): Christoph Muenkel; Ulrich Leiterer; Horst-D. Dier
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Lidar inversion algorithm for the simultaneous retrieval of the vertical profile of the aerosol extinction and backscattering coefficients in the troposphere
Author(s): Jozef Grabowski; Alexandros Papayannis
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Compact mobile lidar system based on the LabVIEW code: applications in urban air pollution monitoring in Athens, Greece
Author(s): Alexandros D. Papayannis; Giorgos Tsaknakis; Giorgos Chourdakis; Alexander A. Serafetinides
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Use of the lidar technique in air quality management in an urban area
Author(s): H. D. Kambezidis; Dimitrios Zevgolis; Tom Efthimiopoulos; Stavros A. Kotsopoulos; G. Economou; A. D. Adamopoulos
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Determination of the critical system and data processing parameters for Raman-DIAL O3 and H2O measurements: numerical simulation
Author(s): Max Frioud; Valentin Mitev; Renaud Matthey
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UV ozone DIAL based on a Raman cell filled with two Raman active gases
Author(s): Valentin Simeonov; Benoit Lazzarotto; Gilles Larcheveque; Philippe Quaglia; Bertrand Calpini
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Raman DIAL measurement of ozone and water vapor in the lower troposphere
Author(s): Benoit Lazzarotto; Gilles Larcheveque; Philippe Quaglia; Valentin Simeonov; Hubert van den Bergh; Bertrand Calpini
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FTS line shapes and their importance in atmospheric measurements in the UV-VIS and the IR
Author(s): Michel R. Carleer
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Cavity-enhanced molecular spectroscopy: a powerful tool to detect trace gases
Author(s): Livio Gianfrani; Gianluca Gagliardi
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Measurement of trace gases by diode laser cavity ringdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Daniele Romanini; Alexander A. Kachanov; Jerome Morville; Marc Chenevier
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Molecular spectroscopy using vertical-cavity surface-emitting diode lasers
Author(s): A. Andersson-Faeldt; Marco Ghisoni; A. Jacobsson; Anders G. Larsson; Stefan Helge Lundqvist; A. Oelme; Leslie R. Pendrill; Christian Sandberg; F. Sjoestroem; Robert Tell; C. Tullin; Tomas Wahnstroem
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Tropospheric boundary layer investigations by differential ground-based solar FTIR spectrometry
Author(s): Brice Barret; Emmanuel Mahieu; Michel R. Carleer; Martine M. De Maziere; Reginald Colin; Rodolphe J. Zander
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Measurement of trace gas fluxes using tunable diode laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Peter W. Werle; Robert Kormann
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Spectroscopic applications of a widely tunable (6.8 to 12.5 um) cw DFG laser spectrometer
Author(s): Torsten Blanke; Ulrike Willer; Wolfgang Schade
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Detection of biomass burning combustion products in the atmosphere from UV/VIS backscatter measurements taken by the GOME spectrometer
Author(s): Werner Thomas; Albrecht von Bargen; Ernst Hegels; Sander Slijkhuis; Kelly Van Chance; Robert J. D. Spurr
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Evaluation of CO2, water vapor, and their turbulent exchange rates with an airborne open-path infrared gas analyzer
Author(s): Werner K. Graber; Markus Furger
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Spaceborne infrared system for tomographic imaging of the distribution of atmospheric components
Author(s): Dino Giuli; Simone Tanelli; Luca Facheris; Fabrizio Cuccoli; Diego Di Sepio
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Determination of VOCs in traffic exhaust by FTIR absorption spectrometry
Author(s): Achim Sedlmaier; Klaus Schaefer; K. H. Becker; Klaus Brockmann; Joerg Heland; Ralf Kurtenbach; J. Loerzer; Peter Wiesen
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Determination of size and concentration of particles in air by using long-path optical extinction measurements
Author(s): Enrico Paganini; Umberto U. Perini; Franco Trespidi; Fabio Ferri
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Determination of exhaust composition in turbine test beds by FTIR emission spectrometry
Author(s): Klaus Schaefer; Joerg Heland; Erwin Lindermeir; Moira Hilton; Gary Bishop; Johanna Vally; Peter Wiesen; Dave H. Lister; Marc Bernard
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Non intrusive spectroscopic investigations of soot and unburnt hydrocarbons in combustion gases
Author(s): Moira Hilton; Giovanni M. Arrigone; Michael N. Miller
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Laser-induced incandescence measurements of particles in aeroengine exhausts
Author(s): John D. Black
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Task-specific tailored multiple-reflection mirror systems for sensitivity enhancement of spectroscopic measurements: application for aircraft engine exhaust emission measurements with FT-IR spectro
Author(s): Klaus Brockmann; Ralf Kurtenbach; Volker Kriesche; Peter Wiesen; Joerg Heland; Klaus Schaefer
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Continuous lidar fluorosensor seawater monitoring during the XIII Italian Antarctic mission
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Spectrofluorometric phytoplankton and seawater characterization during the XIII Italian Antarctic mission
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo; Luigi Lazzara
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Diagnostics of photosynthesizing organisms by linear and nonlinear fluorimetry
Author(s): Viktor V. Fadeev; Elena M. Filippova; D. V. Maslov; D. N. Matorin; Pavel S. Venediktov
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Application of simulated annealing in optical remote sensing of marine constituents
Author(s): Oyvind Frette; Jakob J. Stamnes; Knut H. Stamnes; Svein Rune Erga
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Laboratory measurements of scattering by algae and comparison with Mie scattering
Author(s): Jon Kare Lotsberg; Oyvind Frette; Svein Rune Erga; Jakob J. Stamnes
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RAMSES: a modular multispectral radiometer for light measurements in the UV and VIS
Author(s): Ruediger Heuermann; Rainer Reuter; Rainer Willkomm
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New optical method for water treatment control
Author(s): Teresa Chambino; Joao M. Coelho; Ana Isabel Correia; John Gregory
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Application of fiber optic sensors in waste water management from microelectronics fabrication processes
Author(s): Dumitru Gh. Ulieru
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Absorption spectroscopy in the ultraviolet and visible spectral range of hexavalent chromium aqueous solutions
Author(s): Anna Grazia Mignani; Lorenzo Spadoni
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Detection of herbicides in water and their interactions with chlorella kessleri
Author(s): Thorsten de Vries; Viviane Duling; Angelika Anders
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Quantitative analysis of aromatic molecules in water by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy and multivariate calibration techniques
Author(s): Frank Lewitzka; Uwe Buenting; Peter Karlitschek; Matthias Niederkrueger; Gerd Marowsky
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Advantages of coherent antistokes Raman scattering (CARS) in environmental monitoring
Author(s): Ralf Paetzold; Eberhard Voss; Thorsten de Vries; H. Darpel; Angelika Anders
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Tracking cloud structures in meteorological sequences using an enhanced modal matching algorithm
Author(s): Alessandro Mecocci; Paolo Bussotti
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Fluorescence spectroscopy as a method for in-situ measurements of water quality
Author(s): Elena M. Filippova; I. V. Gerdova; P. S. Kreynin; J. Niggemann; Heinrich K. Oertel; Rainer Reuter
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Complex system for optical monitoring of coastal marine water areas: concept and methods
Author(s): Viktor V. Fadeev; Michael Kompitsas; Rainer Reuter
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Laser remote sensing in highly turbid waters: validity of the lidar equation
Author(s): Stefan Harsdorf; Rainer Reuter
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Contrast-enhanced optical imaging of submersible targets
Author(s): Stefan Harsdorf; Rainer Reuter; Stefan Toeneboen
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Intercomparison of different remote sensing systems: FLIR, DOAS, and TDL
Author(s): Torsten Lamp; Alexander Ropertz; M. Mueller; Guenther van Haren; Konradin Weber; Andreas Fischer
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Radiator standards for accurate IR calibrations in remote sensing based on heatpipe blackbodies
Author(s): Juergen Hartmann; Joachim Fischer
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Automated quality control of scene and residual FTIR spectra
Author(s): Mathias Milz; Thomas von Clarmann
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Evaluation of FTIR emission spectrometry for the determination of turbine exhaust composition in test beds
Author(s): Klaus Schaefer; Joerg Heland; Dave H. Lister; Erwin Lindermeir; Moira Hilton; Gary Bishop; Peter Wiesen; Marc Bernard
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Experimental underground facility to evaluate remote sensing instruments
Author(s): Veronique Tatry; Nathalie Bocquet; Tamara Menard; Michel Nomine
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Ground-based remote sensing of wind vector and visibility: latest results from guideline development
Author(s): Jens Boesenberg; Hans H. Danzeisen; Dirk Engelbart; Klaus Fritzsche; Volker Klein; Christoph Muenkel; Thomas Trickl; Christian Werner; Ljuba Woppowa
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Use of quality assurance procedures for FTIR field measurement data
Author(s): Alexander Ropertz; Torsten Lamp; Marcus Mueller; Guenther van Haren; Konradin Weber
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Nonlinear laser fluorimetry as a new method of diagnostics of organic pollution in water
Author(s): Tatiana A. Dolenko; Vasilii V. Chubarov; Viktor V. Fadeev; A. R. Sabirov
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Possibility of standardization of normalized fluorescent parameter as a measure of organic admixture concentration in water and atmosphere
Author(s): Viktor V. Fadeev
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Inversion of lidar signals in the vicinity of an S-function extremum
Author(s): Ivan V. Grigorov; Max Frioud; Vichko I. Tsanev
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