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Applications and Science of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Evolutionary Computation II
Editor(s): Bruno Bosacchi; David B. Fogel; James C. Bezdek

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Volume Number: 3812
Date Published: 1 November 1999

Table of Contents
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Theoretical developments in evolutionary computation
Author(s): David B. Fogel
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Medical image segmentation using genetic snakes
Author(s): Lucia Ballerini
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Investigation of image feature extraction by a genetic algorithm
Author(s): Steven P. Brumby; James P. Theiler; Simon J. Perkins; Neal R. Harvey; John J. Szymanski; Jeffrey J. Bloch; Melanie Mitchell
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Investigation of new operators for a diploid genetic algorithm
Author(s): Sima Etaner Uyar; A. Emre Harmanci
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Adaptive resource allocation in telecommunications
Author(s): Timothy X. Brown; Hui Tong
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Computational intelligence in management of ATM networks: a survey of the current state of research
Author(s): Y. Ahmet Sekercioglu; Andreas Pitsillides; Athanasios V. Vasilakos
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Soft computing and soft communications for synchronized data
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Dai Hyun Kim; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Igor V. Ternovskiy
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Training perceptrons for document search over the World Wide Web
Author(s): Zhixiang Chen; Xiannong Meng; Richard K. Fox; Richard H. Fowler
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Generalized clustering using optimization from a statistical mechanics approach
Author(s): Sujit Joshi; Sunanda Mitra
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Time series prediction by estimating Markov probabilities through topology preserving maps
Author(s): Gerhard Dangelmayr; Sabino Gadaleta; Douglas Hundley; Michael J. Kirby
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Project DANA: multiagent simulation and fuzzy rules for international crisis detection--can we forestall wars?
Author(s): Roger F. Cozien; Andre Colautti
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How is luminance information passed into the cortex: emergent multifunctional behavior of a simple cell model
Author(s): Matthias S. Keil; Gabriel Cristobal
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Neural RNA as a principal dynamic information carrier in a neuron
Author(s): Andrey A. Berezin
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Hybrid neural networks and their application to particle accelerator control
Author(s): Emile Fiesler; Shannon R. Campbell
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Granular computing for system modeling
Author(s): Witold Pedrycz
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Analysis of large-scale digital optical neural networks by Feynman diagrams
Author(s): Jose Antonio Martin-Pereda; Ana P. Gonzalez-Marcos
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Application of fuzzy logic in intelligent software agents for IP selection
Author(s): Jian Liu; Eugene B. Shragowitz
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Neural nets for modeling, optimization, and control in semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Roop L. Mahajan
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Solving nonlinear engineering problems with the aid of neural networks
Author(s): Andrew H. Sung; Hujun J. Li; Shih-Hsien Chang; Reid Grigg
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Applications of soft computing in petroleum engineering
Author(s): Andrew H. Sung
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Bayesian networks for satellite payload testing
Author(s): Krzysztof Wojtek Przytula; Frank Hagen; Kar Yung
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Adaptive image segmentation neural network: application to Landsat images
Author(s): Jose L. Alba Castro; Susana M. Rey; Laura Docio
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Application of fuzzy logic to feature extraction from images of agricultural material
Author(s): Bruce T. Thompson
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Neural networks vs. nonparametric neighbor-based classifiers for semisupervised classification of Landsat imagery
Author(s): Perry J. Hardin
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