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Recent Advances in Metrology, Characterization, and Standards for Optical Digital Data Disks
Editor(s): Fernando Luis Podio

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Volume Number: 3806
Date Published: 30 November 1999

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VERSATEST-I: a versatile polychromatic dynamic testbed for optical disks
Author(s): Bernhard J. Wolfring; Thomas Weber; Thomas Mueller-Wirts; Masud Mansuripur
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Immersion microscope for static testing of near-field phase-change optical disks
Author(s): Kenric P. Nelson; Jayant D. Bhawalkar; Timothy J. Frey; John Michael Guerra; Orlando Lopez; Michael F. Ruane
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Step-height metrology for data storage applications
Author(s): Rainer G.J. Koening; Ronald G. Dixson; Joseph Fu; Brian T. Renegar; Theodore V. Vorburger; Vincent Wen-Chieh Tsai; Michael T. Postek Jr.
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Accelerated aging studies and the prediction of the archival lifetime of optical disk media
Author(s): David E. Nikles; John M. Wiest
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Variation in optical disk retardance measurements
Author(s): Kent B. Rochford; Stephen T. Kreger; John W. West
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Characterization of optical parameters of an azo-dye-doped polymer PMMA thin film from spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Guangbin Wang; Lisong Hou; Fuxi Gan
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Grating pitch measurements with the molecular measuring machine
Author(s): John Kramar; Jau-Shi Jay Jun; William B. Penzes; Fredric Scire; E. Clayton Teague; John S. Villarrubia
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Properties of active waveguide of ultrasmall-size laser used in near-field optical recording: characterization and model
Author(s): Wan Wu; Xiandeng Pei
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Wavefront analysis of concentric pupil zones
Author(s): Ferry Zijp
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Methods to characterize the recording layer of phase-change media initialized by induction heating
Author(s): Woon-Seong Yeo; Hyung-Kyu Kim; Chang-Jong Kim
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Methods for characterization of phase change optical disks
Author(s): Jerome Butty; Denis Kraehenbuehl; Brian Josef Bartholomeusz; Serguei Mikhailov; Masaru Suzuki
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CD-R and CD-RW optical disk characterization in response to intense light sources
Author(s): Farhad Akhavan; Tomas D. Milster
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Status of international optical disk standards
Author(s): Di Chen; John Neumann
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Microscopic image analysis of defect areas in optical disks
Author(s): Pierre L'Hostis; Frederick Byers; Fernando Luis Podio; Xiao Tang
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Characterization of multilayer depositions of DVD-RAM disks
Author(s): Walter P. Hofmann; Gian Anton Zardini; Daniel Bernegger
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Practical relevance of standardized disk and drive measurements
Author(s): Scott A. Gerger
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Review of the existing standards, literature, test development, test results, and caveats concerning compact disks
Author(s): William P. Murray; Katherine W. Cochrane
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Communication of CD-R characteristics such as data integrity, media reliability, and life expectancy to application developers and data users
Author(s): Margret Brown; Kwema J. Keys
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Thermal modeling using enthalpy methods to aid in the study of microstructural changes of multilayered phase change optical memories
Author(s): Swati Nagpal; Aradhna Aurora
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Comparison and analysis on measurement of optical parameters of some semiconductor films by two methods
Author(s): Jing Li; Fuxi Gan
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Quality discrimination method for write-once optical disk
Author(s): Hyung-Kyu Kim; Woon-Seong Yeo; Dongseok Bae
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