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Organic Photorefractives, Photoreceptors, Waveguides, and Fibers
Editor(s): David H. Dunlap; Stephen Ducharme; David H. Dunlap; Robert A. Norwood; Robert A. Norwood

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Volume Number: 3799
Date Published: 5 October 1999

Table of Contents
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Long-term performance studies in a photorefractive polymer composite
Author(s): Erwin Mecher; Francisco Gallego-Gomez; Klaus Meerholz
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High-Tg multifunctional photorefractive polymer
Author(s): Erik Hattemer; Rudolf Zentel; Erwin Mecher; Klaus Meerholz
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Photorefractive effect of the isotropic phase of polymer liquid crystals
Author(s): Takeo Sasaki
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New organic photorefractive material composed of a charge-transporting dendrimer and a stilbene chromophore
Author(s): Jaeil Bai; Stephen Ducharme; Alexei G. Leonov; Liu Lu; James M. Takacs
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Build-up dynamics of fast organic photorefractive glasses
Author(s): Uwe Hofmann; M. Grasruck; Andre Leopold; Andreas Schreiber; Stefan Schloter; Stephan J. Zilker; Dietrich Haarer; Mukundan Thelakkat; Christoph Hohle; Hans-Werner Schmidt; Peter Strohriegl
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Photoelectrical characterization of photorefractive organic systems
Author(s): Stephan J. Zilker; M. Grasruck; Andre Leopold; Uwe Hofmann; M. A. Kol'chenko; Jonathan Wolff; Stefan Schloter; Andreas Schreiber; Dietrich Haarer
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Comparative analysis of organic-chromophore-doped sol-gel films by poling optical polarimetry, ellipsometry, AFM, and Abeles-Hacskaylo characterization
Author(s): Flavio Horowitz; Petrus A. Alcantara Jr.; Marcelo Barbalho Pereira; L. F. Campo; V. Stefani
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New method for obtaining drift mobility and diffusion coefficient and their relation in photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Akiko Hirao; Hideyuki Nishizawa; Takayuki Tsukamoto; Kazuki Matsumoto
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Non-steady-state photo-EMF effect in photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Reinhard Bittner; Serguei I. Stepanov; Klaus Meerholz
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Enhancement of photoconductivity in the polymer/fullerene composite film by charge transfer process
Author(s): Guohong Ma; Shixiong Qian
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Photoinduced charge transport in molecular solids: the question of polaron formation
Author(s): David H. Dunlap; Paul E. Parris; Vasudev M. Kenkre
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Computer simulation of photocurrent transients for charge transport in disordered organic materials containing traps
Author(s): Sergey Vitalyevich Novikov; David H. Dunlap; Vasudev M. Kenkre; Anatoly V. Vannikov
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Dilute limit of hopping transport in molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): Zoltan G. Soos; Shuqing Bao; Geoffrey W. Hayden
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Estimation of van der Waals component of the density of states using the Gaussian disorder model and the correlated disorder model
Author(s): Akiko Hirao; Hideyuki Nishizawa; Takayuki Tsukamoto; Kazuki Matsumoto
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Charge carrier generation and transport in a binary donor-acceptor glass
Author(s): Andreas Schreiber; Dietrich Haarer
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Polaron dissociation in conducting polymers by high electric fields
Author(s): Esther M. Conwell; S. V. Rakhmanova
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Direct evaluation of injection efficiency from metals into trap-free small-molecule-based transport layers: probing the details of interface formation
Author(s): Martin A. Abkowitz; Andronique Ioannidis; John S. Facci
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Sensitized carrier generation in evaporated thin films and particle dispersions of benzimidazole perylene
Author(s): Zoran D. Popovic; Sang-Nam Lee; Christopher J. Collison; Ah-Mee Hor; Lewis J. Rothberg
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Photogeneration in a ladder-type poly(para-phenylene)
Author(s): Junyou Pan; Andreas Schreiber; Roland Bilke; Michael Forster; Ullrich Scherf; Dietrich Haarer
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Photohole generation in smectic liquid crystalline photoconductor
Author(s): Hong Zhang; Hiroki Maeda; Masahiro Funahashi; Jun-ichi Hanna
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Organic photoconductive materials for advanced xerography
Author(s): Yanqiao Wang; Ruisong Ding; Kejian Jiang; Jinwei Zhou; Qiang Sui; Qichun Zhang; Deyuan Ren; Zhenwen Di
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Generalized theory of symmetry cluster-mode deformation creation onto a photothermoplastic media-free surface
Author(s): Boris I. Constantinov
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Hole drift mobilities in polycarbonate doped with a series of triphenylamine derivatives
Author(s): Alek R. Tameev; Aleksey A. Kozlov; Anatoly V. Vannikov; Olga K. Kocheleva; Sergey A. Lebedev; Boris V. Kotov
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Polymer-based waveguide devices for WDM applications
Author(s): Jean-Francois Viens; Claire L. Callender; Julian P. Noad; Louay A. Eldada; Robert A. Norwood
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High-performance low-cost fabrication method for integrated polymer optical devices
Author(s): Oliver S. Roesch; Winfried Bernhard; Roland Mueller-Fiedler; Peter Dannberg; Andreas H. Braeuer; Ralf Buestrich; Michael Popall
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Micromolding of polymer waveguides
Author(s): Thomas Hanemann; Hermann Ulrich; Robert Ruprecht; Juergen H. Hausselt
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Multifunctional photonic devices based on polymeric materials
Author(s): Gauri V. Karve; Bipin Bihari; Dechang An; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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Laser written mode evolution couplers
Author(s): Robert B. Charters; Barry Luther-Davies
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Optical waveguide components using fluorinated polyimides
Author(s): Shigeki Ishibashi; Hideyuki Takahara
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Fluorinated acrylates in making low-loss, low-birefringence, and single-mode optical waveguides with exceptional thermo-optic properties
Author(s): Robert Blomquist; Louay A. Eldada; Michael J. McFarland; Robert A. Norwood; Constantina Poga; Lawrence W. Shacklette
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Index and loss considerations for active devices
Author(s): Christopher R. Moylan
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Recent progress of polymer optical fiber for high-speed data communication
Author(s): Yasuhiro Koike; Takaaki Ishigure
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Calculation of indices of refraction of photonic polymers
Author(s): Jerome D. Swalen
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Absolute absorption measurements in polymer films using photothermal deflection spectroscopy
Author(s): Liu-Ming Wu; Andre Knoesen
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Side-illumination fluorescence (SIF) spectroscopy studies of aggregation ISQ dye-doped polymer optical fibers
Author(s): Robert J. Kruhlak; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Simulation of optical SOI directional coupler with polymer cover
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Sheen-Je Lee
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Thermally stable optical waveguide using polycarbonate
Author(s): Jang-Joo Kim; Jae-Wook Kang
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