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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices III
Editor(s): Zakya H. Kafafi

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Volume Number: 3797
Date Published: 17 December 1999

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Stimulated emission and lasing in -conjugated polymer films, microstructures, and opal photonic crystals
Author(s): Z. Valy Vardeny; Sergey V. Frolov; Douglas Chinn; Maxim N. Shkunov; Werner Gellermann; Katsumi Yoshino; Akihiko Fujii; Richard V. Gregory; Ray H. Baughman; Anvar A. Zakhidov
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Universal ultrafast signatures of photoexcitations in conjugated polymers: excitons and charge-transfer polarons
Author(s): Duncan W. McBranch; Brett Kraabel; Su Xu; Hsing-Lin Wang; Victor I. Klimov
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Influence of the molecular geometry on the photoexcitations of highly emissive organic semiconductors
Author(s): Shu-Chun Yang; Wilhelm Graupner; Suchismita Guha; Peter Puschnig; Chris Martin; Holakere R. Chandrasekhar; Meera Chandrasekhar; Guenther Leising; Claudia Ambrosch-Draxl
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Time-resolved Foerster energy transfer in molecular and polymeric guest-host systems
Author(s): Arthur Dogariu; Rahul Gupta; Alan J. Heeger; Hailiang Wang; Hideyuki Murata; Zakya H. Kafafi
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Design and synthesis of conjugated materials for efficient optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Andrew B. Holmes; Beng Sim Chuah; Florence Geneste; Rainer E. Martin; Franco Cacialli; Richard H. Friend; Jorgedo Morgado
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Combinatorial methods for screening and optimization of materials and device parameters in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Hans-Werner Schmidt; Christoph Schmitz; Peter Poesch; Mukundan Thelakkat
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Effect of generation on the electronic properties of light-emitting dendrimers
Author(s): Paul L. Burn; Mounir Halim; Jonathan N. G. Pillow; Ifor D. W. Samuel
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Frequency-resolved delayed fluorescence (DF) and photoluminescence detected magnetic resonance (PLDMR) studies of triplet and polaron dynamics in -conjugated materials and devices
Author(s): Joseph Shinar; B. L. Uhlhorn; Jonathan Partee; Chang-Hwan Kim; Moon Ky Lee; Emil J. W. List; Wilhelm Graupner; Guenther Leising
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Vibronic model of PTCDA stacks: fluorescence and relaxation energies
Author(s): M. H. Hennessy; R. A. Pascal Jr.; Zoltan G. Soos
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Photoluminescence studies of the light-emitting species in new materials for polymer devices
Author(s): Garry Rumbles; P. F. Miller; M. M. deSouza; I. R. Gould; H. Amer; D. L. Russell; Andrew B. Holmes; Stephen C. Moratti; Ifor D. W. Samuel
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Measurement of triplet and charged states in conjugated polymers by pulse radiolysis
Author(s): Andrew P. Monkman; H. D. Burrows; L. E. Horsburgh; L. J. Hartwell; M. da G. Miguel; I. Hamblett; S. Navaratnam
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Developmental progress of electroluminescent polymeric materials and devices
Author(s): Mark T. Bernius; Michael Inbasekaran; Edmund P. Woo; Weishi W. Wu; Lisa Wujkowski
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Performance optimization of organic electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Shuit-Tong Lee; C. S. Lee; Zhi Qiang Gao; B. J. Chen; W. Y. Lai; Tsz Cheung Wong
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Organic light-emitting diodes using novel emitting amorphous molecular materials
Author(s): Yasuhiko Shirota; Tetsuya Noda; Hiromitsu Ogawa
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Light-emitting diodes based on a liquid-crystalline oxadiazole derivative
Author(s): Rong Fan; Dragana Culjkovic; Pongpun Piromreun; Michael J. Turon; Jason E. Langseth; George G. Malliaras; Shihai Gu; Ludmila Sukhomlinova; Robert J. Twieg
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Energy level alignment and band bending at organic interfaces
Author(s): Kazuhiko Seki; Hiroshi Oji; Eisuke Ito; Naoki Hayashi; Yukio Ouchi; Hisao Ishii
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Determination of the electronic structure of organic Schottky contacts by photoemission spectroscopy
Author(s): Ruediger Schlaf; Lisa A. Crisafulli; Hideyuki Murata; Charles D. Merritt; Zakya H. Kafafi; Paul G. Schroeder; M. W. Nelson; B. A. Parkinson; Paul A. Lee; Ken W. Nebesny; Neal R. Armstrong
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Interface and material considerations of OLEDs
Author(s): Yoshiharu Sato; Tomoyuki Ogata; Shouko Ichinosawa; Masayo Fugono; Hiroyuki Kanai
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Organic light-emitting devices based on new heterocyclic compounds
Author(s): Sigurd K. Schrader; Paolo Imperia; Norbert Koch; Guenther Leising; B. Falk
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Transport mechanism and electrical properties of LECs based on mLPPP active material
Author(s): Marco Sampietro; R. Sotgiu; Franz P. Wenzl; L. Holzer; Stefan Tasch; Guenther Leising
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Polymeric light-emitting diodes with highly polarized blue emission
Author(s): Tzenka Miteva; Andreas Meisel; Heinz-Georg Nothofer; Ullrich Scherf; Wolfgang Knoll; Dieter Neher; Martin Grell; Donald Lupo; Akio Yasuda
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Transient electroluminescence from polymer-based LED devices
Author(s): Aharon V. Yakimov; V. N. Savvate'ev; Dan Davidov; S. Pfeiffer; Hans-Heinrich Hoerhold
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J-aggregate electroluminescence in polymer matrices
Author(s): Eugene I. Mal'tsev; Dmitry A. Lypenko; Boris I. Shapiro; George Harry W. Milburn; Jeffrey Wright; Andre Hendriksen; Vladimir I. Berendyaev; Boris V. Kotov; Anatoly V. Vannikov
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RGB materials for organic light-emitting displays
Author(s): Sin-ichiro Tamura; Yasunori Kijima; Nobutoshi Asai; Mari Ichimura; Tadashi Ishibashi
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Design and manufacturing of active-matrix organic light-emitting microdisplays on silicon
Author(s): Karl Pichler; Webster E. Howard; Olivier Prache
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Printing approaches for large-area color organic LED displays
Author(s): James C. Sturm; Florian Pschenitzka; T. R. Hebner; Min-Hao Lu; S. Troian
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Modification of organic interfaces: from molecular level measurements to injection characteristics
Author(s): Ian G. Hill; D. Milliron; J. Schwartz; Antoine Kahn
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Current voltage characteristics of organic EL devices with a Cu-phthalocyanine buffer layer
Author(s): Michio Matsumura; Yuichiro Miyamae
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Transparent conducting electrode materials grown by pulsed laser deposition for organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Huengsoo Kim; Alberto Pique; James S. Horwitz; Charles D. Merritt; Ruediger Schlaf; Zakya H. Kafafi; C. M. Gilmore; Douglas B. Chrisey
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Characterization of treated indium tin oxide surface and interface formation between treated ITO with phenyl-diamine
Author(s): Quoc Toan Le; F. Nuesch; Eric W. Forsythe; Lewis J. Rothberg; Yongli Gao
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Mechanism of the intrinsic (long-term) degradation in AlQ3-based organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Zoran D. Popovic; Hany Aziz; Nan-Xing Hu; Ah-Mee Hor; Gu Xu
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Temperature stability of OLEDs using amorphous compounds with spiro-bifluorene core
Author(s): Hubert Spreitzer; Hermann W. Schenk; Josef Salbeck; Frank Weissoertel; Heike Reil; Walter Riess
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Transient studies of deep traps in electroluminescent polymers
Author(s): Alasdair J. Campbell; Donal D. C. Bradley
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Device model for polymer light-emitting diodes: effect of temperature and oxidation
Author(s): John M. Lupton; Ifor D. W. Samuel
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Electroluminescent properties of anthracene-containing polyimides
Author(s): Eugene I. Mal'tsev; Mariy A. Brusentseva; Vladimir I. Berendyaev; Vladislav A. Kolesnikov; Boris V. Kotov; Anatoly V. Vannikov
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Fluorescence anisotropy of rhodamine 6G using OKG with incoherent laser light
Author(s): Attieh A. Al-Ghamdi
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Changes in electronic structure of 8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum/Al interface by insertion of thin electron injection layers
Author(s): Tomohiko Mori; Motofumi Suzuki; Shizuo Tokito; Yasunori Taga
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Electronic structure of starburst molecules and their interfaces with ITO studied by UV photoemission
Author(s): Hisao Ishii; Toshiaki Imai; Eizi Morikawa; Eisuke Ito; Shinji Hasegawa; Koji Kamiya Okudaira; Nobuo Ueno; Yasuhiko Shirota; Kazuhiko Seki
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Bright and efficient blue light-emitting diodes based on conjugated polymer blends
Author(s): Leonidas C. Palilis; David G. Lidzey; Michael Redecker; Donal D. C. Bradley; Michael Inbasekaran; Edmund P. Woo; Weishi W. Wu
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White emission from organic and inorganic dyes dispersed polymers excited by GaN blue LEDs
Author(s): Jacques Tardy; Laurent Berthelot
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PVK-AlQ3 organic electroluminescent diodes: transport properties and color tuning via PVK doping
Author(s): Laurent Berthelot; Jacques Tardy; Bruno Masenelli; Jacques Joseph
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Time-resolved photocarrier generation in conjugated polymers
Author(s): Arthur Dogariu; Daniel Moses; Alan J. Heeger
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Efficient screening of electron transport material in multilayer organic light-emitting diodes by combinatorial methods
Author(s): Christoph Schmitz; Peter Poesch; Mukundan Thelakkat; Hans-Werner Schmidt
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Comparison of device performance using various metal quinolates as the host for a guest-host active layer
Author(s): Lisa A. Crisafulli; Hideyuki Murata; Charles D. Merritt; Zakya H. Kafafi
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