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Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials

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Volume Number: 3796
Date Published: 11 October 1999

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Laser action in periodically structured polymer films
Author(s): Jean-Michel Nunzi; Frank Sobel; Denis Gindre; Bouchta Sahraoui; Christine Denis; Vincent Dumarcher; Celine Fiorini-Debuisschert; Barbara Paci; Licinio Rocha
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Nonlinear optics in polymer optical fibers
Author(s): Dennis W. Garvey; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Nonlinear optical response of Gd2@C80 thin films
Author(s): Gul Yaglioglu; Robinson Pino; Roger Dorsinville; J. Z. Liu; Ming Yan
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Dye-induced narrowing in the spectral profiles of stimulated scattering in a CS2 liquid-core fiber system
Author(s): Ricardo Rego Bordalo Correia; Petrus A. Alcantara Jr.; Silvio L. S. Cunha
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Molecular control of charge and energy transfer in self-assembled polymer films: toward improved ultrafast holographic materials
Author(s): Brett Kraabel; Alexander A. Mikhailovsky; Hsing-Lin Wang; Duncan W. McBranch
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Anisotropy of third-order nonlinear optical responses in metallophthalocyanine aggregates
Author(s): Takashi Isoshima; Hideyuki Watanabe; Koji Ishizaki; Tatsuo Wada; Hiroyuki Sasabe
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Solid state thermochromic behavior of a soluble polydiacetylene
Author(s): Alasdair J. Campbell; Craig K. L. Davies
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Improved third-order nonlinear optical properties of polydiacetylene derivatives
Author(s): Shuji Okada; Hachiro Nakanishi; Hiroshi Matsuzawa; Hideyuki Katagi; Toshiyuki Oshikiri; Hitoshi Kasai; Abhijit Sarkar; Hidetoshi Oikawa; Raul Rangel-Rojo; Takashi Fukuda; Hiro Matsuda
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Nonlinear spectrometer for characterization of organic and polymeric molecules
Author(s): Raluca A. Negres; Eric W. Van Stryland; David J. Hagan; Kevin D. Belfield; Katherine J. Schafer; Olga V. Przhonska; Bruce A. Reinhardt
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Nonlinear absorption and refraction of linearly polarized nanosecond laser radiation by liquid crystals in the transient regime
Author(s): Svetlana G. Lukishova
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Fully optical light beam steering in dye-doped polymer films with time-delayed third-order nonlinearity associated with upconverted photobleaching
Author(s): Vladimir V. Grimalsky; Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Darnell E. Diggs; JaChing Wang; Aaron Wilkosz
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Evolution of bright screening-photovoltaic spatial optical solitons
Author(s): Jinsong Liu; Duying Zhang; Changhong Liang
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Investigation of third-order nonlinearity of substituted-polybenzonitriles by heterodyned femtosecond optical Kerr gate
Author(s): YingHua Zou; Li Lin; Wei Qian; Congfang Wang; Qingji Wang; Huiying Chen
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Femtosecond optically heterodyned optical Kerr effect studies of C60-metal films
Author(s): YingHua Zou; Wei Qian; Li Lin; Zongju Xia; Shixiong Qian; Guohong Ma; Y. H. Lin; Ruifang Cai; Yuanjie Chen; Zu-En Huang
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Two-photon absorption properties of (N-carbazolyl)-stilbenes
Author(s): Jonathan Segal; Zvi Kotler; M. Sigalov; Amos Ben-Asuly; Vladimir Khodorkovsky
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Anisotropy of third-order nonlinear optical responses in fluorescein derivatives by electroabsorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Taeyong Noh; Takashi Isoshima; Takeshi Ogawa; Tatsuo Wada; Hiroyuki Sasabe
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Model dendrons and dendrimers incorporating diphenylamino-substituted diphenylpolyene and PPV-oligomer moieties for NLO applications
Author(s): Kimba Ashworth; Charles W. Spangler; Benjamin Reeves
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Synthesis and characterization of some new coordination polymers for third-order nonlinear optical applications
Author(s): Mamoun M. Bader; Phuong-Truc T. Pham
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Synthesis and third-order nonlinear optical properties: study of new polymers based on colored monomers
Author(s): Mamadou Sylla; Doina Manaila-Maximean; Ana Maria Albu; Jean-Jacques Delaunay
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Diphenylphosphino-substituted diphenylpolyenes for applications in nonlinear optics
Author(s): Luis G. Madrigal; Charles W. Spangler
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Systematic study on the optimization of the first hyperpolarizabilities of methine dyes
Author(s): Christian Ritzel; Elmar Schmaelzlin; Christoph R. Braeuchle; Klaus Meerholz; Alexander Roessler; Christian Ernst; Juergen Wichern; Peter Boldt
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Tuning the hyperpolarizabilities of asymmetrically substituted trans-tetra-ammineruthenium(II) complexes
Author(s): Stephan Houbrechts; Inge Asselberghs; Andre P. Persoons; Benjamin J. Coe; James A. Harris; Lisa J. Harrington; Michelle C. Chamberlain; Jonathan P. Essex-Lopresti; Simon Gaines
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Synthesis, crystal structures, and second-order nonlinear optical properties of new colorless 4-carbamoylpyridinium benzenesulfonate salts
Author(s): Anwar Anwar; Kyoji Komatsu; Shuji Okada; Hidetoshi Oikawa; Hiro Matsuda; Hachiro Nakanishi
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Second-order nonlinear optical crystal susceptibility: computational approach
Author(s): Tatiana V. Timofeeva; Kyrill Suponitsky; Beatriz H. Cardelino; Ronald D. Clark
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NLO studies of a novel phenothiazine self-assembled monolayer
Author(s): Joanna L. Casson; Wenxi Huang; Yongwoo Lee; Jean-Francois Bardeau; Malkiat S. Johal; Wang Rong; Alexander DeQuan Li; Basil I. Swanson; Duncan W. McBranch; Merritt Helvenston; Jeanne M. Robinson
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Rigidized merocyanines: synthesis and linear and nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Walter Grahn; Ulf Lawrentz; Katarzyna Lukaszuk; Ruediger W. Wortmann; Andreas Feldner; Dieter Scherer; Markus Schwoerer; Juergen Bendig; Siegrun Helm; Ina Dix; Peter George Jones
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Benzylic amide [2] catenanes as a novel photonic material
Author(s): Torsten Gase; D. Grando; Pierre-Alain Chollet; Francois Kajzar; Andre Lorin; D. Tetard; David A. Leigh
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Second harmonic generation vs. two-photon fluorescence: mono- and dinuclear dipolar sandwich complexes as test cases
Author(s): Juergen Heck; Sven Dabek; Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen; Hans Wong
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Effect of carbazole as a donor moiety on the second-order nonlinearity of organic molecules
Author(s): Guilia Meshulam; Garry Berkovic; Zvi Kotler; Amos Ben-Asuly; Royi Mazor; Lev Shapiro; Vladimir Khodorkovsky
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Second harmonic generation studies of metal and nonmetal porphyrins at silica surfaces
Author(s): Lorenzo Echevarria; Vincent Piscitelli; Jimmy A. Castillo; C. Scott; Manuel Caetano
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Light control of molecular order and applications
Author(s): Catherine Combellas; Francois Kajzar; Maryanne C. J. Large; Gregoire Matheya; Michel Alain Petit; Paul Raimond; Andre Thiebault
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Multilayer X(2) films from porphyrin chromophores by LBK processing
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Lindsay; Randall R. Kolega; M. Joseph Roberts; Harry Tetsuo Uyeda; Michael J. Therien; Warren N. Herman
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Nonlinear characterization of polymer electro-optic fiber
Author(s): Brian K. Canfield; Mark G. Kuzyk; David J. Welker
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Fabrication of refractive index grating into an azo-dye-attached EO polymer film by photobleaching
Author(s): Toshiaki Hattori; Tomoaki Shibata; Shinji Onodera; Toshikuni Kaino
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Incorporation of highly efficient second- and third-order nonlinear optical chromophores into poly(amido-amine) backbones
Author(s): Alessandro Abbotto; Paolo Ferruti; Manuela Gilberti; Giorgio A. Pagani
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Low-halfwave-voltage electro-optic polymer modulators: design and fabrication
Author(s): Yongqiang Shi; James H. Bechtel; Wenshen Wang
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Measurement of the X(2) distribution in poled nonlinear optical polymer films
Author(s): Robert Blum; Kersten Pfeifer; Gerrit Schoer; Andrej Ivankov; Manfred Eich
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Bifunctional cyclosiloxanes with photorefractive properties
Author(s): Christoph Hohle; Peter Strohriegl; Uwe Hofmann; Dietrich Haarer
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Photochemical recording of an image with nonlinear optical properties in polymer layers
Author(s): Antonina D. Grishina; Larisa Ya. Pereshivko; Tatyana V. Krivenko; Vladimir V. Savelyev; Eugene I. Mal'tsev; Leonid I. Kostenko; Anatoly V. Vannikov
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Nonlinear optical properties and ultrafast photophysical investigations in organic dendrimers
Author(s): Theodore G. Goodson III; Oleg P. Varnavski
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