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Advanced Telescope Design, Fabrication, and Control
Editor(s): William Roybal

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Volume Number: 3785
Date Published: 29 October 1999

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Microdynamics of a precision deployable optical truss
Author(s): Lisa M. R. Hardaway; Lee D. Peterson
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Deployable primary mirror for space telescopes
Author(s): Mark S. Lake; James E. Phelps; Jack E. Dyer; David A. Caudle; Anthony Tam; Javier Escobedo-Torres; Eldon P. Kasl
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Analysis of a conical and a hexapod secondary mirror support tower for the Next-Generation Space Telescope (NGST)
Author(s): Gary W. Wilkerson; Stephen Kenneth Pitalo
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Segmented aperture system wavefront error sensing and correction experiments at BATC
Author(s): Paul D. Atcheson; Timothy C. Towell; Phillip C. Quigley
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SIRTF prototype telescope
Author(s): David Chaney; Robert J. Brown; Todd S. Shelton
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Monolithic SiC telescope of the OSIRIS Narrow-Angle Camera for the cometary mission ROSETTA
Author(s): Didier Castel; Bertrand Calvel; Philippe L. Lamy; Kjetil Dohlen; Michel Bougoin
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Postupgrade performance of the 3.8-m United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT)
Author(s): Timothy G. Hawarden; Nicholas P. Rees; Timothy C. Chuter; Antonio C. Chrysostomou; Charles P. Cavedoni; Ralf-Rainer Rohloff; Eckhart Pitz; Donald G. Pettie; Richard J. Bennett; Eli Ettedgui-Atad
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Experiment of phi 1-m annular continuous polisher (ACP) for LAMOST ultrathin hexagonal flat
Author(s): Bilie Gao; Weijun Mao
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Optical design of a 6.5-m off-axis new planetary telescope
Author(s): Gilberto Moretto; Jeff R. Kuhn
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Alignment and test results of the QuickBird telescope using the Ball Optical System Test Facility
Author(s): John W. Figoski
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Acceptance tests of the INTEGRAL Optical Monitoring Camera subsystems
Author(s): Emmanuel Mazy; J.-Y. Plesseria; Etienne Renotte; Pierre P. Rochus
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Design of the BATC testbed for wavefront error sensing and correction
Author(s): Paul D. Atcheson; Phillip C. Quigley; Timothy C. Towell; Bryan Martin
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Feasibility of application by laser radiation for static diffraction optical element on the surface of a thin film mirror
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Alexander V. Gorlanov; Boris V. Kislitsyn; Dmitrii I. Zhuk
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Gram-Schmidt technique for aberration analysis in telescope mirror testing
Author(s): Nadezhda D. Tolstoba
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Lightweighted secondary mirror for the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope
Author(s): Ralf-Rainer Rohloff; Eckhart Pitz; Timothy G. Hawarden; Nicholas P. Rees; Eli Ettedgui-Atad; Horst W. Kaufmann; Lutz Schmadel
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Finite element analysis of low-cost membrane deformable mirrors for high-order adaptive optics
Author(s): Robert S. Winsor; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Russell B. Makidon
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BATC testbed segmented mirror design, assembly, and operation
Author(s): Bryan Martin; Paul D. Atcheson; Phillip C. Quigley
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BATC multipurpose wavefront error sensing assembly
Author(s): Timothy C. Towell; Paul D. Atcheson
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Rapid cost-effective silicon carbide optical component manufacturing technique
Author(s): John M. Casstevens; Ronald Plummer; Jim Jarocki
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