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Accelerator-based Sources of Infrared and Spectroscopic Applications
Editor(s): G. Lawrence Carr; Paul Dumas

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Volume Number: 3775
Date Published: 25 October 1999

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Infrared synchrotron radiation, review of properties and prospectives
Author(s): Gwyn P. Williams
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Infrared beamline SINBAD at DAFNE: expected performance at the sample site
Author(s): Augusto Marcelli; Alessandro Nucara; D. Cannavo; E. Burattini; Paolo Calvani; G. Cinque; C. Mencuccini; S. Lupi; F. Monti
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Optical design and performance of the IR microscope beamline at SUPERACO-France
Author(s): Francois A. Polack; Raymond Mercier; Laurent Nahon; Catherine Armellin; Jean Pierre Marx; Michel Tanguy; Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie; Paul Dumas
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Characterization of the new NSLS infrared microspectroscopy beamline U10B
Author(s): G. Lawrence Carr; Olivier Merlo; M. Munsli; S. Springer; S. C. Ho
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Two high-order polynomial bendable mirrors in the TLS infrared beamline
Author(s): Shean-Jen Chen; Chien-Kuang Kuan; Shen-Yaw Perng; Duan-Jen Wang; H. C. Ho; T. C. Tseng; Chien-Te Chen; Yi-Chung Lo
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First infrared beamlines at the ALS: final commissioning and new end stations
Author(s): Wayne R. McKinney; Michael C. Martin; John M. Byrd; R. Miller; Mike Chin; G. Portman; Edward J. Moler; Ted Lauritzen; J. P. McKean; Mark W. West; N. Kellogg; V. Zhuang; P. N. Ross; Joel W. Ager III; Wei Shan; Eugene E. Haller
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Research on picosecond processes in biological, chemical, and materials science systems using the infrared beam at the Stanford Free Electron Laser Center
Author(s): Todd I. Smith
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Noise reduction for the infrared beamline at the Advanced Light Source
Author(s): John M. Byrd; Mike Chin; Michael C. Martin; Wayne R. McKinney; R. Miller
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Angular and spectral distribution of infrared synchrotron radiation emitted by an undulator and its edges
Author(s): Alessandro Nucara; Mariangela Cestelli Guidi; Oliver Marcouille; Pascale Roy; Paolo Calvani; P. Giura; A. Paolone; Yves-Laurent Mathis
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Observation of coherent synchrotron radiation from a 1-mm electron bunch at the MAX-I storage ring
Author(s): Ake Andersson; Matthew S. Johnson; Bengt Nelander
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Evidence for millimeter-wave coherent emission from the NSLS VUV ring
Author(s): G. Lawrence Carr; Ricardo P. S. M. Lobo; J. D. LaVeigne; David H. Reitze; David B. Tanner; Stephen L. Kramer; James B. Murphy
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Synchrotron IR microspectroscopy of malignant tissue
Author(s): Mark J. Tobin; Mark A. Chesters; Martin Pearson; Nick C. Griffin; Simon Fisher; B. Ruzicka
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Analysis of bone protein and mineral composition in bone disease using synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy
Author(s): Lisa M. Miller; David Hamerman; Mark R. Chance; Cathy S. Carlson
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Frequency dependence of the ablation of pig tissue with an IR-FEL: a microspectroscopic analysis
Author(s): Francois Glotin; Jean-Michel Ortega; Jean Luc Poncy; Francoise Tourdes; Jean Louis Lefaix; Paul Dumas
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Synchrotron FTIR microspectroscopy of Alzheimer's diseased brain tissue at the SRC beamline
Author(s): Pam S. Bromberg; Kathleen M. Gough; Mandy Ogg; M. R. Del Bigio; Robert Julian
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Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy on the U12IR beamline at the NSLS
Author(s): J. D. LaVeigne; G. Lawrence Carr; Ricardo P. S. M. Lobo; David H. Reitze; David B. Tanner
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Fourier transform infrared picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy with a UV free-electron laser pump synchrotron IR probe
Author(s): Richard Alan Palmer; Gregory D. Smith; Vladimir N. Litvinenko; Glenn S. Edwards
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Two-color experiments combining the UV storage ring free-electron laser and the SA5 IR beamline at Super-ACO
Author(s): Laurent Nahon; Eric Renault; Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie; Daniele Nutarelli; David Garzella; Michel Billardon; G. Lawrence Carr; Gwyn P. Williams; Paul Dumas
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Development of synchrotron infrared spectroscopy for interface science at the Daresbury SRS
Author(s): Mark Surman; John Flaherty; I. Burrows; Timothy S. Nunney; Adam J. Roberts; A. J. Carew; K. Middleman; Rasmita Raval; N. E. Wilson; A. E. Russell
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Synchrotron-based far-IRAS investigations of ice on a single-crystal transition metal oxide
Author(s): Carol J. Hirschmugl; Charles H. Peden; M. Takasaki; M. A. Collins; Scott A. Chambers
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Vibrational dynamics of fullerene molecules adsorbed on metal surfaces: a synchrotron infrared study
Author(s): Petra Rudolf; Rasmita Raval; Paul Dumas; Gwyn P. Williams
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Diffuse scattering of the conduction electrons of a metallic substrate by an adsorbate: an experimental study using synchrotron infrared radiation
Author(s): Paul Dumas; Matthias Hein; Andreas Otto; Gwyn P. Williams
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Far-infrared reflection-absorption investigation of SnCl4 on silica and Na-modified silica surfaces using the buried metal layer approach
Author(s): Michael J. Pilling; - Nurhayati; Peter Gardner; Amir Awalludin; Martyn E. Pemble; Mark Surman
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Start-up of lasing in compact far-infrared free-electron laser driven by 8-MeV microtron
Author(s): Grigori M. Kazakevitch; Young Uk Jeong; ByungCheol Lee; Sung Oh Cho; Sun Kook Kim; Jongmin Lee
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