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X-Ray Optics Design, Performance, and Applications
Editor(s): Ali M. Khounsary; Andreas K. Freund; Tetsuya Ishikawa; George Srajer; Jonathan C. Lang

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Volume Number: 3773
Date Published: 16 November 1999

Table of Contents
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Asymmetrically cut crystals as optical elements for coherent synchrotron radiation conditioning
Author(s): Alexei Souvorov
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Water-cooled first crystals for the SPring-8 x-ray undulator beamlines
Author(s): Hiroshi Yamazaki; Hidekazu Kimura; Isao Kagaya; Chitoshi Yamashita; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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SPring-8 standard x-ray monochromators
Author(s): Makina Yabashi; Hiroshi Yamazaki; Kenji Tamasaku; Shunji Goto; Kunikazu T. Takeshita; Tetsuro Mochizuki; Yasuhiro Yoneda; Yukito Furukawa; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Is colder better? Exploring the feasibility of liquid-helium-cooled optics
Author(s): Lahsen Assoufid; Dennis M. Mills; Albert T. Macrander; Gordon Tajiri
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Forbidden Bragg and Laue diffraction in single crystals
Author(s): Vladimir K. Ignatovich; Masahiko Utsuro; Filipp V. Ignatovitch
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R&D program on multisegmented piezoelectric bimorph mirrors at the ESRF--status report: II
Author(s): Riccardo Signorato
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Microfocusing between 1 and 5 keV with Wolter-type optics
Author(s): Philippe Troussel; Pascal Munsch; Jean-Jacques Ferme
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Flat x-ray mirrors as optical elements for coherent synchrotron radiation conditioning
Author(s): Amparo Rommeveaux; Alexei Souvorov
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Thermal management of next-generation contact-cooled synchrotron x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Ali M. Khounsary
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Carbon/carbon multilayers for synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Vladimir A. Arkadiev; Alexander Baranov; Alexei I. Erko; Pavel E. Kondrashov; Norbert Langhoff; Elena G. Novoselova; Igor S. Smirnov; Markus Veldkamp; Ingo Packe
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Fabrication of Wolter I multilayer coated optics via electroforming: an update
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Robert I. Altkorn; Anita Madan; Michael E. Graham; Yip-Wah Chung; Allen S. Krieger; Chian Liu; Barry P. Lai; Derrick C. Mancini; Peter Z. Takacs
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Design and optimization of multilayer coatings for hard x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Adrian Ivan; Ricardo J. Bruni; Kyung Wha Byun; Finn Erland Christensen; Paul Gorenstein; Suzanne E. Romaine
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Design and performance of graded multilayers
Author(s): Christian Morawe; Jean-Christophe Peffen; Olivier Hignette; Eric Ziegler
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Laterally graded multilayer double-monochromator
Author(s): Albert T. Macrander; Jens Als-Nielsen; Chian Liu; S. Felix Krasnicki; Jozef Maj; Derrick C. Mancini; Jenny Erdmann; P. Gaarde
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Theory of x-ray multilayers with graded period
Author(s): Alexander V. Vinogradov; Rouslan M. Fechtchenko
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Metrology of the mirrors at the Taiwan Light Source
Author(s): Duan-Jen Wang; T. C. Tseng; Shean-Jen Chen; Shen-Yaw Perng; Chien-Kuang Kuan; S. H. Ho
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X-ray mirror metrology: I. Accurate processing of profilometry data
Author(s): Michael Bray
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Sub-urad angular stability measurements by use of long-trace-profiler-based systems
Author(s): Shinan Qian; Peter Z. Takacs
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Two-wave x-ray methods for characterization of supersmooth substrates and thin films
Author(s): Alexander V. Vinogradov; Igor V. Pirshin; Alexander G. Touryanski; Rouslan M. Fechtchenko
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Comparative characterization of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite by means of diffraction topography
Author(s): Alessandra Tuffanelli; Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Giovanni Pareschi; Mauro Gambaccini; Angelo Taibi; Alessia Fantini; M. Ohler
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Characteristics of the thin crystal spectrometer
Author(s): Shunji Kitamoto; Hideki Ogata; Takako Horikawa
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Geometrical optics of x-ray asymmetric Bragg reflection
Author(s): Kenji Tamasaku; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Ultrafast time-resolved EXAFS spectroscopy using an energy dispersive spectrometer
Author(s): Ivan V. Tomov; Dmitri A. Oulianov; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Optical components for polarization analysis of soft x-ray radiation
Author(s): Hans Grimmer; Oksana Zaharko; Michael Horisberger; Hans-Christoph Mertins; Franz Schaefers; Urs Staub
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Quantitive magnetic domain correlation by x-ray resonant magnetic scattering
Author(s): Yves U. Idzerda; John William Freeland
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First polarization measurements of OPHELIE: a versatile polarization VUV undulator at Super-ACO
Author(s): Christian Alcaraz; Roland Thissen; M. Compin; Antoine Jolly; Markus Drecher; Laurent Nahon
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Magnetic x-ray measurements using the elliptical multipole wiggler
Author(s): Pedro A. Montano; Yinwan Li; Uta Ruett; Mark A. Beno; Guy Jennings; Clyde W. Kimball
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Hybrid electromagnet/permanent magnet helical undulator: first results
Author(s): Andrei Rogalev; Jose Goulon; Gisele Benayoun; Pascal Elleaume; Joel Chavanne; Christophe Penel; Pierre Van Vaerenbergh
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Ferromagnetism studied with circularly polarized x rays
Author(s): Malcolm J. Cooper; Jonathan A. Duffy
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Use of polarization analysis in the understanding of resonant magnetic x-ray scattering at the L2,3 edges of rare earths
Author(s): Anne Stunault; Christian Vettier; Nick Bernhoeft; Francois de Bergevin; C. Dufour; K. Dumesnil
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Orientational correlations in liquid crystalline systems revealed by polarization-analyzed resonant x-ray scattering
Author(s): Ronald Pindak; Peter Mach; Anne-Marie Levelut; Philippe Barois; Cheng-Cher Huang; Lars Furenlid
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X-ray natural circular dichroism (XNCD) in gyrotropic crystals
Author(s): Jose Goulon; Chantal Goulon-Ginet; Andrei Rogalev; Gisele Benayoun; Cecile Malgrange; Christian Brouder
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Phase plates for x-ray optics
Author(s): Cecile Malgrange; L. Varga; Carlos M. Giles; Andrei Rogalev; Jose Goulon
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Energy and polarization control in synchrotron-radiation-stimulated nanoprocess
Author(s): Tsuneo Urisu; Harutaka Mekaru; Takayuki Miyamae; Shinya Hirano; Hideyuki Noda
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Applications of resonant x-ray scattering
Author(s): Christian Vettier; Francois de Bergevin; Nick Bernhoeft; Anne Stunault; Didier Wermeille
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Synchrotron radiation optics in the short-pulse limit: design implications for the SLAC Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)
Author(s): Roman O. Tatchyn
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