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Developments in X-Ray Tomography II
Editor(s): Ulrich Bonse

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Volume Number: 3772
Date Published: 22 September 1999

Table of Contents
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Advances in physiologic lung assessment via electron beam computed tomography (EBCT)
Author(s): Eric A. Hoffman
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Quantification of pulmonary arterial wall distensibility using parameters extracted from volumetric micro-CT images
Author(s): Roger H. Johnson; Kelly L. Karau; Robert C. Molthen; Christopher A. Dawson
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Integrated approach to 3D warping and registration from lung images
Author(s): Li Fan; Chang Wen Chen
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Spiral computed tomography of fetuses: reference data and interest in fetopathy
Author(s): Pierre M. Braillon; Raymonde Bouvier
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Fast 3D multiple fan-beam CT systems
Author(s): Adrian Kohlbrenner; Stefan Haemmerle; Andres Laib; Bruno Koller; Peter Ruegsegger
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First results of a multiple fan-beam approach to analyze bone structure in vivo
Author(s): Peter Ruegsegger; Adrian Kohlbrenner; Dieter Ulrich; Andres Laib
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Microtomographic imaging in the process of bone modeling and simulation
Author(s): Ralph Mueller
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Geoscience applications of x-ray computed microtomography
Author(s): Mark L. Rivers; Stephen R. Sutton; Peter J. Eng
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Microtomography of elastomers for tire manufacture
Author(s): John H. Dunsmuir; A. J. Dias; D. G. Peiffer; R. Kolb; G. Jones
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Synchrotron x-ray microtomography and solid state NMR of environmental wastes in cement
Author(s): Leslie G. Butler; Frank K. Cartledge; John W. Owens; Betsy A. Dowd
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X-ray microtomography for fracture studies in cement-based materials
Author(s): Eric N. Landis; Denis T. Keane
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Effect of pitch in multislice spiral/helical CT
Author(s): Ge Wang; Michael W. Vannier M.D.
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Local reconstruction in 3D synchrotron radiation microtomography
Author(s): Francoise Peyrin; Stephane Bonnet; Wolfgang Ludwig; Jose Baruchel
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Comparison of fan- and cone-beam imaging capabilities on a portable x-ray imaging system
Author(s): Timothy A. White; Tim J. Roney; Robert J. Pink; Frederic Noo; Rolf Clackdoyle; Mike Smith; Warren F. Jones
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Image quality and accuracy in x-ray microtomography
Author(s): Graham R. Davis
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Micro-CT scanner with a focusing polycapillary x-ray optic
Author(s): Steven Mark Jorgensen; Denise A. Reyes; Carolyn A. MacDonald; Erik Leo Ritman M.D.
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Flat-panel-detector-based volume tomographic angiography imaging: detector evaluation
Author(s): Ruola Ning; Dinghua Zhang; Biao Chen; David L. Conover; Rongfeng Yu
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New developments in attenuation and phase-contrast microtomography using synchrotron radiation with low and high photon energies
Author(s): Felix Beckmann; Ulrich Bonse; Theodor Biermann
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Recent observations with phase-contrast x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Tohoru Takeda; Yuji Itai; Jinhong Tu; Keiichi Hirano
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High-resolution microtomography for density and spatial information about wood structures
Author(s): Barbara L. Illman; Betsy A. Dowd
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Large-scale simulations of single- and multicomponent flow in porous media
Author(s): Nicos S. Martys; John G. Hagedorn; Delphine Goujon; Judith E. Devaney
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Development of microtomography imaging system for rock and mineral samples
Author(s): Kentaro Uesugi; Akira Tsuchiyama; Tsukasa Nakano; Yoshio Suzuki; Naoto Yagi; Keiji Umetani; Yoshiki Kohmura
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Developments in synchrotron x-ray computed microtomography at the National Synchrotron Light Source
Author(s): Betsy A. Dowd; Graham H. Campbell; Robert B. Marr; Vivek V. Nagarkar; Sameer V. Tipnis; Lisa Axe; D. Peter Siddons
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Methods to remove distortion artifacts in scanned projections
Author(s): Andrew R. Kalukin; Zachary H. Levine; Charles Tarrio; Sean P. Frigo; Ian McNulty; Y. Y. Wang; Cornelia C. Retsch; Markus Kuhn; Barry L. Winn
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High-speed data acquisition for three-dimensional x-ray and neutron computed tomography
Author(s): Anthony W. Davis; Thomas N. Claytor; Matthew J. Sheats
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Human thyroid specimen imaging by fluorescent x-ray computed tomography with synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Tohoru Takeda; Quanwen Yu; Toru Yashiro; Tetsuya Yuasa; Yasuo Hasegawa; Yuji Itai; Takao Akatsuka
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Rayleigh to Compton ratio computed tomography using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): P. Duvauchelle; Gilles Peix; Daniel Babot
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Quantitative phase tomography by holographic reconstruction
Author(s): Peter Cloetens; Wolfgang Ludwig; Dirk Van Dyck; Jean-Pierre Guigay; Michel Schlenker; Jose Baruchel
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X- and gamma-ray tomography for nondestructive material testing
Author(s): Roberto Cesareo; Antonio Brunetti; Ricardo Tadeu Lopes; Gianfranco Galli; Donepudi V. Rao; Alfredo Castellano; Giovanni E. Gigante; Sergio Mascarenhas; Rene Robert; Vitoldo Swinka Filho; Marco Gilardoni; Hamilton Pereira Da Silva; Piero Quarta Colosso
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X-ray fluorescence microtomography: experiment and reconstruction
Author(s): Alexandre S. Simionovici; Marina Chukalina; Michael Drakopoulos; Irina Snigireva; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Christian G. Schroer; Bruno Lengeler; Koen Janssens; Freddy Adams
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Imaging and microtomography facility at the ESRF beamline ID 22
Author(s): Timm Weitkamp; Carsten Raven; Anatoly A. Snigirev
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Quasi-real-time x-ray microtomography system at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Yuxin Wang; Francesco De Carlo; Ian Foster; Joseph Insley; Carl Kesselman; Peter Lane; Gregor von Laszewski; Derrick C. Mancini; Ian McNulty; Mei-Hui Su; Brian Tieman
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Monte Carlo simulation of x-ray fluorescence and scattering tomography experiments
Author(s): Laszlo Vincze; Koen Janssens; B. Vekemans; Freddy Adams
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