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Propagation and Imaging through the Atmosphere III

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Volume Number: 3763
Date Published: 5 October 1999

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Optimal simulation of volume turbulence with phase screens
Author(s): Richard G. Paxman; Brian J. Thelen; Jason J. Miller
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Phase-retrieval-based algorithms for far-field beam steering and shaping
Author(s): Byron M. Welsh; Michael C. Roggemann; Greg L. Wilson
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Cramer-Rao bounds for estimation of turbulence-induced wavefront aberrations
Author(s): Timothy J. Schulz; Wei Sun; Michael C. Roggemann
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Scintillation compensation for laser beam projection using segmented deformable mirrors
Author(s): Michael C. Roggemann; Shilan Deng
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Comparison of branch point and least-squares reconstructors for laser beam transmission through the atmosphere
Author(s): Bo Wang; Alan C. Koivunen; Michael C. Roggemann
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Monitoring of laser guide star and light pollution
Author(s): Nancy Ageorges; Francoise Delplancke; Norbert N. Hubin; Richard I. Davies
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Phase correction of an image turbulence broadening under conditions of strong intensity fluctuations
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Boris V. Fortes
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Numerical simulation of laser propagation in the atmosphere and an adaptive optics system in static state
Author(s): Hai-Xing Yan; Shu-Shan Li; De-Liang Zhang; She Chen
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Atmospheric parameter measurements for non-Kolmogorov turbulence with Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Changhui Rao; Wenhan Jiang; Ning Ling
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Superresolution of atmospheric degraded imagery
Author(s): Joseph Jacob Green; Bobby R. Hunt
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Fine-resolution imagery of extended objects observed through volume turbulence using phase-diverse speckle
Author(s): Brian J. Thelen; David A. Carrara; Richard G. Paxman
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Phase estimation for large field of view: application to multiconjugate adaptive optics
Author(s): Thierry Fusco; Jean-Marc Conan; Vincent Michau; Laurent M. Mugnier; Gerard Rousset
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Regularized multiframe myopic deconvolution from wavefront sensing
Author(s): Laurent M. Mugnier; Clelia Robert; Jean-Marc Conan; Vincent Michau; S. Salem
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New approach to radiative transfer and related atmospheric correction problems
Author(s): Henry Berger; Thomas Hay; Eugene A. Margerum
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Sensitivity analysis of aerosol retrieval algorithms using two-channel satellite radiance data
Author(s): Igor V. Geogdzhayev; Michael I. Mishchenko
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Temporally rendered automatic cloud extraction (TRACE) system
Author(s): Dennis M. Bodrero; James G. Yale; Roger E. Davis; John Michael Rollins
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Real-time atmospheric transmission large-area systems (RT-ATLAS)
Author(s): Dennis M. Bodrero; Roger E. Davis; James G. Yale; John Michael Rollins
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Satellite image restoration filter comparison
Author(s): Dan Arbel; A. Sagiv; M. Kuznivski; Norman S. Kopeika
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Atmospheric PSF caused by light scattering: comparison of a Monte Carlo model to experimental results
Author(s): Tal Carmon; Lidia Langof; Uri P. Oppenheim; Adam D. Devir
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Scintillation characterization for multiple beams
Author(s): Patrick T. Ryan; William H. Lowrey; Imelda A. De La Rue; Robert Q. Fugate
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Huygens-Fresnel wave-optics simulation of atmospheric optical turbulence and reflective speckle in CO2 differential absorption lidar (DIAL)
Author(s): Douglas H. Nelson; Roger R. Petrin; Charles Robert Quick Jr.; L. John Jolin; Edward P. MacKerrow; Mark J. Schmitt; Bernard R. Foy; Aaron C. Koskelo; Brian D. McVey; William M. Porch; Joseph J. Tiee; Charles B. Fite; Frank A. Archuleta; Michael C. Whitehead; Donald L. Walters
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Near-surface scintillation in a coastal ocean region
Author(s): Paul A. Frederickson; Kenneth L. Davidson; Carl R. Zeisse; Charles S. Bendall
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Microwave attenuation measurements in satellite-ground links: spectral analysis for water vapor profile retrieval
Author(s): Fabrizio Cuccoli; Simone Tanelli; Luca Facheris; Stefano Migliorini; Dino Giuli
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Modified model for the microwave brightness temperature of the ocean and its relevance to the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite
Author(s): Sandra L. Cruz-Pol
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Scintillation detection and ranging (SCIDAR) at the Air Force Maui Optical Station
Author(s): Christopher R. Neyman; Bruce E. Stribling
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Fade statistics associated with a space/ground laser communication link at large zenith angles
Author(s): Larry C. Andrews; Cynthia Y. Young; Ammar Al-Habash; Ronald L. Phillips; Deborah E. Tjin-Tham-Sjin
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Hidden phase approaches in recovering images from coherently illuminated objects
Author(s): William W. Arrasmith
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