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Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology II
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover

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Volume Number: 3755
Date Published: 30 December 1999

Table of Contents
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Beagle 2: the exobiology lander on ESA's 2003 Mars Express mission
Author(s): Mark R. Sims; C. T. Pillinger; I. P. Wright; G. Morgan; George W. Fraser; D. Pullan; S. Whitehead; J. Dowson; Richard E. Cole; Alan A. Wells; L. Richter; H. Kochan; Hans Hamacher; Alan Johnstone; A. J. Coates; S. C. Peskett; A. Brack; J. Clemmet; R. Slade; N. Phillips; C. Berry; A. Senior; J. S. Lingard; J. C. Underwood; John C. Zarnecki; Mark E. Towner; M. Leese; A. Gambier-Parry; Nicolas Thomas; Jean-Luc Josset; G. Klingelhoefer
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Fluorescence microscopic system for detection of microorganisms and organic compounds on Mars
Author(s): Takeshi Saito; Yukishige Kawasaki; Takeo Kaneko; Kensei Kobayashi; Atsuo Miyakawa
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Microscope-on-chip using microchannel and solid state image sensors
Author(s): Yu Wang
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Microbiota of the Bogotol graphites
Author(s): Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Elena A. Zhegallo; Richard B. Hoover
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Biomorphic forms in carbonaceous meteorite Alliende and possible ecological system as producer of organic matter of chondrites
Author(s): Stanislav I. Zhmur; Lyudmila M. Gerasimenko
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Astrobiological significance of microorganisms in permafrost and ice
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover
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Morphological behavior of inorganic precipitation systems
Author(s): Juan-Manuel Garcia-Ruiz
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Microbial nature of fibrous kerite of Volyn
Author(s): Vladimir M. Gorlenko; Stanislav I. Zhmur; Vitalii I. Duda; George A. Osipov; Natalia Suzina; Vladimir V. Dmitriev
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Carbon frameworks as scaffolding for self-assembly to bio-organic structures
Author(s): Bettina Heinz
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Nanobacteria as extremophiles
Author(s): E. Olavi Kajander; Neva Ciftcioglu
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Growth factors for nanobacteria
Author(s): Neva Ciftcioglu; E. Olavi Kajander
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Biomorphic structures in Mighei carbonaceous chondrite
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Alexei Yu. Rozanov
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Interference or comparison between Mars and terrestrial landscapes as evidence of water and its cycles
Author(s): Roland R. Paepe; Elfi S.P. Van Overloop; Richard B. Hoover
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The ExSpect-Matlab or AR (autoregressive) PSD (power spectral density) cyclicity calucations method for sediment times series, interfering key beds, and fossil soils
Author(s): Elfi S.P. Van Overloop; Roland R. Paepe; Richard B. Hoover
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Gene cloning of the 18S rRNA of an ancient viable moss from the permafrost of northeastern Siberia
Author(s): Damien Marsic; Richard B. Hoover; David A. Gilichinsky; Joseph D. Ng
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Microorganisms and unicellular algae in the ice sheet of Antarctica
Author(s): Sabit S. Abyzov; Irina N. Mitskevich; Margarita N. Poglazova; Richard B. Hoover; Mikhail V. Ivanov
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Environmental scanning electron microscopy investigations of ancient microorganisms from deep ice above Lake Vostok
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Sabit S. Abyzov; Michael V. Ivanov
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DeepIce: prospects for microbiology at an interdisciplinary science and technology center
Author(s): P. Buford Price
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Physico-chemical survival pattern for the radiophile D. radiodurans: a polyextremophile model for life on Mars
Author(s): Robert C. Richmond; Raj Sridhar; Y. Zhou; Michael J. Daly
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Endolithic biofilms: a model for extraterrestrial ecological niches?
Author(s): Wolfhart Pohl; Michael Hoppert; Christine Flies; Bettina Gunzl; Hans Ruppert; Juergen Schneider
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Possibility of life origin on radioactive source of energy after our supernova explosion
Author(s): Alexei V. Byalko
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Lightning in the atmosphere of a comet and the origins of prebiological systems
Author(s): Yuri G. Serezhkin
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Life is everywhere
Author(s): Gerald A. Soffen
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GARDobes: primordial cell nano-precursors with organic catalysis, compositional genome, and capacity to evolve
Author(s): Daniel Segre; Dafna Ben-Eli; Yitzhak Pilpel; Ora Kedem; Doron Lancet
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