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Imaging Spectrometry V
Editor(s): Michael R. Descour; Sylvia S. Shen

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Volume Number: 3753
Date Published: 27 October 1999

Table of Contents
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Naval EarthMap Observer (NEMO) satellite
Author(s): Thomas L. Wilson; Curtiss O. Davis
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ESA Earth Explorer Land Surface Processes and Interactions mission
Author(s): Jean-Yves Labandibar; Franck Jubineau; Pierluigi Silvestrin; Umberto Del Bello
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Imaging spectroscopy: strategic activities at the DLR Institute of Optoelectronics
Author(s): Franz Lanzl; Andreas A. Mueller
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Two-dimensional dispersive coherence spectrotomography with white-light continuum
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Itoh; Wataru Watanabe
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Chemical agent detection and quantification with imaging spectrometry
Author(s): Agustin I. Ifarraguerri
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PPLN laser-based system for chemical imaging
Author(s): Peter D. Ludowise; David K. Ottesen; Thomas J. Kulp; Uta-Barbara Goers; Mathias C. Celina; Karla Armstrong; Sarah W. Allendorf
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Atmospheric correction for shortwave spectral imagery based on MODTRAN4
Author(s): Steven M. Adler-Golden; Michael W. Matthew; Lawrence S. Bernstein; Robert Y. Levine; Alexander Berk; Steven C. Richtsmeier; Prabhat K. Acharya; Gail P. Anderson; Jerry W. Felde; J. A. Gardner; Michael L. Hoke; Laila S. Jeong; Brian Pukall; Anthony J. Ratkowski; Hsiao-hua K. Burke
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Atmospheric correction algorithm based on vector radiative transfer modeling for hyperspectral remote sensing of ocean color
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Marcos J. Montes; Ziauddin Ahmad; Curtiss O. Davis
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Automated intelligent distillation of hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Robert L. Huguenin; Michael S. Bouchard; Mo-Hwa Wang; Mark A. Karaska
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Onboard spectral imager data processor
Author(s): Leonard John Otten III; Andrew D. Meigs; Abraham J. Franklin; Robert D. Sears; Mark W. Robison; Bruce Rafert; Donald C. Fronterhouse; Ronald L. Grotbeck
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MTU-Kestrel airborne hyperspectral imaging campaigns of the Lake Superior ecosystem
Author(s): Bruce Rafert; William J. Slough; Charles A. Rohde; Andrew Pilant; Leonard John Otten III; Andrew D. Meigs; Al Jones; Eugene W. Butler
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Adaptive signature kernel (ASK) for the Subpixel Classifier: automated scene-to-scene detection of changed targets
Author(s): Robert L. Huguenin; Mo-Hwa Wang; Mark A. Karaska
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Video-rate visible to LWIR hyperspectral image generation exploitation
Author(s): Mark S. Dombrowski; Paul D. Willson
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Analysis of HYDICE noise characteristics and their impact on subpixel object detection
Author(s): Melissa L. Nischan; John P. Kerekes; Jerrold E. Baum; Robert W. Basedow
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Deconvolving optical sensor image distortion using Hermite functions
Author(s): Henry Berger; Edmundo Simental
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Compensation for optical distortion in Fourier transform spectrometers
Author(s): Daniel N. Harres; Daniel R. Fuhrmann; William Hayden Smith
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Effect of sensor defects on hyperspectral mixture analysis algorithms
Author(s): Edwin M. Winter; Scott G. Beaven
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Calibration, characterization, and first results with the Ocean PHILLS hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis; Mary E. Kappus; Jeffrey H. Bowles; John Fisher; John A. Antoniades; Megan Carney
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Computed-tomography imaging spectropolarimeter (CTISP): instrument design, operation, and results
Author(s): Brian H. Miles; Ricky A. Goodson; Eustace L. Dereniak; Michael R. Descour
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Integration and testing of the compact high-resolution imaging spectrometer (CHRIS)
Author(s): Michael A. Cutter; Daniel R. Lobb; Thomas L. Williams; Robert E. Renton
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MWIR computed-tomography imaging spectrometer: calibration and imaging experiments
Author(s): Curtis Earl Volin; John Phillips Garcia; Eustace L. Dereniak; Michael R. Descour; David T. Sass; Christopher G. Simi
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HADAMARD imaging spectrometer with microslit matrix
Author(s): Rainer Riesenberg; Ulrich Dillner
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New results from the ORASIS/NEMO compression algorithm
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Bowles; Dean Clamons; David Gillis; Peter J. Palmadesso; John A. Antoniades; Mark M. Baumback; Mark Daniel; John M. Grossmann; Daniel Haas; Jeffrey G. Skibo
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Simulation of APEX data: the SENSOR approach
Author(s): Anko Boerner; Michael E. Schaepman; Daniel Schlaepfer; Lorenz Wiest; Ralf Reulke
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Hyperspectral lossless compression
Author(s): Bernard V. Brower; Austin Lan; Jill M. McCabe
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Modeling and recognizing hyperspectral textures under unknown conditions
Author(s): Peihsiu Suen; Glenn Healey
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N-FINDR: an algorithm for fast autonomous spectral end-member determination in hyperspectral data
Author(s): Michael E. Winter
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Improved matched-filter detection techniques
Author(s): Pierre V. Villeneuve; Herbert A. Fry; James P. Theiler; William B. Clodius; Barham W. Smith; Alan D. Stocker
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Temperature estimation and compositional mapping using spectral mixture analysis of thermal imaging spectrometry data
Author(s): Edward F. Collins; Dar A. Roberts; Paul C. Sutton; Chris C. Funk; Christoph C. Borel
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Comparison of SEM and linear unmixing approaches for classification of spectral data
Author(s): Scott G. Beaven; Lawrence E. Hoff; Edwin M. Winter
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Spectral change space representation for invariant material tracking in hyperspectral images
Author(s): David Slater; Glenn Healey
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Subspace projection approach to characterization and classification of TRWIS III data
Author(s): Stephanie R. Sandor-Leahy
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Pixel-oriented selection of endmember combinations for linear stochastic spectral unmixing applied to urban environments
Author(s): Karl Segl; Sigrid Roessner
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Multispectral Thermal Imager mission overview
Author(s): Paul G. Weber; Brian C. Brock; Alfred J. Garrett; Barham W. Smith; Christoph C. Borel; William B. Clodius; Steven C. Bender; R. Rex Kay; Max L. Decker
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Multispectral Thermal Imager (MTI) payload overview
Author(s): R. Rex Kay; Steven C. Bender; Tammy D. Henson; Donald A. Byrd; Jeffrey L. Rienstra; Max L. Decker; N Glenn Rackley; Ronald L. Akau; John Paul Claassen; Ronald E. Kidner; Richard B. Taplin; David M. Bullington; Kevin D. Marbach; Chris E. Lanes; Cynthia K. Little; Barham W. Smith; Brian C. Brock; Paul G. Weber
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Multispectral Thermal Imager optical assembly performance and integration of the flight focal plane assembly
Author(s): Tammy D. Henson; Leslie Krumel; Richard J. Blake; Steven C. Bender; Donald A. Byrd; R. Wynn Christensen; William M. Rappoport; GonYen Shen
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MTI focal plane assembly design and performance
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Rienstra; Mary Ballard
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MTI on-orbit calibration
Author(s): William B. Clodius; Steven C. Bender; R. Rex Kay; Barham W. Smith; William H. Atkins; R. Wynn Christensen; Cynthia K. Little; Edward F. Zalewski; William M. Rappoport
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MTI ground data processing and science retrieval pipeline architecture
Author(s): John J. Szymanski; Christoph C. Borel; William B. Clodius; Anthony B. Davis; Christopher E. Heil; James B. Krone; Keri A. Ramsey; Barham W. Smith; Kathy Smith; James P. Theiler; Pierre V. Villeneuve; Paul G. Weber
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MTI core science retrieval algorithms
Author(s): Christoph C. Borel; William B. Clodius; Anthony B. Davis; Barham W. Smith; John J. Szymanski; James P. Theiler; Pierre V. Villeneuve; Paul G. Weber
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Evolving retrieval algorithms with a genetic programming scheme
Author(s): James P. Theiler; Neal R. Harvey; Steven P. Brumby; John J. Szymanski; Steve Alferink; Simon J. Perkins; Reid B. Porter; Jeffrey J. Bloch
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Quantifying multivariate classification performance: the problem of overfitting
Author(s): Brian R. Stallard; John G. Taylor
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Post-launch validation of Multispectral Thermal Imager (MTI) data and algorithms
Author(s): Alfred J. Garrett; Robert J. Kurzeja; Byron Lance O'Steen; Matthew J. Parker; Malcolm M. Pendergast; Eliel Villa-Aleman
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Autocorrelogram approach for estimating the spectral-spatial variability of hyperspectral images
Author(s): Dimitry Y. Frolov
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Earth Explorer Land Surface Processes and Interactions mission: from radiances to processes
Author(s): Michael Berger; Michael Rast
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Absolute radiometric calibration of the DAIS-7915 thermal channels using sub-pixel targets
Author(s): Boris Zhukov; Dieter Oertel; Peter Strobl; Mathias Kneubuehler; Michael E. Schaepman
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Infrared imaging spectrometry by the use of bundled chalcogenide glass fibers and a PtSi CCD camera
Author(s): Mitsunori Saito; Katsuhiro Kikuchi; Chinari Tanaka; Hiroshi Sone; Shozo Morimoto; Toshiharu T. Yamashita; Junji Nishii
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Imaging spectropolarimeters for use in visible and infrared remote sensing
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo; Theodore S. Turner Jr.
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Spectral and spatial uniformity in pushbroom imaging spectrometers
Author(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis
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