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Subsurface Sensors and Applications
Editor(s): Cam Nguyen

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Volume Number: 3752
Date Published: 15 October 1999

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Common framework of subsurface sensing and imaging
Author(s): Michael B. Silevitch; Stephen W. McKnight; Carey M. Rappaport
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Dielectric properties of concrete at S and X bands: a near-field investigation
Author(s): Karl J. Bois; Aaron D. Benally; Paul S. Nowak; Reza Zoughi
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Portable permittivity probe
Author(s): Frank Thompson
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Microwave sensors for nondestructive testing of materials
Author(s): Tuami Lasri; David Glay; Ahmed Mamouni; Yves Leroy
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RF and microwave instrumentation for moisture measurements in process and civil engineering
Author(s): Klaus Kupfer
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Moisture measurement of timber using microwave attenuation at two frequencies
Author(s): Seichi Okamura; Yangjung Zang; Tomoki Kurematsu
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Detection of subsurface water content of eggs using bistatic microwave sensors
Author(s): Ferenc Volgyi
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Multiply constrained cardiac electrical imaging methods
Author(s): Dana H. Brooks; Kadagattur G. Srinidhi; Robert S. MacLeod; David R. Kaeli
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Hyperspectral imaging for dermal hemoglobin spectroscopy
Author(s): Peter J. Dwyer; Charles A. DiMarzio
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Interaction of diffusive waves and ultrasound
Author(s): Thomas J. Gaudette; Charles A. DiMarzio; Daniel J. Townsend
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Numerous applications of fiber optic evanescent wave Fourier transform infrared (FEW-FTIR) spectroscopy for subsurface structural analysis
Author(s): Natalia I. Afanasyeva; Leslie Welser; Reinhard F. Bruch; Angelique Kano; Volodymyr Makhine
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Polarimetric borehole radar measurement at the Mirror Lake test site
Author(s): Motoyuki Sato; Moriyasu Takeshita; Takashi Miwa; John W. Lane Jr.
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High-Tc superconducting magnetic sensor for detection of subsurface structures
Author(s): Ted R. Clem
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Development of silicon microcapacitive accelerometer for seismic measurement
Author(s): Mitsutomo Nishizawa; Geunbae Lim; Hiroaki Niitsuma; Masayoshi Esashi
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Moisture monitoring with subsurface transmission lines
Author(s): Alexander Brandelik; Christof Huebner
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Microwave dielectric properties of wooden cross-arms
Author(s): Kaida bin Khalid; Mohd Hamami bin Shari; Ng Kok Keong; Syed Ahmad Fuad
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Dielectric properties of contaminated soil
Author(s): Yi Huang; Michael T.C. Fang; Van Thuan Nguyen; Asger Eriksen
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Ground-penetrating radar: use and misuse
Author(s): Gary R. Olhoeft
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Novel subsurface imaging system
Author(s): Igor Zuykov; Wieslaw Olejnik; Alexander E. Martens
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Polarimetric processing techniques for coherent stepped-frequency ground-penetrating radar systems: applications toward detection of buried utilities
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Randall T. Becker; Michael B. Bashforth
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Experimental investigation of buried objects by microwave tomography method
Author(s): Alexey A. Vertiy; Sergiy P. Gavrilov; Banu Tansel; Igor Voynovskyy
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Embedded modulating dipole scattering for near-field microwave inspection of concrete: preliminary investigations
Author(s): Alain Joisel; Karl J. Bois; Aaron D. Benally; Jean-Charles Bolomey; Reza Zoughi
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Time-division displacement pattern measurement of vibration surface by using stroboscopic holography
Author(s): Masanari Taniguchi; Takashi Tsuchiya; Tasuku Takagi
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C-band tomography system for imaging of cylindrical objects
Author(s): Alexey A. Vertiy; Sergiy P. Gavrilov; Tuelay Adiguzel; Igor Voynovskyy; G. Yuceer; Alp Oral Salman
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Broadband sensor system and technique for detection and classification of targets and subsurface targets
Author(s): Gee-In Goo
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Railroad track monitoring using ground-penetrating radar: simulation study and field measurements
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Chris J. Kumke; Dingqing Li
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Electromagnetic location system for trapped miners
Author(s): Norbert H. Nessler
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Thermal infrared remote sensing of geothermal resource
Author(s): Fengjie Yang; Han Zhen; Tao Jiang; Yong Qing Li; Cailan Gong
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Physics-based modeling and inverse scattering for detection of buried mine-shaped anomalies
Author(s): Carey M. Rappaport; Eric L. Miller
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Laser-induced acoustic detection of shallow-buried objects
Author(s): Li Wen; Charles A. DiMarzio; Stephen W. McKnight; Ronald A. Roy
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SAR point spread signals and Earth surface property characteristics
Author(s): Domingo Rodriguez
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Near-infrared (NIR) emitter/detector probe for sensing buried objects and land mines
Author(s): Gordon H. Miller; S. C. Culbertson; Joel Mobley; Charles A. DiMarzio; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Spectral partitioning in diffraction tomography
Author(s): Sean K. Lehman; David H. Chambers; James V. Candy
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Synthetic aperture processing of electromagnetic sounding in conductive media
Author(s): Meir Gershenson
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Surface roughness effects in simulation of mine signals using a focused-array GPR system
Author(s): Harold R. Raemer; Carey M. Rappaport; Eric L. Miller
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Six-port engineering applied to signal comparators
Author(s): Yansheng Xu; Renato G. Bosisio
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35-GHz 6-port receiver for radar applications
Author(s): Christian G. Diskus; Andreas Stelzer; Christian Gamsjaeger; Kurt Luebke; Erich Kolmhofer; Hartwig W. Thim
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Prediction of radiation pattern of a buried leaky coaxial cable
Author(s): Nathan Sh. Blaunstein; Z. Dank; M. Zilbershtein
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Tapered slot antenna array for stepped-frequency radar
Author(s): Yi Huang
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System design of radar for mine detection
Author(s): David J. Daniels
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Army Research Laboratory land mine and unexploded ordnance experiments and results
Author(s): Karl A. Kappra; Marc A. Ressler; Lam H. Nguyen; Tuan T. Ton
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Sensor fusion for the detection of land mines
Author(s): Martin Fritzsche; Otto Loehlein
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Classification of buried objects based on ground-penetrating radar measurements and multiple test procedures
Author(s): Hakan O. Brunzell
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