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ICONO '98: Fundamental Aspects of Laser-Matter Interaction and New Nonlinear Optical Materials and Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures
Editor(s): Konstantin N. Drabovich; V. I. Emelyanova; Vladimir A. Makarov

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Volume Number: 3734
Date Published: 15 March 1999

Table of Contents
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Physical mechanisms of short-pulse laser ablation
Author(s): Dietrich von der Linde; Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten
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High-intensity coherent supercontinuum radiation from optical channeling
Author(s): Hajime Nishioka; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Exact steady-state density matrix for atoms in monochromatic elliptically polarized light
Author(s): G. Nienhuis; A. V. Taichenachev; A. M. Tumaikin; V. I. Yudin
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Multiphoton ionization of Ba atoms with photoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): A. Yu. Elizarov
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Green's function for aromatic molecules in free-electron approximation
Author(s): P. G. Alcheyev; V E. Chernov; Boris A. Zon
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Schwarz-Hora effect: present-day situation
Author(s): Yu. N. Morokov
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Shock wave effect on emission spectra of laser plasma induced on the surface of solid targets in gas atmosphere
Author(s): Oleg A. Bukin; I. V. Bazarov; N. S. Bodin; A. A. Ilyin; V. D. Kiselev; Alexander Yu. Mayor; V. I. Tsarev
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Magnetic field of laser plasma formed by radiation of a target by an HF laser
Author(s): Vitaliy V. Rudenko; Nikolai S. Zakharov
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Electron gas kinetics in a field of ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Andrey V. Lugovskoy; Alexander V. Zinoviev; Timurbek Usmanov
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From photon echo to optical processors
Author(s): Vitaly V. Samartsev
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Population and nonlinear polarization coherent changes on Raman transition due to two-photon pulse excitation
Author(s): S. V. Anikeev; V. N. Kuliasov; V. B. Morozov; A. N. Olenin; V. G. Tunkin
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Photon echoes of molecular photoassociation
Author(s): A. G. Rudavets; A. M. Dykhne
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Interaction of optically coherent excited impurity system with heat-pulse ballistic phonons
Author(s): V. N. Lisin; Anatoly M. Shegeda; B. M. Khabibullin; Vladimir A. Zuikov; Vitaly V. Samartsev
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Transient phenomena in a thin film of a three-level atom model with ultrashort pulses
Author(s): S. L. Gaivan; P. I. Khadzhi
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Solitary wave of point defect formation and wave of impact ionization propagated under intensive generation of electron hole pairs in semiconductors and dielectrics
Author(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov; Alexandra V. Rogacheva
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Laser-induced slow wave of reflection and conduction change in solids: experimental and theoretical study of the solitonic mechanism
Author(s): Eugene M. Kudriavtsev; Emma N. Lotkova; Sergey D. Zotov; Michel L. Autric; Vladimir I. Emel'yanov
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Photoinduced amplification of a subharmonic of light and photoelectric instability in glass
Author(s): M. K. Balakirev; L. I. Vostrikova; V. A. Smirnov
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Narrow low-frequency resonance of dielectric permittivity in 1-asparagine monohydrated nonlinear optical crystals
Author(s): Alexandre V. Ghiner; Antonio Jefersen de Deus Moreno
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Nonlinear effects in Faraday rotation and optical absorption in the magnetic semiconductor CdCr2Se4
Author(s): L. L. Golik; Z. E. Kun'kova
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Nonlinear response function for anisotropic polaritons in an orthorhombic crystal
Author(s): T. V. Laptinskaya; Alexander N. Penin
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Devices for controlling light based on the surface plasmon resonance effect using photochromes
Author(s): M. A. Kononov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; V. V. Savransky; S. I. Valjansky; S. V. Vinogradov
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Deep and shallow centers in cerium-doped lead barium niobate
Author(s): Ki-Soo Lim; Sang-Heun Lee; Chul-Woo Lee; Myeongkyu Lee
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Nonlinear free-carrier absorption in nonparabolic III-V semiconductors
Author(s): Johan H. Stiens; Gennady N. Shkerdin; Roger A. Vounckx
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Nonlinear gyrotropy of silver colloid solution
Author(s): Vladimir P. Drachev; Sergey V. Perminov; Sergei G. Rautian; Vladimir P. Safonov
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Exciton absorption and gain bands in semiconductors coherently polarized by laser radiation
Author(s): S. A. Moskalenko; V. R. Misko
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Instability of a high-power electromagnetic field in nonabsorbing microinclusions in transparent dielectric materials
Author(s): Vitali E. Gruzdev; Anastasia S. Gruzdeva; Mikhail N. Libenson
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Hyper-Raman scattering of light: forbidden scattering mechanisms
Author(s): Ludmila E. Semenova; Kirill A. Prokhorov
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Dynamic multiple scattering of laser radiation on light-induced flows of microparticles in suspension
Author(s): Serguei E. Skipetrov; Sergei S. Chesnokov; S. D. Zakharov; Mishik A. Kazaryan; Nikolay P. Korotkov; V. A. Shcheglov
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Coherent scattering of multicomponent optical radiation on a single acoustic wave
Author(s): Vladimir M. Kotov; Gennady N. Shkerdin; Johan H. Stiens; Roger A. Vounckx
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Magneto-induced second harmonic generation in magnetic low-dimensional systems and nanostructures: nonlinear optics of time-irreversible materials
Author(s): Oleg A. Aktsipetrov; Andrew A. Fedyanin; G. B. Khomutov; Tatyana V. Murzina
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Size effects in second harmonic generation from Si(001)-SiO2 interface: microscopic interface effects and optical Casimir nonlocality
Author(s): A. N. Rubtsov; E. D. Mishina; A. A. Nikulin; Mark H. Anderson; P. T. Wilson; Michael C. Downer; Oleg A. Aktsipetrov
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Nonlinear optical properties of cyanine dye J-aggregates in thin films measured by Z-scan technique
Author(s): Roman V. Markov; Alexander I. Plekhanov; Sergei G. Rautian; Zoya M. Ivanova; Natalja A. Orlova; Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov
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Emission of particles by solid-phase laser-induced destruction of silicon surface
Author(s): Alexander F. Banishev; Vladimir S. Golubev; Alexei Yu. Kremnev
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Mechanoluminescence of metal surface initiated by YAG:Nd laser pulses
Author(s): Alexander F. Banishev; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko; Alexei V. Shishkov
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Ultrafast modulation of 1.55-um QW laser structures: optically detected carrier dynamics, limiting mechanisms, and applications
Author(s): Hartmut Hillmer; Saulius Marcinkevicius
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Theory of single-pulse laser amorphization of semiconductors
Author(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov; Ivan M. Panin
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Roughening phase transition and surface local field increase under the action of powerful laser radiation on solids
Author(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov; V. A. Fedotov
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Nonlinear optical properties of novel phosphate glasses doped with CdSe quantum dots
Author(s): Konstantin V. Yumashev; Alexander M. Malyarevich; N. N. Posnov; I. A. Denissov; Andrey A. Lipovskii; Victor P. Mikhailov
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of silicon micro- and nanocrystallites
Author(s): Dmitri Milovzorov; Takao Inokuma; Yoshihiro Kurata; Seiichi Hasegawa; Takanori Suzuki
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Optical processes due to excitons and biexcitons in a microcavity embedded quantum well
Author(s): A. I. Bobrysheva; M. I. Shmiglyuk; S. S. Russu
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Photoprocesses on the surface of nanoporous semiconductors
Author(s): Yuri A. Bykovsky; A. A. Chistyakov; G. E. Kotkovskii; M. B. Kuznetsov; V. A. Karavanskii
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Local fields in meso- and microstructures of two-component media as factors for calculation of linear and nonlinear susceptibilities
Author(s): Alexandre V. Ghiner; Gregory I. Surdutovich
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Synthesis and properties of three-dimensional lattices exhibiting photonic pseudogap in the visible range
Author(s): Sergey V. Gaponenko; A. M. Kapitonov; D. A. Yarotsky; V. N. Bogomolov; A. V. Prokofiev; N. V. Gaponenko; V. V. Shushunova
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Two-photon polymerization as a method for fabrication of three-dimensional periodic microstructures
Author(s): R. A. Borisov; Galina N. Dorojkina; Nikolai I. Koroteev; Vladimir M. Kozenkov; S. A. Magnitskii; D. V. Malakhov; Andrey V. Tarasishin; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Electrons and photons in mesoscopic structures: quantum dots in a photonic crystal and in a microcavity
Author(s): Sergey V. Gaponenko; A. M. Kapitonov; Leonid I. Gurinovich; V. N. Bogomolov; Mikhail V. Artemyev; A. L. Rogach; Alexander Eychmueller
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Short pulses in nonlinear photonic crystals: self phase modulation and pulse compression
Author(s): Nikolai I. Koroteev; S. A. Magnitskii; Andrey V. Tarasishin; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Nonlinear optical crystals: principles of the search for new promising materials
Author(s): B. I. Kidyarov; Efim V. Pestryakov
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New nonlinear optical crystals CLBO and YCOB for UV generation
Author(s): Masashi Yoshimura; Yuzo Mori; Toru Sasaki
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Second harmonic generation in powders of halogenosubstituted nitrodiphenyls and nonlinear optical properties of 4,4'-iodine-nitrodiphenyl single crystals
Author(s): Yurii O. Yakovlev; Bergen A. Kalakov
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Spectroscopic investigations of chromium-doped calcium tetragermanate single crystals
Author(s): K. A. Soubbotin; V. A. Smirnov; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov; Evgenii V. Zharikov; S. V. Kovaliov; Hans J. Scheel
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Nb-doped Bi12TiO20: crystal growth and characterization
Author(s): T. D. Dudkina; Anna V. Egorysheva; Vladimir V. Volkov; Vitaliy M. Skorikov
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Optical and nonlinear optical properties of LiNaCO3 single crystals
Author(s): V. A. D'yakov; T. V. Laptinskaya; V. I. Pryalkin
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Fast growth of acid KDP crystals and their optical quality
Author(s): V. A. D'yakov; A. A. Podshivalov; V. I. Pryalkin
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Femtosecond laser-pulse nanolithography using an STM tip
Author(s): Yurii E. Lozovik; D. V. Lisin; Arkadi I. Ivanov; V. O. Kompanets; Yu. A. Matveets; Sergey V. Chekalin; S. P. Merkulova
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