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Wavelet Applications VI
Editor(s): Harold H. Szu

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Volume Number: 3723
Date Published: 22 March 1999

Table of Contents
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Wavelets from coherent states: I
Author(s): Gerard G. Emch
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Wavelets from coherent states: II
Author(s): John R. Klauder
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New results on pulsed-beam wavelets
Author(s): Gerald Kaiser
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Wavelets: approximation and compression--a review
Author(s): Martin Vetterli
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Recent progresses of neural network unsupervised learning: part IIreal world applications
Author(s): Harold H. Szu
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Spatial time-frequency distributions for direction finding and blind source separation
Author(s): Moeness G. Amin
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Model-based time-frequency analysis
Author(s): Shie Qian; Victor C. Chen
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Applications of time-frequency signature analysis to target identification
Author(s): Guillermo C. Gaunaurd; Hans C. Strifors
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Synthetic aperture sonar imaging using joint time-frequency analysis
Author(s): Genyuan Wang; Xiang-Gen Xia
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Efficient registration in the compressed domain
Author(s): Lynne L. Grewe; Richard Ree Brooks
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High-scale discontinuity detection applied to Landsat images
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Estimation of oceanic surface velocity fields using wavelets
Author(s): Guillermo Tonsmann; John M. Tyler
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Application of rotation- and translation-invariant overcomplete wavelets to the registration of remotely sensed imagery
Author(s): Jacqueline Le Moigne; Ilya Zavorine
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Landsat PNN classifier using PCA of wavelet texture-edge features
Author(s): Harold H. Szu; Jacqueline Le Moigne; Nathan S. Netanyahu; Charles C. Hsu
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Wavelet scalar-energy features for recognition of mammographic mass shapes
Author(s): Lori Mann Bruce; Maria Kallergi; Andres Mendoza
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Construction of optimal wavelet basis for medical images
Author(s): Rahman Tashakkori; John M. Tyler; Oleg S. Pianykh
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Three-dimensional compression scheme based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Wu Yang; Hui Xu; Mengyang Liao
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Exploratory investigation of the application of wavelets to high-speed radar signals
Author(s): George D. Catalano
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Anisotropic multiresolution analysis in 2D: application to long-range correlations in cloud millimeter-radar fields
Author(s): Anthony B. Davis; Alexander Marshak; Eugene E. Clothiaux
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Wavelet transform for noise reduction of SAR interferograms
Author(s): Yueqin Zhou; Deren Li; John L. van Genderen
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Analytic signals and radar processing
Author(s): Wayne M. Lawton
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Implementation of wavelet transform image compression algorithms using associative-computing-based DSP chips
Author(s): Aviram Sariel; Pankaj K. Das; William A. Pearlman
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Recent development using H.263 and wavelets for digital video/image compression and implementation
Author(s): Charles C. Hsu; Paul G. Cox; Harold H. Szu
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High-speed wavelet implementation with field-programmable logic
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Baese; Fred J. Taylor
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Finite-precision analysis of the JPEG-2000 compression standard
Author(s): Shankar Moni; Ramana L. Rao
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Spatially localized electromagnetic wavelets
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Sylvain Deschenes
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Convolution theorems: partitioning the space of integral transforms
Author(s): Alan R. Lindsey; Bruce W. Suter
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Benchmarks for 2D discrete wavelet transforms
Author(s): Uwe Meyer-Baese
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Fast fine-frequency demodulation with wavelets
Author(s): Anthony Teolis
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Analysis and classification of surface variation error using a geometry-adapted discrete wavelet transform
Author(s): Kevin S. Amaratunga
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Multiresolution stereo algorithm via wavelet representations for autonomous navigation
Author(s): Minbo Shim; John Jay Kurtz; Andrew F. Laine
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Invariant 2D object recognition using the wavelet transform and structured neural networks
Author(s): Mahmoud I. Khalil; Mohamed M. Bayoumi
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Visual tracking of multiple objects using wavelet transforms
Author(s): Mario F.M. Campos; Raquel A.F. Mini
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Multiresolution description of range images through 2D quincunx wavelet analysis
Author(s): Marc F. Toubin; Frederic Truchetet; Eric P. Verrecchia; Christophe Dumont; Mongi A. Abidi
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Motion field estimation based on Laguerre-Gauss circular harmonic pyramids
Author(s): Giovanni Jacovitti; Alessandro Neri
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Video compression with embedded wavelet coding and singularity maps
Author(s): Steven E. Noel; Harold H. Szu; Nian-Feng Tzeng; Chee-Hung Henry Chu; Santipong Tanchatchawal
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Multiresolution approach to object classification using kinematic features
Author(s): Hai-Wen Chen; Harry A. Schmitt; Jack G. Riddle; Stephanie K. Mashima; Dennis M. Healy Jr.
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Imaging by active sensors by wavelet and Gabor theories
Author(s): Erol Emre; Howard C. Choe
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Wavelet transforms with discrete-time continuous-dilation wavelets
Author(s): Wei Zhao; Raghuveer M. Rao
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Image modeling with linear scale-invariant systems
Author(s): Raghuveer M. Rao; Wei Zhao
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Optimal approximation-interpolation sampling systems: relation to wavelets and image coding
Author(s): Ajit S. Bopardikar; Raghuveer M. Rao
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Analysis of CCD moire pattern with the wavelet transform
Author(s): Rang-Seng Chang; Jin-Yi Shen; Ping-Lin Fan
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Exact reconstruction of finite-length digital signal in wavelet transform
Author(s): Zexun Geng; Zengbo Qian
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Luminance channel modulated watermarking of digital images
Author(s): Chee-Hung Henry Chu; Anthony Wayne Wiltz
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Semiautomatic quality determination of 3D confocal microscope scans of neuronal cells denoised by 3D wavelet shrinkage
Author(s): Anca Dima; Michael Scholz; Klaus Obermayer
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