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Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications III
Editor(s): Belur V. Dasarathy

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Volume Number: 3719
Date Published: 12 March 1999

Table of Contents
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Information fusion benefits delineation in off-nominal scenarios
Author(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Multilevel data fusion approach for gradually upgrading the performances of identity verification systems
Author(s): Patrick S. A. Verlinde; Pascal Druyts; Gerard Chollet; Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Adaptive data fusion using the expected output membership function
Author(s): Jongbae Choi; Julie A. Dickerson
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Modified Dempster-Shafer approach using an expected utility interval decision rule
Author(s): Ali Cheaito; Michael Lecours; Eloi Bosse
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Virtual associative networks: a new paradigm for sensor fusion
Author(s): Raj P. Malhotra; Yan M. Yufik
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Fuzzy sensor fusion for gas turbine power plants
Author(s): Kai Goebel; Alice M. Agogino
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ITS detector testbed system design and implementation
Author(s): Edmond Chin Ping Chang
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View-based method for relative orientation in a pipe
Author(s): Marina Kolesnik
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Temporal fusion: a basis for neural plasticity in visual pathways
Author(s): Homayoun Navabi
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Sensor fusion options for ballistic missile defense interceptor applications
Author(s): Charles A. Bjork Jr.; Norman Morris; Belur V. Dasarathy; Bart Smith; Doug Allen; William Tom Prestwood
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Using Dempster-Shafer methods for object classification in the theater ballistic missile environment
Author(s): Kimberly Coombs; Debra Freel; Douglas Lampert; Steven J. Brahm
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Sensor fusion with application to electronic warfare
Author(s): Robert M. Zanzalari; Edward Van Alstine
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Fusion of imaging and nonimaging sensor information for airborne surveillance
Author(s): Pierre Valin; Alexandre Jouan; Eloi Bosse
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Automated image registration using the projective transformation model and block matching feature point pair selection
Author(s): Richard R. Schultz; Mark G. Alford
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Automatic registration of infrared and millimeter-wave images for concealed weapon detection
Author(s): Hua-mei Chen; Pramod K. Varshney
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Registration of scenes for the detection of concealed weapons
Author(s): Mohamed-Adel Slamani; Pramod K. Varshney; Mark G. Alford; David D. Ferris Jr.
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Real-world multisensor image alignment using edge focusing and Hausdorff distances
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Xiangjie Yang; Daniel McReynolds; Zhong Zhang; Langis Gagnon; Leandre Sevigny
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Development of emergent processing loops as a system of systems concept
Author(s): James C. Gainey Jr.; Erik P. Blasch
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Partially decentralized architecture for fusing active (radar) and passive (infrared) measurement data
Author(s): David van Huyssteen; Mohamad Farooq
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ELIPS: toward a sensor fusion processor on a chip
Author(s): Taher Daud; Adrian Stoica; Tyson Thomas; Wei-te Li; James A. Fabunmi
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CORBA-based infrastructure (CORBIS) architecture for sensor data fusion systems
Author(s): Metin Balci; Selahattin Kuru
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General software design for multisensor data fusion
Author(s): Junliang Zhang; Yuming Zhao
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Fuzzy logic approach for data association
Author(s): Stephen C. Stubberud; Kristi A. Lugo
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Sensor fusion cognition using belief filtering for tracking and identification
Author(s): Erik P. Blasch; Lang Hong
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Single-model multiple-process noise soft-switching filter
Author(s): Ali T. Alouani; Theodore R. Rice
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Fuzzy multisensor tracking system
Author(s): Keith C. C. Chan; Vika Lee; Henry Leung
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Mixing kinematics and identification data for track-to-track association
Author(s): Isabelle Leibowicz; Philippe Nicolas
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Multitarget tracking algorithm performance evaluation
Author(s): H. Zheng; Mohamad Farooq; Rick R. Main
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Feature and data-level fusion of infrared and visual images
Author(s): M. Esin Ulug; Claire L. McCullough
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Cross-band pixel selection in multiresolution image fusion
Author(s): Vladimir S. Petrovic; Costas S. Xydeas
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Data-level fusion using common symmetry set
Author(s): Sibel Z. Tari
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Feature-level sensor fusion
Author(s): Tamar Peli; Mon Young; Robert Knox; Kenneth K. Ellis; Frederick Bennett
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Multifeature fusion using pulse-coupled neural networks
Author(s): Ramarao Inguva; John L. Johnson; Marius P. Schamschula
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MathWeb: a concurrent image analysis tool suite for multispectral data fusion
Author(s): Tiranee Achalakul; Peter D. Haaland; Stephen Taylor
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PCA and wavelet transform for fusing panchromatic and multispectral images
Author(s): Jun Li; Yueqin Zhou; Deren Li
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Multispectral image fusion for visual display
Author(s): Tamar Peli; Eli Peli; Kenneth K. Ellis; Robert Stahl
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Using hidden Markov models to track human targets
Author(s): Scott R. Thompson; Neil F. Chamberlain; Satyanarayana V. Parimi
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Convex optimization approach to the fusion of identity information
Author(s): Lingjie Li; Zhi-Quan Luo; Kon Max Wong; Eloi Bosse
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Neuro-dynamic programming for adaptive fusion complexity control
Author(s): Kenneth N. Ross; Ronald D. Chaney
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Bio-fusion for intelligent systems control
Author(s): John D. Norseen; Juri D. Kropotov; Inna Z. Kremen
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Sensor management in an ASW data fusion system
Author(s): Dawn E. Penny
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Revisions to the JDL data fusion model
Author(s): Alan N. Steinberg; Christopher L. Bowman; Franklin E. White
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Classification properties and classification mechanisms of feed-forward neural network classifiers
Author(s): De-Shuang Huang
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