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Information Systems for Navy Divers and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Operating in Very Shallow Water and Surf Zone Regions
Editor(s): Jody L. Wood-Putnam

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Volume Number: 3711
Date Published: 23 July 1999

Table of Contents
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Limpet mine imaging sonar (LIMIS)
Author(s): Edward O. Belcher; Hien Q. Dinh
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Diver-based integrated navigation/sonar sensor
Author(s): Keith H. Lent
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Dual-frequency acoustic lens sonar system developments for the detection of both buried objects and objects proud of the bottom
Author(s): Joseph L. Lopes; Iris C. Paustian; Robert Marciniak; Donald L. Folds
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Real-time 3D underwater acoustical camera
Author(s): Ken R. Erikson; Jason Stockwell; Allen W. Hairston; Gary Rich; John Marciniec; Lee Walter; Kristin Clark; Timothy E. White
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Acoustic lens-based swimmer's sonar
Author(s): Thomas E. Linnenbrink; Charles S. Desilets; Donald L. Folds; Marshall K. Quick
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Low-power high-resolution 3D sonar imaging system
Author(s): Steven R. Broadstone; Alice M. Chiang; John Impagliazzo
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Synthetic aperture sonar for small unmanned underwater vehicles
Author(s): James T. Christoff; Jose E. Fernandez
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Acoustic projectors for AUV and UUV applications in shallow-water regions
Author(s): Thomas R. Howarth
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Close-range sensors for small unmanned bottom vehicles
Author(s): Charles L. Bernstein
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Development of a man-portable room-temperature gradiometer--phase II: portable and fieldable prototype
Author(s): Peter V. Czipott; Robert Mathews; Alexander R. Perry; Roger H. Koch; George I. Allen
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Initial evaluation and follow-on investigation of the Quantum Magnetics laboratory prototype, room-temperature gradiometer for ordnance location
Author(s): George I. Allen; Peter V. Czipott; Robert Matthews; Roger H. Koch
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Oxygen monitor for semi-closed rebreathers: design and use for estimating metabolic oxygen consumption
Author(s): John R. Clarke; David Southerland
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SHRIMP: shallow-water real-time imaging polarimeter
Author(s): James Samuel Taylor Jr.; Lawrence B. Wolff
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Multipurpose underwater imaging and ranging camera for low-visibility mine countermeasure (MCM) missions
Author(s): Anthony D. Gleckler; Gregory J. Fetzer
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Range imaging for underwater vision enhancement
Author(s): Jeff W. Rish III; Bradley T. Blume; Robert O. Nellums; John T. Sackos; Joseph Foster; Jody L. Wood-Putnam
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Results of an experiment using AUVs for shallow-water mine reconnaissance
Author(s): Samuel M. Smith; Edgar An; Reed Christensen; John Kloske; Scott Snowden; David Kronen; Larry Marquis
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Ultra modular plastic mini AUV platform for VSW mine reconnaissance
Author(s): Samuel M. Smith; David Kronen; Richard Dunn; Jim Whitney; John Frankenfield; Edgar An; Tom Pantelakis; Aaron Burn; Eric Heatzig
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Modeling and simulation methodology for reconnaissance in VSW minefields with multiple autonomous vehicles
Author(s): A. J. Healey; J. Kim
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Area reconnaissance, object relocation, and classification using cooperating autonomous underwater vehicles
Author(s): Gary M. Trimble
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Use of collaborative virtual environments in the mine countermeasures mission
Author(s): Glen H. Wheless; Cathy M. Lascara; Donna Cox; Robert Patterson; Stuart Levy; Andrew Johnson; Jason Leigh; Ahbinov Kapoor
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Sequential long-baseline navigation for REMUS, an autonomous underwater vehicle
Author(s): Roger P. Stokey; Thomas C. Austin
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Integrated DGPS/acoustic system for underwater positioning
Author(s): John W. Baker; Hubert Thomas
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Magneto-inductive communications
Author(s): Paul N. Wrathall; John J. Sojdehei
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Development of miniature head-mounted virtual image displays for Navy divers
Author(s): Dennis G. Gallagher
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Haptic interface enhancements for Navy divers
Author(s): Angus H. Rupert; Tim J. McTrusty; Joel Peak
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