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Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing IV

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Volume Number: 3697
Date Published: 19 July 1999

Table of Contents
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BGT hardware-in-the-loop simulation facility
Author(s): Siegfried Gross
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Joint Navy and Air Force Infrared Sensor Stimulator (IRSS) program installed systems test facilities (ISTFs)
Author(s): Thomas W. Joyner; Keem B. Thiem; Richard M. Robinson; Robert J. Makar; Robert Kinzly
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Advancements in HWIL simulation at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Alexander C. Jolly; Scott B. Mobley
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Developments at the Kinetic Kill Vehicle Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator (KHILS) facility
Author(s): Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; Rhoe A. Thompson; Charles F. Coker
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation by use of computer-generated images
Author(s): Tadao Takashima; Katsuumi Ohashi; Akihiro Mitani
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of dual-mode common-aperture seekers at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Author(s): Scott B. Mobley; John S. Cole Jr.
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Application of hardware-in-the-loop simulation to operational test and evaluation
Author(s): David S. Cocanougher; Samuel A. Mirsky; Darrell B. Card
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Holographic interferometry applied to real-time dynamic modal analysis of an advanced exotic metal alloy airfoil structure
Author(s): Howard Fein
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Cooling and positioning of DIRSP: a half-ton gorilla
Author(s): Dave Higham; D. Gary Frodsham; Paul Waugh; Fred Tomisino
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Utilization of a mobile infrared scene projector for hardware-in-the-loop test and evaluation of installed imaging infrared sensors
Author(s): Kenneth W. Zabel; Rob Stone; Larry Martin; Richard M. Robinson; Mark August Manzardo
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Method of HWIL simulation for the dual-mode optical sensor
Author(s): Toru Yonezawa; Toshiya Kinoshita; Ryuji Ohtake; Hisayuki Nakajima; Hiroshi Miyauchi
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Ultrahigh-performance image processing architectures for hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): Allan J. Cantle; Malachy Devlin; Eric Lord
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Ladar scene generation techniques for hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): Jason S. Coker; Charles F. Coker; Thomas P. Bergin
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Infrared scene projector system design description for installed infrared sensor testing in an anechoic chamber environment
Author(s): Mark August Manzardo; Thomas W. Joyner; Keem B. Thiem
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MIRAGE read-in integrated circuit testing results
Author(s): Theodore R. Hoelter; Blake A. Henry; John H. Graff; Naseem Y. Aziz
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Design of a low-cost cooled dynamic infrared scene generator including a nonuniformity correction device
Author(s): Philippe Berisset; Lionel Chaury
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Honeywell resistor array development and future directions
Author(s): Barry E. Cole; Steven R. Weeres; Robert E. Higashi; Jeff A. Ridley; J. Holmen; Burgess R. Johnson
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Characterization of the dynamic infrared scene projector (DIRSP) engineering grade array (DEGA)
Author(s): Mark August Manzardo; Eddie Burroughs Jr.; Thomas H. Kelly Jr.
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MIRAGE dynamic IR scene projector overview and status
Author(s): Stephen W. McHugh; Jon A. Warner; Mike Pollack; Alan Irwin; Theodore R. Hoelter; William J. Parrish; James T. Woolaway II
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Application of multiple IR projector technologies for AMCOM HWIL simulations
Author(s): D. Brett Beasley; Daniel A. Saylor
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Characterization of BAe 512x512 resistor array IR scene projection devices
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Stephen Paul Lake; Mark A. Venables; David W. Gough; Michael C. Hebbron; Roy G. Clarke
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Characterization measurements of the wideband infrared scene projector resistor array: III
Author(s): Lawrence E. Jones; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; Robert G. Stockbridge; Virgil G. Timms; Andrew W. Guertin
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Measurement of the wideband infrared scene projector (WISP) radiometric and thermal resolution
Author(s): James R. Kircher; Steven Arthur Marlow; Thomas P. Bergin; W. Larry Herald
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Radiometric calibration procedures for a wideband infrared scene projector (WISP)
Author(s): David S. Flynn; Steven Arthur Marlow; Thomas P. Bergin; James R. Kircher
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Thermo-optical characterization of a low-background infrared chamber and wideband infrared scene projector (WISP) array for hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): Jack R. Lippert; David S. Flynn; Lawrence E. Jones; James R. Kircher
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Microradiometric characterization of experimental thermal pixel array designs
Author(s): H. Ronald Marlin; Richard L. Bates; Bruce W. Offord
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Techniques for temporal/spatial noise reduction of real-time scene simulation displays used in a hardware-in-the-loop environment
Author(s): James Lynn Smith
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New system for the real-time infrared scene simulator: system architecture and software design
Author(s): Haimin Li; Peiyi Shen; Chengke Wu
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Simulation of curved surface reflectance in the quick image display (QUID) model
Author(s): Robert L. Sundberg
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Real-time particle graphics for infrared (IR) scene generation
Author(s): John Tourtellott; Charles F. Coker; Dennis R. Crow
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Low-altitude IR terrain and sea model development for a high-speed imaging fuze
Author(s): Dennis L. Garbo; Dennis R. Crow; Charles F. Coker; Donald A. Cunard
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Search for optimal infrared projector nonuniformity correction procedures
Author(s): Owen M. Williams
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Impact of a scene projector array on the nonuniformity of a test article's output image
Author(s): Brian P. Beecken; Thomas J. McElmurry; Thomas R. Greenlee
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Considerations and algorithm development for scene-based nonuniformity correction (NUC) in dynamic infrared projectors
Author(s): Clay J. Stanek; Larry Ewing; Douglas K. Moore
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Infrared scene projector characterization and sparse array nonuniformity correction (NUC)
Author(s): Kenneth R. Allred Jr.; Mark August Manzardo; David R. Anderson; Kenneth G. LeSueur; Eddie Burroughs Jr.
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Nonuniformity correction of a resistor array infrared scene projector
Author(s): Eric M. Olson; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.
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Nonuniformity correction of resistor arrays with a precision projector/sensor mapping method
Author(s): Mark A. Venables; Stephen Paul Lake; David W. Gough; Alan P. Pritchard
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Projection optical subsystem for STRICOM's dynamic infrared scene projector
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas
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Scene simulation projector for wide-angle infrared imagers
Author(s): Michael E. Couture
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Design, fabrication, and alignment of a broadband zoom collimator for the wideband infrared scene projector (WISP)
Author(s): James W. Arendt
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Material selection for broadband infrared optics
Author(s): Christopher Carl Alexay
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Update on BAe resistor array design and development
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Mark D. Balmond; Lucy A. Brimecombe; Stephen Paul Lake; Mark A. Venables; David W. Gough; Michael C. Hebbron; Ian M. Sturland
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Large-scale infrared scene projectors
Author(s): Darin A. Murray
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Development of an IR stimulator concept for testing IR missile warning systems
Author(s): William G. Robinson; David A. Farrier
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Sensor modeling using a universal programmable interface for hardware in-the-loop IR/EO testing
Author(s): Douglas C. McKee; Daniel B. Howe; Charles F. Ferrara
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Utilizing COTS software for the infrared scene generation process used for weapon system simulation
Author(s): James D. Ammon
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