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Laser Optics '98: Superstrong Laser Fields and Applications
Editor(s): Alexander A. Andreev

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Volume Number: 3683
Date Published: 30 December 1998

Table of Contents
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Nonlinear dynamics of laser wake fields in underdense plasmas
Author(s): Nikolai E. Andreev; E. V. Chizhonkov; L. M. Gorbunov
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Computational model of short-pulse laser target interactions
Author(s): Jiri Limpouch; Alexander A. Andreev; Ladislav Drska
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First picosecond terawatt CO2 laser
Author(s): Igor V. Pogorelsky; Ilan Ben-Zvi; Marcus Babzien; Karl Kusche; John Skaritka; Igor K. Meshkovsky; Andrey A. Dublov; Vasili A. Lekomtsev; Igor V. Pavlishin; Yuri A. Boloshin; Gennady B. Deineko; Akira Tsunemi
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Ionization processes by intense laser pulse interaction with solid targets
Author(s): Nikolai E. Andreev; Israel L. Beigman; V. V. Kostin; M. E. Veisman; A. M. Urnov
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Temporal structure of a short powerful laser pulse under an operation of ionization processes
Author(s): M. V. Chegotov
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Start in vacuum of fast electrons generated at oblique incidence of an ultrashort intensive laser pulse on a flat target
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; I. A. Litvinenko; Konstantin Y. Platonov
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Extremely intensive gamma source with high spectral brightness
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; Yuri V. Rozhdestvenskii; Konstantin Y. Platonov
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Second-harmonics emission from short-pulse laser-irradiated solid targets
Author(s): Jiri Limpouch; Alexander A. Andreev; Konstantin Y. Platonov
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Spatial and spectral parameters of superthermal particle extension in laser plasma experiments with a picosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Vladimir M. Komarov; Vladimir G. Borodin; Alexander V. Charukchev; Victor N. Chernov; V. V. Il'yn; Vladimir A. Malinov; Vaycheslav M. Migel; Nikolai V. Nikitin
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Focusing system of multiterawatt laser facility (PROGRESS-P)
Author(s): Victor N. Chernov; Vladimir G. Borodin; Alexander V. Charukchev; Vladimir A. Malinov; Vaycheslav M. Migel; Nikolai V. Nikitin; I. G. Rozivika
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Initiation of laser-induced damage and ultimate light intensities in multilayer optical coatings with sublayered microstructure
Author(s): Anastasia S. Gruzdeva; Vitali E. Gruzdev
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Generation performance of Cr:LiSAF new active medium for flashlamp-pumped tunable solid state lasers
Author(s): Vjacheslav B. Gerasimov; Alexander S. Kuznetsov; Andrey A. Salnikov; Vladimir O. Umnov; Alexander V. Shestakov
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Surface studies using nonlinear spectroscopy with tunable picosecond pulses
Author(s): J. Loebau; Alfred Laubereau
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Precision laser ablation of wide-band-gap materials using VUV-UV multiwavelength excitation
Author(s): Koji Sugioka; Jie Zhang; Satoshi Wada; Hideo Tashiro; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Overview of the solid state laser projects for ICF applications at CAEP
Author(s): Hansheng Peng; Xiao Min Zhang; XiaoFeng Wei; Wanguo Zheng; Feng Jing; Zhan Sui; Xiaodong Yuan
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High-power PROGRESS Nd:glass laser facility
Author(s): Alexander V. Charukchev; Victor N. Chernov; Vladimir A. Malinov; Nikolai V. Nikitin; Vladimir G. Borodin; Vladimir M. Efanov; Vladimir V. Iljin; Vladimir M. Komarov; Vaycheslav M. Migel; Valentin S. Popov; Sergei L. Potapov
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Soft x-ray plasma source pumped by an excimer laser: optimization and applications
Author(s): Patrizia Albertano; Mauro Belli; Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Anatoly Ya. Faenov; Francesco Flora; Gualtiero Giordano; Antonio Grilli; Fiorenza Ianzini; Sergei V. Kukhlevsky; Tommaso Letardi; Alessandro Marinai; Alessandro Nottola; Libero Palladino; Tatiana A. Pikuz; Armando Reale; Lucia Reale; Anna Scafati; Giovanni Schina; Maria Antonella Tabocchini; I. C. Edmond Turcu; Kostandia Vigli-Papadaki
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Powerful thermonuclear neutron source with a double-pulse KrF laser
Author(s): Ivan G. Lebo; Vladislav B. Rozanov; Vladimir D. Zvorykin
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Preliminary design of the spatial filters used in the multipass amplification system of TIL
Author(s): Qihua Zhu; Xiao Min Zhang; Feng Jing
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Preliminary design of the main amplification stage of Technical Integration Line (TIL) for the SG-III laser facility
Author(s): Feng Jing; Xiao Min Zhang; Qihua Zhu; Yongzai Man; Hansheng Peng
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Efficiency of thermonuclear burning in laser targets with spark ignition
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; Dmitrij V. Il'in; Aleksey A. Levkovskii; Vladimir E. Sherman; Oleg B. Vygovskii
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GARPUN KrF laser application to material studies at megabar pressures
Author(s): Vladimir D. Zvorykin; Valerii G. Bakaev; Vyacheslav Yu. Korol'; Gleb V. Sychugov
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Development of the nonlinear optical element for light-beam apodization and large-aperture laser amplifier decoupling
Author(s): Leonid M. Vinogradsky; Serge K. Sobolev; Iosif G. Zubarev; Mikhail V. Pyatakhin; Yuri V. Senatsky; Vitaly M. Mizin; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Optically detected carrier transport and capture in III/V semiconductor QW structures: high-resolution experiments, model calculations, and applications in fast 1.55-um lasers
Author(s): Hartmut Hillmer; Saulius Marcinkevicius
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New approach to computer simulation of femtosecond pulse propagation in a nonlinear medium
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov
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Spatiotemporal filtration of ultrashort light pulses by one-dimensional nonlinear band gap structures
Author(s): Andrey G. Smirnov
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Stark-induced contribution to mode locking in cw solid state lasers with semiconductor saturable absorber
Author(s): Vladimir L. Kalashnikov; D. O. Krimer; Igor G. Poloyko; Victor P. Mikhailov
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