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Medical Imaging 1999: Image Perception and Performance

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Volume Number: 3663
Date Published: 24 May 1999

Table of Contents
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Observer performance assessment of JPEG-compressed high-resolution chest images
Author(s): Walter F. Good; Glenn S. Maitz; Jill L. King; Rose C. Gennari; David Gur
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Acceptable compression ratios for CR images for PACS archives
Author(s): Bijoy M. Misra; Philip F. Judy; Francine L. Jacobson; William B. Hanlon; Scott D. Davis
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Effect of denoising on the consistency of manually defined borders
Author(s): Xuli Zong; Edward A. Geiser; Donald A. Conetta M.D.
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Clinical validation studies on clinical workstation prototypes
Author(s): Bert Verdonck; Karel C. Strasters; Frans A. Gerritsen
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Effects of radiation dose and display contrast on low-contrast phantom image visibility
Author(s): Charles C. Chamberlain; Walter Huda; Andrij R. Wojtowycz
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Past and future of radiologic error
Author(s): Paul J. Friedman
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Radiologists' ability to use computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) to improve breast biopsy recommendations
Author(s): Yulei Jiang; Robert M. Nishikawa
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Computer algorithm for automated detection and quantification of microaneurysms and hemorrhages (HMAs) in color retinal images
Author(s): Samuel C. Lee; Yiming Wang; Elisa T. Lee
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Using incomplete and imprecise localization data on images to improve estimates of detection accuracy
Author(s): Richard G. Swensson; Glenn S. Maitz; Jill L. King; David Gur
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Differential receiver operating characteristic (DROC) method: rationale and results of recent experiments
Author(s): Dev Prasad Chakraborty; Nelson Scott Howard; Harold L. Kundel
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Monte Carlo validation of a multireader method for receiver operating characteristic discrete rating data: split-plot experimental design
Author(s): Donald D. Dorfman; Kevin S. Berbaum; Russell V. Lenth; Yeh Fong Chen
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Gains in accuracy from averaging ratings of abnormality
Author(s): Richard G. Swensson; Jill L. King; David Gur; Walter F. Good
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Dynamic viewing protocols for diagnostic image comparison
Author(s): David H. Foos; Richard M. Slone; Bruce R. Whiting; Kevin S. Kohm; Susan S. Young; Edward Muka; Dan Hendrickson
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Eye-position study of the effects of a verbal prompt and pictorial backgrounds on the search for lung nodules in chest radiographs
Author(s): Harold L. Kundel; Calvin F. Nodine; Lawrence C. Toto
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Medical image compression using attention modeling
Author(s): Anthony John Maeder
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Development of the eye-movement response in the trainee radiologist
Author(s): David S. Wooding; Geraint M. Roberts; Jane Phillips-Hughes
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Chronometric analysis of mammography expertise
Author(s): Claudia Mello-Thoms; Calvin F. Nodine; Harold L. Kundel
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Influence of monitor luminance and tone scale on observers' search and dwell patterns
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Hans Roehrig
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Breast cancer screening: comparison of radiologists' performance in a self-assessment scheme and in actual breast screening
Author(s): Helen C. Cowley; Alastair G. Gale
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Psychophysical evaluation of the image quality of a dynamic flat-panel digital x-ray image detector using the threshold contrast detail detectability (TCDD) technique
Author(s): Andrew G. Davies; Arnold R. Cowen; Tom J. C. Bruijns
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Evaluation of angiograms obtained from a laser-based x-ray source in DESA regime
Author(s): Ernest M. Scalzetti; Andrzej Krol; George M. Gagne; Ted T. Renvyle; Charles C. Chamberlain; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Zhiming Jiang; Jianfan Yu
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LROC analysis of human detection performance in PET and time-of-flight PET
Author(s): Howard C. Gifford; R. Glenn Wells; Michael A. King
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Diagnostic performance and image quality assessment in teledermatology
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Behjamin W. LeSueur; Lansing G. Ellsworth M.D.; Norman Levine; Ronald C. Hansen; Nancy Silvis; Peter Sarantopoulos; Pamela Hite; James P. Wurzel; Ronald S. Weinstein; Ana Maria Lopez
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Classification of mammographic patterns: beyond fraction of dense tissue
Author(s): Philip F. Judy; Richard Nawfel; Francine L. Jacobson; Darrel N. Smith; Steven E. Seltzer
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Effect of monitor luminance on the detection of a solitary pulmonary nodule: ROC analysis
Author(s): Koun-Sik Song; Jin Seong Lee; Hae Young Kim; Tae Hwan Lim
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Observer performance using CRT monitors with different phosphors
Author(s): Hans Roehrig; Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Mahesh Sivarudrappa
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Web-based tool for subjective observer ranking of compressed medical images
Author(s): Steven G. Langer; Brent K. Stewart; Rex K. Andrew
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Evaluation of keyhole MR imaging with a human visual response model
Author(s): Kyle A. Salem; Jeffrey L. Duerk; Michael Wendt; David L. Wilson
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Effect of image compression in model and human performance
Author(s): Miguel P. Eckstein; Craig K. Abbey; Francois O. Bochud; Jay L. Bartroff; James Stuart Whiting
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Visual discrimination model for digital mammography
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Johnson; Jeffrey Lubin; Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Heidi A. Peterson; Hans Roehrig; Andrew Baysinger
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Signal detection in a lumpy background: effects of providing more information to the human than just raw data
Author(s): Brandon D. Gallas; Harrison H. Barrett
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Further investigation of the effect of phase spectrum on visual detection in structured backgrounds
Author(s): Francois O. Bochud; Craig K. Abbey; Miguel P. Eckstein
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Estimation of human-observer templates in two-alternative forced-choice experiments
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Miguel P. Eckstein; Francois O. Bochud
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Quantitative image quality of spatially filtered x-ray fluoroscopy
Author(s): Kadri N. Jabri; David L. Wilson
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Detection of lesions in mammographic structure
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess; Francine L. Jacobson; Philip F. Judy
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Appearance matching of radiographic images using lightness index
Author(s): Eiji Ogawa; Kazuo Shimura
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Reconfigurable parallel processor for noise suppression
Author(s): Michael Cuviello; Philip P. Dang; Paul M. Chau
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Producing lesions for hybrid mammograms: extracted tumors and simulated microcalcifications
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess; Sankar Chakraborty
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Image compression and feature stabilization of dynamically displayed coronary angiograms
Author(s): Jay L. Bartroff; Craig A. Morioka; James Stuart Whiting; Miguel P. Eckstein
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