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Security and Watermarking of Multimedia Contents

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Volume Number: 3657
Date Published: 9 April 1999

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Watermarking by DCT coefficient removal: a statistical approach to optimal parameter settings
Author(s): Gerhard C. Langelaar; Reginald L. Lagendijk; Jan Biemond
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Selective block assignment approach for robust digital image watermarking
Author(s): Kam-Shing Ng; Lee Ming Cheng
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Secure robust digital watermarking using the lapped orthogonal transform
Author(s): Shelby Pereira; Joseph J.K. O'Ruanaidh; Thierry Pun
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DWT-based technique for spatio-frequency masking of digital signatures
Author(s): Mauro Barni; Franco Bartolini; Vito Cappellini; Alessandro Lippi; Alessandro Piva
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Perceptual watermarks for digital images and video
Author(s): Raymond B. Wolfgang; Christine I. Podilchuk; Edward J. Delp III
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Issues and solutions for authenticating MPEG video
Author(s): Ching-Yung Lin; Shih-Fu Chang
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Verification watermarks on fingerprint recognition and retrieval
Author(s): Sharatchandra Pankanti; Minerva M. Yeung
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Fragile imperceptible digital watermark with privacy control
Author(s): Don Coppersmith; Frederick C. Mintzer; Charles P. Tresser; Chai Wah Wu; Minerva M. Yeung
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Content-based integrity protection of digital images
Author(s): Maria Paula Queluz
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Exploring CDMA for watermarking of digital video
Author(s): Bijan G. Mobasseri
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Video watermarking system for broadcast monitoring
Author(s): Ton Kalker; Geert Depovere; Jaap Haitsma; Maurice J.J.J.B. Maes
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Robust 3D DFT video watermarking
Author(s): Frederic Deguillaume; Gabriela Csurka; Joseph J.K. O'Ruanaidh; Thierry Pun
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IPR techniques applied to a multimedia environment in the HYPERMEDIA project
Author(s): Alberto Munoz; Arturo Ribagorda; Jose Maria Sierra
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Watermark extimation through local pixel correlation
Author(s): Matthew J. Holliman; Nasir D. Memon; Minerva M. Yeung
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Spread spectrum watermarking: malicious attacks and counterattacks
Author(s): Frank H. Hartung; Jonathan K. Su; Bernd Girod
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Channel model for a watermark attack
Author(s): Jonathan K. Su; Frank H. Hartung; Bernd Girod
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Text-indicated speaker verification method using PSI-CELP parameters
Author(s): Takefumi Mogaki; Naohisa Komatsu; Hiroaki Nishikawa
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Noninvertible watermarking methods for MPEG-encoded audio
Author(s): Lintian Qiao; Klara Nahrstedt
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Fragile watermarking using the VW2D watermark
Author(s): Raymond B. Wolfgang; Edward J. Delp III
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Comparing robustness of watermarking techniques
Author(s): Jessica Fridrich; Miroslav Goljan
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Fair benchmark for image watermarking systems
Author(s): Martin Kutter; Fabien A. P. Petitcolas
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OCTALIS benchmarking: comparison of four watermarking techniques
Author(s): Laurent Piron; Michael Arnold; Martin Kutter; Wolfgang Funk; Jean Marc Boucqueau; Fiona Craven
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Watermarking by histogram specification
Author(s): Dinu Coltuc; Philippe Bolon
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Geometrical and frequential watermarking scheme using similarities
Author(s): Patrick Bas; Jean-Marc Chassery; Franck Davoine
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Digital image watermarking by salient point modification: practical results
Author(s): Peter M. J. Rongen; Maurice J.J.J.B. Maes; Kees W.A. van Overveld
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Watermarking with quadratic residues
Author(s): Mikhail J. Atallah; Samuel S. Wagstaff Jr.
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Buyer-seller watermarking protocol based on amplitude modulation and the El Gamal Public Key Crypto System
Author(s): Nasir D. Memon; Ping Wah Wong
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Blind digital watermarking for cartoon and map images
Author(s): Po-Chyi Su; C.-C. Jay Kuo; Houng-Jyh Mike Wang
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Watermarking of dither halftoned images
Author(s): Zachi Z. Baharav; Doron Shaked
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Marking and detection of text documents using transform-domain techniques
Author(s): Yong Liu; Jonathon Mant; Edward Wong; Steven H. Low
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Watermarking of 3D-polygon-based models with robustness against mesh simplification
Author(s): Oliver Benedens
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Dither modulation: a new approach to digital watermarking and information embedding
Author(s): Brian Chen; Gregory W. Wornell
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Algebraic construction of a new class of quasi-orthogonal arrays for steganography
Author(s): Ron G. van Schyndel; Andrew Z. Tirkel; Imants D. Svalbe; Thomas E. Hall; Charles F. Osborne
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Steganograpic image transformation
Author(s): Shuichi Takano; Kiyoshi Tanaka; Tatsuo Sugimura
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R/D optimal data hiding
Author(s): Paolo Prandoni; Martin Vetterli
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Technique for image data hiding and reconstruction without host image
Author(s): Jong Jin Chae; B. S. Manjunath
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Reversible digital images
Author(s): Keith T. Knox
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Extraction of multiresolution watermark images for resolving rightful ownership
Author(s): Wenjun Zeng; Bede Liu; Shawmin Lei
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Recovering modified watermarked images with reference to the original image
Author(s): Qibin Sun; Jiankang Wu; Robert Deng
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Maximum-likelihood sequence decoding of digital image watermarking
Author(s): George F. Elmasry; Yun-Qing Shi
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Capacity of the watermark channel: how many bits can be hidden within a digital image?
Author(s): Mauro Barni; Franco Bartolini; Alessia De Rosa; Alessandro Piva
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Digital watermarking systems with chaotic sequences
Author(s): Hui Xiang; Lindong Wang; Hai Lin; Jiaoying Shi
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Secure multicast protocol with copyright protection
Author(s): Hao-hua Chu; Lintian Qiao; Klara Nahrstedt
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Architecture of security management unit for safe hosting of multiple agents
Author(s): Tanguy Gilmont; Jean-Didier Legat; Jean-Jacques Quisquater
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Agent-based copyright protection architecture for online electronic publishing
Author(s): Xun Yi; S. Kitazawa; Ejii Okamoto; Xiao Feng Wang; KwokYan Lam; S. Tu
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Securing the anonymity of content providers in the World Wide Web
Author(s): Thomas Demuth; Andreas Rieke
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Coding and modulation in watermarking and data hiding
Author(s): Bo Tao; Michael T. Orchard
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Combining digital watermarks and collusion-secure fingerprints for digital images
Author(s): Jana Dittmann; Alexander Behr; Mark Stabenau; Peter Schmitt; Joerg Schwenk; Johannes Ueberberg
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