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Silicon-based Optoelectronics
Editor(s): Derek C. Houghton; Eugene A. Fitzgerald

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Volume Number: 3630
Date Published: 19 March 1999

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Process technologies of MPACVD planar waveguide devices and fiber attachment
Author(s): Cheng-Chung Li; Fan Qian; Robert Addison Boudreau; John R. Rowlette Sr.; Terry P. Bowen
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Mode-selective coupling structures for monolithic integrated waveguide-detector systems
Author(s): Tom M. Koster; V. E. Houtsma; Paul V. Lambeck; Dion J.W. Klunder; Th. J. A. Popma; J. Holleman
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Monolithic integration of III-V materials and devices on silicon
Author(s): Steve Ting; Mayank T. Bulsara; Vicky Yang; Mike Groenert; Srikanth Samavedam; Matt Currie; Thomas Langdo; Eugene A. Fitzgerald; Abhay M. Joshi; Rene Brown; Xinde Wang; Robert M. Sieg; Steven A. Ringel
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SiGe-based dual-wavelength demultiplexers and polarization splitters
Author(s): Matthew R.T. Pearson; Paul E. Jessop; Doug M. Bruce; Jugnu Ojha; Stephen Kovacic
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Single and coupled silicon Fabry-Perot filters for WDM channel monitoring
Author(s): Giuseppe Cocorullo; Francesco G. Della Corte; Mario Iodice; Ivo Rendina
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Photodetectors for 1.3-um and 1.55-um wavelengths using SiGe undulating MQWs on SOI substrates
Author(s): Dan-Xia Xu; Siegfried Janz; Hugues Lafontaine; Matthew R.T. Pearson
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Silicon-on-insulator resonant cavity photodiode without a slow carrier diffusion tail
Author(s): Vasileios S. Sinnis; Myron Seto; Gert W. t'Hooft; Y. Watabe; Alan P. Morrison; Willem Hoekstra; W. B. De Boer
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Near-infrared 16-pixel linear array based on polycrystalline Ge on Si
Author(s): Gianlorenzo Masini; Lorenzo Colace; Fabrizio M. Galluzzi; Gaetano Assanto
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Mid-infrared silicon/germanium focal plane detector arrays
Author(s): Hartmut Presting; Johannes Konle; Markus Hepp; Horst Kibbel; Klaus Thonke; Rolf Sauer; Wolfgang A. Cabanski; Milan Jaros
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Monolithic SiGe/Si quantum well sensor circuit for the 8- to 12-um band
Author(s): David J. Robbins; John L. Glasper; Carl J. Anthony; Michael J. Uren; Roger Timothy Carline; David C. Herbert; Weng Y. Leong
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Mid-infrared absorption in self-assembled Ge quantum dots grown on Si substrate
Author(s): Wen-Gang Wu; Jian-Lin Liu; Gaolong Jin; Kang Lung Wang
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Multimicron dimension optical p-i-n modulators in silicon-on-insulator
Author(s): Peter D. Hewitt; Graham T. Reed
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Simulation studies of a -SiC-on-insulator Pockels phase modulator
Author(s): Adrian P. Vonsovici; Graham T. Reed; Alan G. R. Evans
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Thermal management of ultrathin SOI devices: effects of phonon confinement
Author(s): Alexander A. Balandin; Yin-Sheng Tang; Kang Lung Wang
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Silicon interference filters and Bragg reflectors for active and passive integrated optoelectronic components
Author(s): Selena Chan; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Strong violet light emission from Ge+-implanted SiO2 layers
Author(s): Lars Rebohle; Ida E. Tyschenko; J. von Borany; Wolfgang Skorupa; H. Froeb
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SiGe-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Lili Vescan; Toma Stoica
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Optical properties of Si-Ge-C nanostructures deposited by MBE
Author(s): Detlev A. Gruetzmacher; Rainer Hartmann; Oliver Leifeld; Ulf Gennser; Christian David; Elizabeth Mueller; Jan-Christoph Panitz
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Active Y-switch based on an asymmetrical BMFET device
Author(s): Andrea Irace; Giovanni Breglio; Antonello Cutolo
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Thick polysilicon surface-micromachined optically sensed accelerometer
Author(s): Yi-Hsing Chen; Yvonne Y. Wang; Norman C. Tien
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Arrayed waveguide grating demultiplexers: a new efficient numerical analysis approach
Author(s): Fabio Pizzato; Guido Perrone; Ivo Montrosset
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Converting SiO2 into crystalline Si for Si-based optoelectronics
Author(s): Yin-Sheng Tang; S. J. Cai; Kang Lung Wang
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1850 A/W responsivity in optically controlled MOSFET by illumination of 1.5 um wavelength light
Author(s): Yuichi Nitta; Tomonari Yamagata; Yohei Takano; Kazuhiko Shimomura
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Leakage current reduction of metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors by using a thin interfacial silicon dioxide layer
Author(s): Myron Seto; C. Rochefort; S. de Jager
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Relaxed GeSi alloy grown on low-temperature buffers by MBE
Author(s): Chang-Si Peng; Qi Huang; Junming Zhou; Yi H. Zhang; C. H. Tung; T. T. Sheng; Jian Wang
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Loss measurements for -SiC-on-insulator waveguides for high-speed silicon-based photonic devices
Author(s): Adrian P. Vonsovici; Graham T. Reed; Alan G. R. Evans; Fereydoon Namavar
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Si/Si1-xGex waveguide components for WDM demultiplexing
Author(s): Siegfried Janz; Dan-Xia Xu; Jean-Marc Baribeau; Andre Delage; Robin L. Williams
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