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Testing, Packaging, Reliability, and Applications of Semiconductor Lasers IV

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Volume Number: 3626
Date Published: 14 April 1999

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Fringe locking in a laser diode interferometer in the presence of current modulation
Author(s): Jiyuan Liu; Ichirou Yamaguchi
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Novel optical vibration sensor using external cavity feedback
Author(s): Christine Mignosi; Roger P. Griffiths; Michael Bordovsky; Christopher N. Morgan; Ian H. White; Nicholas A. J. Lieven
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Simple device to measure laser mirror parameters
Author(s): Om Prakash
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Laser diode applications for contamination control in microelectronics fabrication processes
Author(s): Dumitru Gh. Ulieru
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Phase change induced in laser diode interferometric system for measurements with optical fiber in composite material
Author(s): Jose Antonio Garcia Souto; Horacio Lamela
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AMCW laser rangefinder for machine vision using two modulation frequencies for wide measurement range and high resolution
Author(s): Sara Perez; E. Garcia; Horacio Lamela
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Fast tunable diode laser with digital control and multiple line selection
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gutin; James Castracane
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Potential impact of laser illumination on light-valve-based projection displays
Author(s): Robert L. Melcher
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High-brightness multilaser source
Author(s): Douglas S. Goodman; Wayne L. Gordon; Richard A. Jollay; Jeffrey William Roblee; Paul Gavrilovic; Dmitri V. Kuksenkov; Anish K. Goyal; Qinxin Zu
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Densely packed surface-emitting laser arrays for printing applications
Author(s): Christopher L. Chua; Robert L. Thornton; David W. Treat; Rose M. Donaldson
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Die-bonding study for double-channel ridge waveguide AlGaInP laser diodes
Author(s): Zhen-Wu Yang; Man-Fang Huang; Jung-Tsung Hsu; Chau-Chong Kuo; Chien Chia Chiu; Chiu-Ling Chen; Meng-Chyi Wu
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Almost temperature-insensitive characteristics in 1.06-um InGaAs laser diodes with strain-compensating electron-barrier layers
Author(s): Toshiro Hayakawa; Hideki Asano; Mitsugu Wada; Toshiaki Fukunaga
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Semiconductor laser linewidth measurements for space interferometry applications
Author(s): David J. Dougherty; Roman C. Gutierrez; Serge Dubovitsky; Siamak Forouhar
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Hermetic diode laser transmitter module
Author(s): Jyrki Ollila; Kari Kautio; Jouko Vahakangas; Tapio Hannula; Harri K. Kopola; Jorma Oikarinen; Matti Sivonen
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Alignment-tolerant structures for ease of optoelectronic packaging
Author(s): Mario Dagenais; Simarjeet S. Saini; Vijayanand Vusirikala; Robert E. Bartolo; Ralph D. Whaley Jr.; Z. Dilli; Y. Hu; Zhencan Frank Fan; F. G. Johnson; Paul H. Shen; Jagadeesh Pamulapati; Weimin Zhou; Dennis Stone
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Direct spectroscopic measurement of packaging-induced strains in high-power laser diode arrays
Author(s): Jens Wolfgang Tomm; Ralf Mueller; A. Baerwolff; M. Neuner; Thomas Elsaesser; Dirk Lorenzen; Franz X. Daiminger; A. Gerhardt; J. Donecker
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Surface-mount-type LD module
Author(s): Tsutomu Nakamura; Hajime Hotta; Tokihiro Terashima; Hiroshi Arimoto; Masanobu Kato
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Four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Chiming Wu; Honglei Fan; Niloy K. Dutta; Uziel Koren; C. H. Chen; Alfonso B. Piccirilli
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Semiconductor laser diode array characterization by means of field intensity measurements
Author(s): Luigi Zeni; Antonello Cutolo; Rocco Pierri
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Ceramic-metal composites as a solution for high-performance semiconductor laser packaging
Author(s): Jean-Marc Verdiell
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Grating coupled surface emitters: integrated lasers, amplifiers, and beam shaping outcouplers
Author(s): Anders G. Larsson; Niklas Eriksson; Sigurgeir Kristjansson; Peter Modh; Masahiro Uemukai; Toshiaki Suhara; Hiroshi Nishihara
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Characterization of laser diodes for analog parallel optical links
Author(s): Fredrik B. H. Jensen; Christina Aguilar; Vincent Paul Arbet-Engels; Carlos Simoes Azevedo; Giovanni Cervelli; Karl A. Gill; Robert Grabit; Chantal Mommaert; Francois Vasey
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Spectral mapping of multimode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers by near-field scanning optical microscopy
Author(s): Kevin J. Knopp; David H. Christensen; Greg H. Vander Rhodes; Josh M. Pomeroy; Bennett B. Goldberg; M. Selim Unlu
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Reliability and degradation mechanisms of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Juergen Jandeleit; Nicolas Wiedmann; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe
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Laterally oxidized vertical-cavity lasers with stable polarization
Author(s): Christopher L. Chua; Robert L. Thornton; David W. Treat; Rose M. Donaldson
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Characteristics and reliability of high-power InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diodes with decoupled confinement heterostructure
Author(s): Yoshikazu Yamada; Atsushi Okubo; Yasuo Oeda; Yumi Yamada; Tsuyoshi Fujimoto; Kiyofumi Muro
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Packaging of electrically switchable tunable tapered lasers
Author(s): Si Hyung Cho; Stephen H. Fox; I. K. Han; Jung-Ho Song; Y. Hu; Zhencan Frank Fan; F. G. Johnson; Dennis Stone; Goetz Erbert; Frank Bugge; Mario Dagenais
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New methodology for measuring highly aberrated wavefronts induced by diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Yi-Chun Chen; Shu-Sheng Lee; C. M. Lee; Chih-Kung Lee; G. B. Yeh
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