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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XI
Editor(s): G. Stephen Mecherle

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Volume Number: 3615
Date Published: 26 April 1999

Table of Contents
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SILEX ground segment control facilities and flight operations
Author(s): Benoit Demelenne; Toni Tolker-Nielsen; Jean-Claude Guillen
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Horizontal-link performance of the STRV-2 lasercom experiment ground terminals
Author(s): Isaac I. Kim; Eric J. Korevaar; Harel Hakakha; Ron Stieger; Brian Riley; Mary Mitchell; Nicholas M. Wong; Arunabh Lath; Carter Moursund; Micah Barclay; John J. Schuster
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Lessons learned from the Optical Communications Demonstrator (OCD)
Author(s): Muthu Jeganathan; Angel Portillo; Caroline S. Racho; Sukhan Lee; David M. Erickson; Jon De Pew; Steve Monacos; Abhijit Biswas
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In-orbit test results of the first SILEX terminal
Author(s): Toni Tolker-Nielsen; Benoit Demelenne; Eric Desplats
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45-km horizontal-path optical link experiment
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Juan M. Ceniceros; Matthew Jarrod Novak; Muthu Jeganathan; Angel Portillo; David M. Erickson; Jon De Pew; Babak Sanii; James R. Lesh
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Experimental comparison of coherent array detection and conventional coherent detection for laser radar and communications
Author(s): Jing Xu; Arnaud Delaval; R. Glenn Sellar; Ammar Al-Habash; Pete Reardon; Ronald L. Phillips; Larry C. Andrews
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SILEX final ground testing and in-flight performance assessment
Author(s): Gilles Planche; Bernard Laurent; Jean-Claude Guillen; V. Chorvalli; Eric Desplats
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Trade-off between IM-DD and coherent system in high-data-rate optical interorbit links
Author(s): Shiro Yamakawa; Tomohiro Araki; Yasumasa Hisada
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Analog lasercom for bent-pipe satellite crosslinks
Author(s): Robert M. Gagliardi; Antonio J. Mendez
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Quantum cryptography for secure free-space communications
Author(s): Richard J. Hughes; William T. Buttler; Paul G. Kwiat; Steve K. Lamoreaux; Gabriel G. Luther; George L. Morgan; Jane E. Nordholt; C. Glen Peterson
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Impulsive coding in optical free-space links: optimum choice of the receive filter and impact of a transmit booster amplifier
Author(s): Peter J. Winzer; Andras Kalmar
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Performance enhancement of direct-detection optical communication systems impaired by pulse width inaccuracies using trellis-based pulse position modulation
Author(s): Kamran Kiasaleh; Tsun-Yee Yan
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Role of amplified spontaneous emission in optical free-space communication links with optical amplification: impact on isolation and data transmission and utilization for pointing, acquisition, and
Author(s): Peter J. Winzer; Andras Kalmar; Walter R. Leeb
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System requirements for a deep-space optical transceiver
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; James W. Alexander; Hamid Hemmati; Steve Monacos; Tsun-Yee Yan; Sukhan Lee; James R. Lesh; Sam Zingales
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Design and development of a baseline deep-space optical PPM transceiver
Author(s): Tsun-Yee Yan; Chien-Chung Chen
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Laser communication intersatellite links realized with commercial off-the-shelf technology
Author(s): Robert W. Kaliski; Sheryl M. Genco; Donald A. Thompson; Bruce Breshears; Tim O'Connor; Kyle B. Miller; Edward W. Taylor; Anthony D. Sanchez; James E. Winter; Roberta M. Ewart
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Design of a 2.5-Gbps optical transmitter for the International Space Station
Author(s): Gerry G. Ortiz; Muthu Jeganathan; John V. Sandusky; Hamid Hemmati
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Overview of the preliminary design of the Optical Communication Demonstration and High-Rate Link Facility
Author(s): John V. Sandusky; Muthu Jeganathan; Gerry G. Ortiz; Abhijit Biswas; Sukhan Lee; George Parker; Brad Liu; Donald R. Johnson; Jon De Pew; James R. Lesh
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Optical communications study for the Next-Generation Space Telescope
Author(s): Juan M. Ceniceros; James R. Lesh
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Progress in design and construction of the Optical Communications Laser Laboratory
Author(s): Keith E. Wilson; Mike Britcliffe; Nassar Golshan
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Preliminary optomechanical design for the X2000 transceiver
Author(s): Hamid Hemmati; Norman A. Page
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Maximum-likelihood-based extended-source spatial acquisition and tracking for planetary optical communications
Author(s): Haiping Tsou; Tsun-Yee Yan
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Wide and fine pointing mechanism with flexible supports for optical intersatellite communications
Author(s): Kazuhiko Aoki; Hidehiko Kuroda; Satoshi Yashima; Akinori Satoh
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Pointing and tracking concepts for deep-space missions
Author(s): James W. Alexander; Sukhan Lee; Chien-Chung Chen
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Characterization and design of digital pointing subsystem for optical communication demonstrator
Author(s): Caroline S. Racho; Angel Portillo
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3-W saturation power polarization maintaining 1060-nm ytterbium fiber amplifier
Author(s): Valentin P. Gapontsev; Nikolay S. Platonov; Michael Vyatkin; Michael Meleshkevitch; Dimitry Spinov; Ilya Zaitsev
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High-data-rate laser transmitters for free-space laser communications
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Hamid Hemmati; James R. Lesh
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OISL transmitter at 985 nm
Author(s): Robert Larose; Jocelyn Lauzon; Stefan Mohrdiek; Christoph S. Harder; Rupak Changkakoti; Peter Park
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CO2 laser as a possible candidate for optical transmitter in free-space satellite-ground-satellite laser communication: a case study
Author(s): M. Arun Kumar; Govind Naik; N. Vinay Shenoy; Mandavilli Mukunda Rao
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Carrier-to-noise ratio gain factor of coherent array detection system for laser radar and communications under different conditions of atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Jing Xu; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips
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Upgrade of the Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring system
Author(s): David M. Erickson; Donald H. Tsiang; Muthu Jeganathan
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Atmospheric turbulence measurements through stellar observations
Author(s): Yusuf E. Yenice; Ruiming Li; Masao Takabe; Tadashi Aruga
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New scheme of coherent array detection to cancel out phase fluctuations and Doppler frequency shift due to atmospheric turbulence and target movement for laser communications
Author(s): Jing Xu; Ronald L. Phillips; Larry C. Andrews
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Proton upset testing of commercial high-speed optical Tx/Rx for intersatellite communication links
Author(s): Kyle B. Miller; Tim O'Connor; Donald A. Thompson; John Rizo; Robert W. Kaliski
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Ultrashort Raman laser pulse of intermediate infrared wave generated in an optical waveguide
Author(s): Nianwen Cao; Wen Qing Liu
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Polychrome correction for telescope lens distortion using optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Vladimir A. Berenberg; Alexey Leshchev; Michael V. Vasil'ev; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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Novel scheme of dynamic correction using negative optical feedback
Author(s): Vladimir Yu. Venediktov; Vladimir A. Berenberg; Nataly A. Bezina; Alexey Leshchev; Michael V. Vasil'ev; Fiodor L. Vladimirov
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Imaging bypass system with correction for primary mirror distortions
Author(s): Michael V. Vasil'ev; Vladimir A. Berenberg; Alexey Leshchev; Pavel M. Semenov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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