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Solid State Lasers VIII
Editor(s): Richard Scheps

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Volume Number: 3613
Date Published: 4 May 1999

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CW high-power conduction-cooled edge-pumped slab laser
Author(s): William M. Tulloch; Todd S. Rutherford; Eric K. Gustafson; Robert L. Byer
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New diode-pumped multi-kW solid state laser: modeling of the performance in comparison with experimental results
Author(s): Gunther Schmidt; Rolf Wester; Hans-Dieter Hoffmann; Guido Bonati; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe
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Diode-pumped single-frequency coupled cavity Nd:YVO4 laser at 532-nm wavelength
Author(s): Tianfeng Jin; Reinhard F. Bruch; Ralph Kecke
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Linewidth of a laser diode end-pumped cw Nd:YAG semimonolithic microchip laser
Author(s): Sylvain Feve; Patrice Feron; Guy Michel Stephan
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Diode-pumped laser action and self-frequency doubling in Nd3+:YCOB
Author(s): Jason M. Eichenholz; Dennis A. Hammons; Lawrence Shah; Q. Ye; Martin C. Richardson; Bruce H. T. Chai; Aland K. Chin; John D. Cary
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Photonic power delivery through optical fiber using very high power laser diode arrays
Author(s): Matthew Heino; Robert Saethre
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High-power single-frequency fiber lasers
Author(s): Valentin P. Gapontsev; Valentin Fomin; Andrei Ount; Igor E. Samartsev; J. Steinecke; Nikolay S. Platonov; Eugene Shcherbakov
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100-kW ytterbium fiber laser
Author(s): Valentin P. Gapontsev; Valentin Fomin; Andrei Ount; Igor E. Samartsev
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X1 UV laser trigger system
Author(s): Prescott D. Sundvold; Gregg L. Morelli; Brian K. Brickeen; Curt A. Powell; Richard A. Paiva
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Integration of laser processing in machine tools and their economy
Author(s): Klaus Krastel; Jan Drechsel
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Compound identification in multicomponent mixtures via REMPI at ambient conditions
Author(s): Gregory D. Gillispie; Maxwell R. Lucci; Orven F. Swenson; Joseph L. Klingfus
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Comparison of solid state dye laser performance in various host media
Author(s): Mark D. Rahn; Terence A. King
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Polymer dye lasers with exceptional performance
Author(s): Vladimir S. Nechitailo; Robert S. Anderson; Stephen C. Picarello; Gennady A. Matyushin; Jeffrey H. Bohn
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Photostability of some pyrromethene laser dyes
Author(s): Theodore G. Pavlopoulos
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Flashlamp-pumped thin slab solid state plastic dye zig-zag laser
Author(s): Alexander E. Mandl; Daniel E. Klimek
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Red-, blue-, and green-laser-light generation from the NYAB nonlinear crystal
Author(s): Daniel Jaque Garcia; Juan Capmany; Jose Garcia Sole
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High-power continuous-wave UV generation
Author(s): Angus S. Bell; Graeme P. A. Malcolm; Gareth T. Maker
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CW periodically poled LiNbO3 optical parametric oscillator model with strong idler absorption
Author(s): Dennis D. Lowenthal
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Multi-amplifier arrangements with phase conjugation for power scaling of solid state lasers with high beam qualtiy
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; Oliver Mehl; Juergen P. Eichler
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Mode locking with a slow solid state saturable absorber and a passive negative feedback element
Author(s): John Khaydarov
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Stabilizing the output of a Pockels cell Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Eugene V. Raevsky; Vladimir L. Pavlovitch
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Widely tunable high-duty-cycle semiconductor terahertz lasers
Author(s): Erik Bruendermann; Danielle R. Chamberlin; Eugene E. Haller
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High-power blue laser for large-screen projectors
Author(s): Andrew J. Radl; Keith W. Kennedy; Robert J. Martinsen; Masayuki Karakawa
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Long-pulse broadband 243-nm source based on a Cr:LiSAF laser operating at 972 nm
Author(s): Margaret K. Brown
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Diode-pumped Er:glass eye-safe laser transmitter at 50 Hz
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; John D. Myers; Michael J. Myers; Thomas E. Wisnewski
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Broadband operation of a gain-switched Ti:sapphire laser for measurements with the coherence radar
Author(s): Kay Mittler; Dieter A. Lorenz; Ralf Menzel
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Laser action in Yb3+: YCOB (Yb3+:YCa4O(BO3)3)
Author(s): Dennis A. Hammons; Jason M. Eichenholz; Lawrence Shah; Q. Ye; Robert E. Peale; Bruce H. T. Chai; Martin C. Richardson; Aland K. Chin
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High-power Nd:YAG-generated underwater sound source for air-submarine communication
Author(s): Duo-Min He
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Concept of the ideal amplifier and its application for creating cascade amplifier systems
Author(s): Vladimir A. Mishin; Sergei A. Vasiliev; Marina A. Kuzmina
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High-stability LD-pumped solid state laser
Author(s): Ping Yan; Bin He; Guang Hui Wei
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Theoretical study of relaxation in high-power laser amplifiers
Author(s): Tao Wang; Dianyuan Fan
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Diffraction-limited powerful Nd:YAG laser with variable pulse duration
Author(s): Efim A. Khazanov; Nikolay Andreev; Oleg V. Palashov
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Picosecond single-pulse generation by cavity dumping of an active-passive mode-locked YAG laser
Author(s): Baolu Yin; Yanjun Han
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Powerful and efficient SHG in a CPM laser with an ARR-convex unstable resonator
Author(s): Feng-tie Wu; Wenzhen Zhang
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New way of generating negative group-velocity dispersion in fs lasers
Author(s): Kang Li; Meng Chen; Lixin Wang; Shengyi Yang
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Kerr lens mode-locked operation of a Yb:KYW laser
Author(s): Vladimir L. Kalashnikov; F. Mejid; Igor G. Poloyko; Victor P. Mikhailov
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Generation dynamics of powerful solid state slab lasers with heat distortions compensating in the active medium
Author(s): Valerii S. Gulev; Sergey L. Mikerin; A. A. Pavlyuk; Alexander M. Yurkin
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Diode-pumped high-power cw all solid state laser at 266 nm
Author(s): Ekhard Zanger; Ralf Mueller; Baining Liu; Michael Koetteritzsch; Wolfgang Gries
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Spatial and temporal modulation of narrow-linewidth flashlamp-pumped dye lasers
Author(s): Travis S. Taylor; Peter S. Erbach; William A. Friday
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