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Gas and Chemical Lasers and Intense Beam Applications II
Editor(s): Ernest A. Dorko

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Volume Number: 3612
Date Published: 7 June 1999

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Increase in contact strength and wear resistance of highly loaded drive parts
Author(s): Efim I. Tesker; Vladimir A. Guryev; Andrei Y. Stulnikov; Fyodor V. Kazak; Serge Ye. Tesker; Vladimir M. Durosov
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Numerical modeling of self-sustained TEA CO2 laser operation
Author(s): Milan S. Trtica; Gordana N. Ostojic
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IR lasers in object velocity remote sensing systems
Author(s): Boris A. Kuzyakov
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Pumping of discharge gas lasers by generators with inductive energy storage and semiconducting opening switch
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Evgenii H. Baksht; Sergei E. Kunts; Alexei N. Panchenko
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Analysis of gain distribution in a slab-type rf-excited CO2 laser medium
Author(s): Naoya Matsuoka; Shigeru Yamaguchi; Kenzo Nanri; Tomoo Fujioka
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Effective multiline pulsed first-overtone CO laser operating in a spectral range of 2.5 to 4.1 um
Author(s): Nikolai G. Basov; Gordon D. Hager; Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; Alexander K. Kurnosov; John E. McCord; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Leonid V. Seleznev; Nikolay G. Turkin
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Theoretical treatment of rf discharges in annular CO2 lasers with diffusion cooling
Author(s): You-qing Wang; Guiling Wu; Q. L. Chen; Qiyang Xu
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Output power enhancement by the injection of dissociated iodine in supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Masamori Endo; Masataka Kawakami; Shuzaburo Takeda; Fumio Wani; Tomoo Fujioka
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Theoretical and experimental investigations of a stable-unstable resonator applied to chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Masamori Endo; Masataka Kawakami; Shuzaburo Takeda; Kenzo Nanri; Tomoo Fujioka
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Performance of hf overtone chemical lasers
Author(s): Jinbao Chen; Weihong Hua; Zhongfu Jiang
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COIL with longitudinal pumping out and small iodine flow rate
Author(s): Marsel V. Zagidullin; Valeri D. Nikolaev
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Exited oxygen in glow discharge afterglow
Author(s): Pavel Anatolievich Mikheyev; Alexander Anatolievich Shepelenko; Nikolay V. Kupryaev; Anatoly I. Voronov
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Generation of a train of microsecond pulses from a pulsed COIL with AOM
Author(s): Nikolai N. Yuryshev; Nikolai P. Vagin
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O2(1deltag) radiative lifetime: contribution to discussion on the Einstein A-coefficient used in COIL for O2(1deltag) determination from fundamental emission
Author(s): Jarmila Kodymova; Otomar Spalek
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Development of rotating-disk singlet-generator-based kilowatt-level COIL
Author(s): Amitav Mallik; A. L. Dawar; Y. L. N. Murthy; K. Kohli; A. K. Badola; Anil K. Razdan
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Tactical high-energy laser (THEL) as a weapon system in future theater air and missile defense (TAMD)
Author(s): Michael R. Dahlberg; Michael E. Cochrane
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Performance optimization of COIL using the visualization of supersonic flow
Author(s): Sung-Ok Kwon; Sung-Hoon Baik; Yun-Dong Choi; Eung Ho Kim; Taek-Soo Kim; Yun-Sig Lee; Young-Soo Park; Cheol-Jung Kim
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I(2P1/2)+O2: studies of low-temperature electronic energy transfer and nuclear spin state changing collisions
Author(s): Todd A. Van Marter; Michael C. Heaven
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Comparison of subsonic and supersonic mixing mechanisms for the chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations
Author(s): Timothy J. Madden; Gordon D. Hager; Alan I. Lampson; Peter G. Crowell
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Measurement of gain on the 1.315-um transition of atomic iodine as produced from the NCl(a1-delta) + I(2P3/2) energy transfer reaction
Author(s): Thomas L. Henshaw; Timothy J. Madden; John M. Herbelin; Gerald C. Manke II; Brian T. Anderson; Ralph F. Tate; Gordon D. Hager
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Collisional broadening of absorption lines in water vapor and atomic iodine relevant to COIL diagnostics
Author(s): Steven J. Davis; William J. Kessler; Matthew Bachmann
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Surface modification of TiN and (Ti,Al)N coatings by the TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Milan S. Trtica; Biljana M. Gakovic; Tomislav M. Nenadovic
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Pulsed COIL for space debris removal
Author(s): Willy L. Bohn
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