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Laser Resonators II

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Volume Number: 3611
Date Published: 24 May 1999

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Solution of Helmholtz's equation in multilayered dielectric waveguide with periodic surface corrugation
Author(s): Hossein Mossallaei; Habibollah Abiri; Mohammad H. Rahnavard; Mehrdad Zomorrodi
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Whispering-gallery mode Er-ZBLAN microlasers at 1.56 um
Author(s): Francoise Lissillour; Patrice Feron; Nicolas Dubreuil; P. Dupriez; Guy Michel Stephan; Marcel Poulain
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Fabry-Perot resonator as a tool for superradiance pulse stimulation
Author(s): Yuri A. Avetisyan
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Intracavity Fourier-optical transverse mode selection in an AlGaInP broad-area laser
Author(s): Sandra Wolff; Dirk Messerschmidt; Henning Fouckhardt
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Intracavity Rayleigh scattering in microspheres: limits imposed on quality factor and mode coupling
Author(s): Mikhail L. Gorodetsky; Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Andrew D. Pryamikov
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Simulation of intensity profile in coordinate-transforming cavity
Author(s): Koshichi Nemoto; Yuji Oishi; Tetsuo Fukuchi; Naohiko Goto; Takashi Fujii
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Analog optical processing of moire deflectometry using Fourier techniques
Author(s): Aaron C. Bernstein; Jean-Claude M. Diels; Sergio R. Restaino; Bill Junor
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High-Q microsphere cavity for laser stabilization and optoelectronic microwave oscillator
Author(s): Vladimir S. Ilchenko; X. Steve Yao; Lute Maleki
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Cavity design of laterally coupled all-solid state laser arrays with Talbot effect
Author(s): Yuko Kono; Masahiro Takeoka; Atsushi Uchida; Fumihiko Kannari
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Spatial and temporal characteristics of TEA-CO2 laser action with intracavity vanadium dioxide mirrors
Author(s): Aleksandr I. Sidorov; Eugene N. Sosnov
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Noise-reduced diode-pumped intracavity frequency doubled blue microlaser
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; Volker Gaebler; Baining Liu; Zhiguo Zhang; Frank Peuker
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Resonator technology for >100 W TEM00-mode operation in solid state lasers
Author(s): Koji Yasui; Susumu Konno; Shuichi Fujikawa; Kenji Yoshizawa
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Coupling losses in coaxial waveguide laser resonators
Author(s): You-qing Wang; Xintang Huang; Qingming Chen; Junlin Qiu; Qiyang Xu
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High-average-power solid state lasers with cavity formed by self-induced refractive index gratings
Author(s): Oleg Leonidovich Antipov; Alexander Sergeevich Kuzhelev; Andrey Petrovich Zinoviev
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Grating surface-emitting diode laser with lenslike medium
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton
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Phase locking of laser diode arrays using a photorefractive Rh:BaTiO-3 crystal
Author(s): Paul Michael Petersen; Peter Snoer Jensen; Per Michael Johansen
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Dynamics of microcavity light emitters
Author(s): Brendan J. Roycroft; Thomas P. Aherne; John Hegarty; Ingrid Moerman; Peter Van Daele; Roel G. Baets
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Optical resonators for high-power CO2 lasers with aspherical mirrors
Author(s): Thomas F. E. Henning; Uwe Habich; Reinhart Poprawe
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Novel optical resonators and thermal lensing
Author(s): Thomas Graf; Rudolf Weber; Heinz P. Weber
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Side-pumped multiwatt Nd:YVO4 laser mode-locked by a semiconductor saturable Bragg reflector
Author(s): Thomas Graf; Allister I. Ferguson; Erwin A. Bente; David Burns; Martin D. Dawson
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Intracavity laser beam control
Author(s): Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Self-pumped phase-conjugate resonators with four-wave mixing in diode-pumped amplifiers
Author(s): Pierre Sillard; Arnaud Brignon; Jean-Pierre Huignard
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High-performance oscillators employing adaptive optics comprised of discrete elements
Author(s): Steven M. Jackel; Inon Moshe; Raphael Lavi
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Quantum noise limits of a semiconductor laser with dispersive optical feedback
Author(s): Yaakov Shevy; Hua Deng; Sven Mahnkopf; John Kitching; Amnon Yariv
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Diode-pumped multipath laser oscillators
Author(s): Juergen Erhard; Holger Laabs; Bernd Ozygus; Horst Weber; Qincheng Zhang
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Thulium-doped ZBLAN fiber laser
Author(s): Pierre Laperle; Real Vallee; Alain Chandonnet
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Pulsed blue-light generation with KNbO3
Author(s): Yves Lutz; Daniel Rytz; Antoine Hirth
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High-power TEM00-mode operation of diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Norman Hodgson; Kim D. Griswold; Wilhelm A. Jordan; Steve L. Knapp; Amy A. Peirce; Christopher C. Pohalski; Emily A. P. Cheng; John Cole; Dave R. Dudley; Alan B. Petersen; William L. Nighan Jr.
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Performance results of the high-gain Nd:glass engineering prototype preamplifier module (PAM) for the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
Author(s): Mikael D. Martinez; Kenneth M. Skulina; Fred J. Deadrick; John K. Crane; Bryan D. Moran; John Braucht; Bobby Jones; Steven Hawkins; Ronald Tilley; James Crawford; Donald F. Browning; Frank A. Penko
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Feedback control of the intensity noise of injection-locked lasers
Author(s): Elanor H. Huntington; Charles C. Harb; B. C. Buchler; Timothy C. Ralph
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CO2 laser resonator: some new aspects in the design
Author(s): Alexandre M. Zabelin; A. V. Korotchenko
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Given laser output formation: adaptive optics approach--theory and experiment
Author(s): Tatyana Yu. Cherezova; Vadim V. Samarkin; Sergei S. Chesnokov; Leonid N. Kaptsov; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Short-pulse KrF laser with M2 reduction by a super-Gaussian mirror
Author(s): Ruediger Grunwald; Hans Joachim Paetzold; Uwe Griebner
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Frequency modulation of Er-doped fiber lasers using a piezo-mounted fiber grating: prospect for distributed leak monitoring
Author(s): Sylvie Buteau; Pierre Galarneau; Real Vallee
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Transformation of Hermite-Gaussian beams into complex Hermite-Gaussian and Laguerre-Gaussian beams
Author(s): Holger Laabs; Chunqing Gao; Horst Weber; Nicolas Kugler; Chang Ming Zhao
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Interferometric gravitational wave detector TAMA-300 and the frequency-stabilized laser with high-finesse optical resonator
Author(s): Mitsuru Musha; Akitoshi Ueda; Masatake Ohashi; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Conical wave packets: their propagation speed and their longitudinal fields
Author(s): Michel Piche; Guy Rousseau; Charles Varin; Nathalie McCarthy
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