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Laser Material Crystal Growth and Nonlinear Materials and Devices
Editor(s): Kathleen I. Schaffers; Lawrence E. Myers

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Volume Number: 3610
Date Published: 26 May 1999

Table of Contents
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Steady-state and transient defect populations in KH2PO4 subsequent to high-fluence laser irradiation
Author(s): Stavros G. Demos; Michael C. Staggs; Harry B. Radousky; James J. De Yoreo
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Damage mechanisms for KTiOPO4 crystals under irradiation of a cw argon laser
Author(s): Xiaodong Mu; Yujie J. Ding; Jiyang Wang; Yaogang Liu; Jingqian Wei; Jacob B. Khurgin
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Frequency doubling in periodically poled flux-grown KTP of short period length
Author(s): David Eger; Moshe B. Oron; Moti Katz; Avigdor Zussman; Abraham Englander; Gil Rosenman; Alexander Skliar
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Recent advancements in the periodic poling and characterization of RTA and its isomorphs
Author(s): Richard A. Stolzenberger; Michael P. Scripsick
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Domain patterning in lithium niobate using spontaneous backswitching
Author(s): Robert G. Batchko; Gregory D. Miller; Vladimir Ya. Shur; Evgenii L. Rumyantsev; Martin M. Fejer; Robert L. Byer
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UV and visible absorption in LiTaO3
Author(s): Alexei L. Alexandrovski; Gisele Foulon; Lawrence E. Myers; Roger K. Route; Martin M. Fejer
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355-nm cw laser emission using a contact-bonded crystal assembly pumped with a 1-W 808-nm diode
Author(s): Gregory J. Mizell
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Production of high-power cw UV by resonant frequency quadrupling of an Nd:YLF laser
Author(s): Anthony J. Kuczewski; Craig E. Thorn; Giovanni Matone; Gianfranco Giordano
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Ambiguities at the initial stage of the nonradiative energy transfer in solid state laser materials
Author(s): Luis A. Diaz-Torres; David S. Sumida; Oracio Barbosa-Garcia; M. Antonio Meneses-Nava
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Photorefractive coherence gating for laser interferometric applications
Author(s): Akira Shiratori; Minoru Obara
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Simple measurement of the coherence function of cw lasers by a photorefractive grating method
Author(s): Peter Pogany; Hans Joachim Eichler
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Degenerate four-wave mixing measurements of the nonlinear response of conjugated silicon-ethynylene polymers
Author(s): Oleg Leonidovich Antipov; Andrey V. Afanasiev; George A. Domrachev; William E. Douglas; Daniel M. H. Guy; Larisa G. Klapshina; Alexander Sergeevich Kuzhelev
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Passive Q-switched cw diode-pumped Nd-doped YAG and YVO4 lasers
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Shuki Levy; Leonid Kravchik
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Application of phase conjugation in incoherent observational optical systems with correction for distortions by the real-time holography technique
Author(s): Vladimir E. Sherstobitov; Andrey Yu. Rodionov; Sergei A. Dimakov
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Analysis of the elasticity theory equations aiming to clear up main relationships of the parameters in the thin-flexible-mirror task
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Boris V. Kislitsyn
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Growth and investigation of BBO crystals with improved characteristics for UV harmonic generation
Author(s): Alexandr E. Kokh; Valentin Mishchenko; Valery D. Antsygin; Alexander M. Yurkin; Nadegda G. Kononova; Victor A. Guets; Yury K. Nizienko; Alexandr I. Zakharchenko
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Top-seeded solution growth of CLBO crystals
Author(s): Ninel A. Pylneva; Nadegda G. Kononova; Alexander M. Yurkin; Alexandr E. Kokh; Gibzema G. Bazarova; Victor I. Danilov; Irina A. Lisova; Natalia L. Tsirkina
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Room-temperature 1.06- to 0.53-um second-harmonic generation in LiNbO3 with 0.6-mol % MgO doping
Author(s): Bum Ku Rhee; Jong Soo Lee; Gi Tae Joo
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Nonlinear phase-conjugate mirrors for atmospheric distortion compensation
Author(s): Nikolay A. Romanov; Aleksey A. Leshchev; Andrey Yu. Rodionov; Victor E. Semenov; Vladimir E. Sherstobitov; Nina V. Vysotina
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Problems of beta-BeB2O4 crystal growth for fabrication of large optical elements
Author(s): Eugene G. Tsvetkov; Victor I. Tyurikov; Valery D. Antsygin; Alexander M. Yurkin
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Manipulation of spectra of output radiation of dopant energetic donor-acceptor pair by pump light power
Author(s): Alexey E. Dmitriyev; Yelena I. Dmitriyeva; Oleg M. Parshkov; Nina E. Popova
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Dispersion of third-order nonlinear optical constants in high-refractive-index glasses associated with two-photon absorption
Author(s): Akihiro Mito; Hiroki Moriwaki
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Properties of polycrystalline germanium-dioxide for the materials of hollow-core fiber
Author(s): Yingzhi Sun; Lantian Hou; Hang Yu; Honglin Wang; ChongXiu Yu; Jintong L. Lin
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Raman spectroscopic study of barium fluorapatite
Author(s): Carl E. Bonner Jr.; Chahn C. Chess; Chandana Meegoda; Sennay Stefanos; George B. Loutts; George E. Miller III
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