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Micro- and Nanofabricated Structures and Devices for Biomedical Environmental Applications II
Editor(s): Mauro Ferrari

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Volume Number: 3606
Date Published: 3 June 1999

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Microfabrication of biosensors for neurotransmitter analysis
Author(s): Weihong Tan; Julia Cordek; Xiaojing Liu; Brooks Gross; Bernd Liesenfeld
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Biochemical microsystems with integrated photodiode arrays of improved sensitivity and functionality
Author(s): Otto Leistiko; Peter Friis
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Silicon microphysiometer for high-throughput drug screening
Author(s): Katarina Verhaegen; Christiaan Baert; Bob Puers; Willy Sansen; Jeannine Simaels; Veerle Van Driessche; Lou Hermans; Robert P. Mertens
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Fluorescence detection in (sub-)nanoliter microarrays
Author(s): L. Richard van den Doel; Michael J. Vellekoop; Pasqualina M. Sarro; S. Picioreanu; R. Moerman; J. Frank; G.W. K. van Dedem; Kari H. Hjelt; Lucas J. van Vliet; Ian T. Young
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Optical nanocluster microchips for human diagnostics
Author(s): Georg D. Bauer; Sabine Volnov; Gerhard Sontag; Alfred Leitner; Franz Rembert Aussenegg; Fritz Pittner; Thomas G. M. Schalkhammer
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Optical detection of aqueous phase analytes via host-guest interactions on a lipid membrane surface
Author(s): Darryl Y. Sasaki; Tina Y. Waggoner
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Detecting exposure to environmental organic toxins in individual cells: toward development of a microfabricated device
Author(s): Hoi-Ying N. Holman; Miqin Zhang; Regine Goth-Goldstein; Michael C. Martin; Marion Russell; Wayne R. McKinney; Mauro Ferrari; Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera
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Semiconductor microlaser for intracavity flow cytometry
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; Omar A. Akhil; Robert Guild Copeland; Jessica L. Dunne; Judy Kay Hendricks; Anthony E. McDonald; Steven K. Skirboll; L. Nihlen
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Instrumentation for biomedical and environmental applications based on microtechnology: lessons learned
Author(s): Raymond P. Mariella Jr.
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Optical and electrochemical diffusion-based detection of analytes in complex samples using microfabricated flow structures (T-Sensors)
Author(s): Bernhard H. Weigl; Robert B. Darling; Paul Yager; Jennah Kriebel; Kelly Mayes
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Molecular DNA switches and DNA chips
Author(s): Chandran R. Sabanayagam; Cristin Berkey; Uri Lavi; Charles R. Cantor; Cassandra L. Smith
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Large microchannel array fabrication and results for DNA sequencing
Author(s): Steve P. Swierkowski; Joseph W. Balch; Laurence R. Brewer; Alex C. Copeland; J. Courtney Davidson; J. Patrick Fitch; Joseph R. Kimbrough; Ramakrishna S. Madabhushi; Ron L. Pastrone; Paul M. Richardson; Lisa A. Tarte; Marina Vainer
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Flexible packaging and interconnect scheme for microfluidic systems
Author(s): William J. Benett; Peter A. Krulevitch
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Microinjection of sigma-D-glucose standards and Amplex Red reagent on micro-arrays
Author(s): R. Moerman; L. Richard van den Doel; S. Picioreanu; J. Frank; Johannes P. A. Marijnissen; G.W. K. van Dedem; Kari H. Hjelt; Michael J. Vellekoop; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Ian T. Young
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Thin-walled compliant plastic structures for mesoscale fluidic systems
Author(s): Robin R. Miles; Daniel L. Schumann
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Fabrication and design of open microchannels for capillary electrophoresis separations and matrix-assisted laser/desorption mass spectroscopy analysis
Author(s): Ken Tseng; Jun Liu; Carlito B. Lebrilla; Scott D. Collins; Rosemary L. Smith
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Stretching and movement of fibroblasts and osteoblasts cultured in microchannel and micropit arrays
Author(s): Hiroko E. Kikuchi; Yuji Kikuchi; Yoshinori Kuboki
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Electroviscous effects in microchannels
Author(s): Lawrence Kulinsky; Yuchun Wang; Mauro Ferrari
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