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Systems and Technologies for Clinical Diagnostics and Drug Discovery II
Editor(s): Gerald E. Cohn; John C. Owicki

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Volume Number: 3603
Date Published: 21 April 1999

Table of Contents
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Highly efficient optical detection of surface-generated fluorescence
Author(s): Joerg Enderlein; Thomas Ruckstuhl; Stefan Seeger
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Improved fluorophores for zinc biosensing using carbonic anhydrase
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Badri P. Maliwal; Hui-Hui Zeng
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Noninvasive glucose by Kromoscopic analysis
Author(s): Michael W. Misner; Howard E. Guthermann; Myron J. Block
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Detection of carbon monoxide from biological tissue using difference frequency generation in periodically poled lithium niobate near 4.6 um
Author(s): Yuji Morimoto; Jens Klattenhoff; William Durante; David G. Lancaster; Robert F. Curl; Frank K. Tittel
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Development of an infrared diagnostic instrument for the measurement of CO2 isotope ratios in breath
Author(s): Colin D. Mansfield; Harvey Nicholas Rutt
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Hybrid electrical/optical low-cost advanced image processing system for pathology diagnostics
Author(s): Zeev Zalevsky; David Mendlovic; Sonia Mendlovic
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Children with postsurgical capillary leak syndrome can be distinguished by antigen expression on neutrophils and monocytes
Author(s): Attila Tarnok; Michal Pipek; Guenter Valet; Jacqueline Richter; Joerg Hambsch; Peter Schneider
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Automated analysis of electrophoretic gels by digital image processing
Author(s): Manuel Filipe M. Costa
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Laser-scan cytometry: a new tool for clinical diagnostics
Author(s): Holger K. Maerz; Adolf Baumgartner; Joerg Hambsch; Bert Hennig; Michael Nuesse; Thomas Schmid; Peter Schneider; Rainer Zotz; Attila Tarnok
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Detection and isolation of single tumor cells containing mutated DNA sequences
Author(s): James F. Leary; Feng He; Lisa M. Reece
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Some fundamentals and methods for hyperspectral image data analysis
Author(s): David A. Landgrebe
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Multispectral fundus imaging for early detection of diabetic retinopathy
Author(s): James M. Beach; James S. Tiedeman; Mark F. Hopkins; Yashvinder S. Sabharwal
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Simultaneous 2D analysis of multiple fluorescent probes using multispectral imaging microscopy
Author(s): Yashvinder S. Sabharwal; Mark F. Hopkins; Ronald M. Lynch; LaTanya Donaldson
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Biomedical applications of the information-efficient spectral imaging sensor (ISIS)
Author(s): Stephen M. Gentry; Richard M. Levenson
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Spectral unmixing algorithm for distributed endmembers with applications to biomedical imaging
Author(s): Sabbir A. Rahman
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Control of antibody-antigen binding or dissociation by electric field
Author(s): Philip B. Oldham; Alexander N. Asanov
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Waveguide multichannel immunoassay using photo-deprotection immobilization
Author(s): Thomas E. Plowman; Amy S. Blawas; Tom F. Oliver; W. Monty Reichert
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Effect of surface electrostatics on adsorption behavior and biospecific interactions of DNA oligonucleotides
Author(s): Alexander N. Asanov; Igor Y. Sarkisov; Philip B. Oldham
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New molecular medicine: Diagnomics and pharmacogenomics
Author(s): Michael G. Kauffman M.D.
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Biological assays in microfabricated structures
Author(s): Daniel M. Fishman; Thomas L. Fare; Qianping Dong; Z. Hugh Fan; Timothy J. Davis; Rajan Kumar
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Fluorescence detection system for biochips
Author(s): Arthur H. Rogers
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Implementation of novel optical detection methods for clinically important blood analytes using microfabricated flow structures (T-Sensors)
Author(s): Eric H. Altendorf; Bernhard H. Weigl
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Video-rate spectral imaging system for fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Bridget K. Ford; Curtis Earl Volin; Andrew R. Rouse; Yashvinder S. Sabharwal; Ronald M. Lynch; Arthur F. Gmitro; Gregory H. Bearman; Michael R. Descour
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Applying fiber optical methods for toxicological testing in vitro
Author(s): Holger K. Maerz; Rainer Buchholz; Frank Emmrich; Frank Fink; Clive L. Geddes; Lutz Pfeifer; Ferdinand Raabe; Thomas-Helmut Scheper; Elizabeth Ulrich; Uwe Marx
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Combined SERS and flow linear dichroism approach to monitoring the interaction of pharmaceuticals with their target
Author(s): Anatoli I. Ianoul; Fabrice Fleury; Olivier Duval; Jean-Claude Jardillier; Alain J.P. Alix; Igor R. Nabiev
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Robust versatile tyrosine kinase assay for HTS in drug discovery
Author(s): Sudhir S. Deshpande; I. Mineyev; John C. Owicki
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Frequency-domain pump-probe microscopic imaging using intensity-modulated laser diodes
Author(s): Christof Buehler; Chen-Yuan Dong; Peter T. C. So; Todd E. French; Enrico Gratton
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Time-resolved fluorometer for high-throughput screening
Author(s): Todd E. French; Brent Bailey; David P. Stumbo; Douglas N. Modlin
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Vascularization of bioprosthetic valve material
Author(s): Derek R. Boughner; Joy Dunmore-Buyze; Dino Heenatigala; Tara Lohmann; Christopher G. Ellis
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Functional characterization of naturally expressed G-protein-coupled receptors in mammalian cells using the automated high-throughput pharmacological system HT-PS 100
Author(s): Ilya Okun; Alex Okun; Vellareddy Anantharam; Mark E. Goldman; Michael Otto; Gregory V. Kaler
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Use of a Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader in high-throughput screening
Author(s): Duncan R. Groebe; Sujatha Gopalakrishnan; Holly Hahn; Usha Warrior; Linda Traphagen; David J. Burns
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Application of the Leadseeker homogeneous imaging system to the detection and quantification of miniaturized proximity assays
Author(s): Robert A. Jessop
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96-channel microplate surface plasmon resonance fiber optic sensor system
Author(s): Ralph C. Jorgenson; Mark C. Siegfried
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