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Biomedical Diagnostic, Guidance, and Surgical-Assist Systems

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Volume Number: 3595
Date Published: 9 July 1999

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Noncontact point spectroscopy guided by two-channel fluorescence imaging in a hamster cheek pouch model
Author(s): Victor X.D. Yang; Jenny Yeow; Lothar D. Lilge; James Kost; Thomas S. Mang; Brian C. Wilson
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Burn-depth estimation using thermal excitation and imaging
Author(s): Fred M. Dickey; Scott C. Holswade; Mark L. Yee
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Multiwavelength videomicrofluorimetric method for a preliminary, fast, and inexpensive screening of the cytoxic properties of new drugs: application to some new marine peptides
Author(s): Pierre M. Viallet; Emmanuelle Rocchi; Jean Vigo; Jean-Marie Salmon
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Prototype for an organ system (liver) localization cardiovascular catheter
Author(s): Ralph Ballerstadt; Michael S. Dahn; M. Patricia Lange; Jerome S. Schultz
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Quantitative comparison of the application accuracy between NDI and IGT tracking systems
Author(s): Qinghang Li M.D.; Lucia J. Zamorano; Charlie Zhaowei W. Jiang; JianXing Gong; Fernando Diaz M.D.
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Feasibility of telemammography as biomedical application for breast imaging
Author(s): Barbara G. Beckerman; Stephen G. Batsell; Lawrence P. MacIntyre; Hamed Sari Sarraf; Shaun S. Gleason; Mitchell D. Schnall
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Electromagnetic tracking for catheter localization
Author(s): Mark R. Schneider
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In-vivo optical reflectance measurement of human brain tissue with calculation of absorption and scattering coefficients
Author(s): Maureen Johns; Cole A. Giller; Hanli Liu
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Application of ultrasonic techniques for brain injury diagnosis
Author(s): Joel Mobley; Paul M. Kasili; Stephen J. Norton; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Virtual endoscopy system for the planning of endoscopic interventions in the ventricular system inside of the human brain
Author(s): Dirk Bartz; Martin Skalej; Dorothea Welte; Wolfgang Strasser; Frank Duffner
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Remote access to medical specialists: home care interactive patient management system
Author(s): Peter J. Martin; Nicole Draghic; William P. Wiesmann
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Accuracy assessment of noninvasive hematocrit measurement based on partial least squares and NIR reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Songbiao Zhang; Babs R. Soller; Kristen Perras; Tania Khan; Janice Favreau
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Correlation between near-infrared tissue spectra and pH, temperature, and blood flow using partial least squares
Author(s): Tania Khan; Babs R. Soller; Songbiao Zhang
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Improved accuracy of quantification of analytes in human body fluids by near-IR laser Raman spectroscopy with new algorithms
Author(s): Jianan Y. Qu; On Lai Yau; SzeFong Mark Yau
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Design of an autostereoscopic endoscope for abdominal surgery
Author(s): Christopher W. Connor; Neil A. Dodgson; John E. Moore; Tim D. Wilkinson; Adrian R. L. Travis
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High-definition digital endoscopy
Author(s): Juerg Haefliger; Yves Lehareinger; Patrick Blessing; Peter F. Niederer; Daniel Doswald; Norbert Felber
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Passive autofocus for digital endoscopic imaging systems
Author(s): Patrick Blessing; A. von Orelli; Peter F. Niederer; Juerg Haefliger
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Endoscopic optical coherence tomography imaging for surgical diagnostics and guidance in the gastrointestinal tract
Author(s): Stephen A. Boppart; Xing De Li; Constantinos Pitris; Debra L. Stamper; Mark E. Brezinski; James G. Fujimoto
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Positional accuracy and sensitivity in x-ray stereo image guidance
Author(s): Hang-yi Jiang; Hong Liu; Wei R. Chen; Laurie L. Fajardo M.D.
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Contrast detail detectability of a full-field digital mammography system
Author(s): William C. Jung; Hong Liu; Laurie L. Fajardo M.D.
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Estimation of single-trial event-related potential with cepstrum-based method
Author(s): Chun Qi; Hang-yi Jiang; Dequn Liang
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Photoacoustic measurements in brain tissue
Author(s): Joel Mobley; Paul M. Kasili; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Enhancing the contrast of subcutaneous veins
Author(s): Herbert D. Zeman; Gunnar Lovhoiden
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Mag-Indo-1 protein interaction as a tool for probing the 3D conformation of protein subdomains: influence of the chemical microenvironment of the histidin residue(s) on the paramaters of the intera
Author(s): Pierre M. Viallet; Tuan Vo-Dinh; Terry Bunde; Anne-Cecile Ribou; Jean Vigo; Jean-Marie Salmon
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Assessment of glucose content in diabetic patients by examining the core of hair
Author(s): Narahari V. Joshi; Virgina Otero de Joshi; M. Quintero; A. Osuna
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Design of an arthroscopic instrument for dynamic testing of articular cartilage properties
Author(s): Kevin J. Zanca; Timothy G. Morgan; Michael C. Murphy
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Stereofluoroscopic image-guided robotic biopsy system
Author(s): Minyan Shi; Hong Liu; Gang Tao; Laurie L. Fajardo M.D.
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