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Nondestructive Evaluation of Bridges and Highways III
Editor(s): Steven B. Chase

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Volume Number: 3587
Date Published: 1 February 1999

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Role of NDE in bridge health monitoring
Author(s): A. Emin Aktan; Kirk A. Grimmelsman
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Embeddable sensor for corrosion measurement
Author(s): Robert G. Kelly; J. Yuan; Stephen H. Jones; W. Wang; K. Hudson; A. Sime; O. Schneider; Gerardo G. Clemena
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Detection and characterization of corrosion of bridge cables by time domain reflectometry
Author(s): Wei Liu; Robert G. Hunsperger; Kevin Folliard; Michael J. Chajes; Jignesh Barot; Darshan Jhaveri; Eric Kunz
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Fiber optic smart bearing load structure
Author(s): Eric Udd; Whitten L. Schulz; John M. Seim; Kelli Corona-Bittick; Jim Dorr; Kerry T. Slattery; Harold Martin Laylor; Galen E. McGill
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Long-term monitoring of a concrete bridge with 100+ fiber optic long-gauge sensors
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Samuel Vurpillot; Branko Glisic; Pascal Kronenberg; Sandra LLoret
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Nondestructive damage detection and evaluation technique for seismically damaged structures
Author(s): Yukio Adachi; Shigeki Unjoh; Masuo Kondoh; Michio Ohsumi
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Comparison between three identification techniques of a road bridge dynamic test
Author(s): Alessandro Fasana; Luigi Garibaldi; Ermanno Giorcelli; Stefano Marchesiello; Massimo Ruzzene
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Coating-tolerant thermography inspection system
Author(s): Jon R. Lesniak; Daniel J. Bazile; Bradley R. Boyce
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Coatings for combined thermoelastic and photoelastic stress measurement
Author(s): Deonna F. Woolard; Mark K. Hinders
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Detection of manufacturing flaws in composite retrofits
Author(s): Gary F. Hawkins; Eric C. Johnson; James P. Nokes
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Thermal nondestructive testing (TNDT) of adhesively bonded composite reinforcements applied to concrete civil structures
Author(s): Douglas D. Burleigh; Richard Bohner
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Validation of NDE methods
Author(s): Brent M. Phares; Glenn A. Washer; Mark Moore; Benjamin A. Graybeal
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Comparison of bridge load rating based on analytical and field testing methods
Author(s): Chun S. Cai; Mohsen A. Shahawy; Adnan El-Saad
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Framework for incorporating nondestructive evaluation (NDE) into pavement and bridge management systems
Author(s): John O. Sobanjo; Kamal S. Tawfiq
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Assessment of the performance of rigid pavement back-calculation through finite element modeling
Author(s): Samir N. Shoukry; Gergis W. William; David R. Martinelli
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Effect of induced deformation on NDT pavement evaluation
Author(s): Kamal S. Tawfiq; John O. Sobanjo; R. Ruiz
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Ground-penetrating radar for concrete bridge health monitoring applications
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston; Jing Qiong Hu; Kenneth R. Maser; William H. Weedon; Chris Adam
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Initial testing of advanced ground-penetrating radar technology for the inspection of bridge decks: the HERMES and PERES Bridge Inspectors
Author(s): Nigel C. Davidson; Steven B. Chase
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Delamination detection in reinforced concrete using thermal inertia
Author(s): Nancy DelGrande; Philip F. Durbin
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Innovative GPR for pavement inspection
Author(s): Rexford M. Morey
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Evaluation of concrete reinforcements using magnetostrictive sensors
Author(s): Keith A. Bartels; Chris P. Dynes; Yichi Lu; Hegeon Kwun
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Acoustic inspection of concrete bridge decks
Author(s): Mark E. Henderson; Gary N. Dion; R. Daniel Costley
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Magnetic field measurements on bridges and development of a mobile SQUID system
Author(s): Juergen Krieger; Hans-Joachim Krause; Uwe Gampe; Gottfried Sawade
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Use of seismic pavement analyzer in forensic studies
Author(s): Deren Yuan; Soheil Nazarian; Mark R. Baker
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Assessing corrosion damage in reinforced concrete beams using acoustic emission
Author(s): Dong-Jin Yoon; W. Jason Weiss; David W. Prine; Surendra P. Shah
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Evaluation of passivation method and corrosion inhibitors for steel-reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): Richard Brown; K. Wayne Lee; Yong Cao
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