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Nondestructive Evaluation of Aging Materials and Composites III
Editor(s): George Y. Baaklini; Carol A. Nove; Eric S. Boltz

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Volume Number: 3585
Date Published: 8 February 1999

Table of Contents
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Characterization of fretting fatigue damage using nondestructive approaches
Author(s): Theodore E. Matikas; Eric B. Shell; Perikles D. Nicolaou
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Wavelet analysis of fretting experimental data
Author(s): George N. Frantziskonis; Eric B. Shell; J. Woo; Theodore E. Matikas; Perikles D. Nicolaou
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Modeling fretting fatigue: interface contact conditions based on profilometry data
Author(s): Perikles D. Nicolaou; Theodore E. Matikas; Eric B. Shell
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Influence of pitting corrosion on structural integrity of aluminum alloys
Author(s): Laura B. Simon; Mohammad Khobaib; Theodore E. Matikas; C. S. Jeffcoate; M. S. Donley
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Characterization of pitting corrosion damage through multiscale analysis
Author(s): George N. Frantziskonis; Laura B. Simon; J. Woo; Theodore E. Matikas
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Enhanced x-ray images using amorphous silicon arrays
Author(s): William F. Hartman; Eric S. Boltz
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Thermoelastic stress analysis of a pultruded composite double lap joint
Author(s): John H. Hemann; Richard E. Martin; Davor G. Mandic
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Evaluation of the limit of acceptable damage for leather products using infrared thermography
Author(s): Phong M. Luong
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Low-cycle fatigue/high-cycle fatigue (LCF/HCF) interaction studies using a 10- to 40-kHz HCF loading device
Author(s): Theodore E. Matikas
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In-situ monitoring of acoustic linear and nonlinear behavior of titanium alloys during cycling loading
Author(s): Jerome Frouin; Theodore E. Matikas; Jeong K. Na; Shamachary Sathish
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Development of methods to observe fatigue damage through surface characteristics
Author(s): Jody L. Schroeder; Eric B. Shell; Theodore E. Matikas; Daniel Eylon
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Full-field detection of surface defects using real-time holography and optical correlation techniques
Author(s): James L. Blackshire; Bradley D. Duncan
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Advanced electronic phase stepped interferometry (EPSI) for detection and characterization of early-stage damage in aerospace materials
Author(s): James L. Blackshire; Russell C. Hardie; M. I. Younus
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Thermoelastic stress analysis: the mean stress effect in metallic alloys
Author(s): Andrew L. Gyekenyesi; George Y. Baaklini
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Overview of the knowledge-based inspection system (KBIS)
Author(s): Carol A. Nove; Roger Spencer; Lawrence M. Brown; Russell Kok; Lalita Udpa
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Acoustography: a side-by-side comparison with conventional ultrasonic scanning
Author(s): Jaswinder S. Sandhu; Honghui Wang; Witold J. Popek; Patrick J. Sincebaugh
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Computational methods for NDT
Author(s): Jonathan J. Kaufman; Gangming Luo; Bruno Bianco; Alessandro Chiabrera; Robert S. Siffert
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Ultrasound application for MOE determination of some Chilean species of wood
Author(s): Erik Baradit; Cecillia Fuentealba; Alex San Martin
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Enhancing quality control in transportation construction through nondestructive testing
Author(s): Udaya B. Halabe; David R. Martinelli; Samer H. Petro
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Quality evaluation of aged concrete by ultrasound
Author(s): H. M. Tavossi; Bernhard R. Tittmann; Frederic Cohen-Tenoudji
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Characterization of composite microstructure and damage using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Joy P. Dunkers; Carl G. Zimba; Kathleen M. Flynn; Donald L. Hunston; Rohit Prasankumar; Xing De Li; James G. Fujimoto
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Noncontact laser-based computation method of NDE of composites and other structures
Author(s): Thangavel M. Thevar; John M. Webster; Mikhail Kalshteyn; Jacqueline M. Mew
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Application of NDE technologies to support in-service health monitoring of flexible composite components
Author(s): Lawrence M. Brown; Michele R. Novack; Nasser Qaddoumi; Tim Bigelow
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Imaging of flaws in composite honeycomb aircraft structures using instrumented tap test
Author(s): David K. Hsu; John J. Peters; Dong Fei; Daniel J. Barnard; Vinay Dayal
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NDE characterization of advanced composite materials with high-temperature optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Thomas A. Wavering; Jonathan A. Greene; Scott A. Meller; Carrie L. Kozikowski; Timothy A. Bailey; Kent A. Murphy; Michael P. Camden; Larry W. Simmons
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Generation mechanisms for laser ultrasonics
Author(s): Adam D. Friedman; Mark K. Hinders; Eric I. Madaras; Robert F. Anastasi
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FOPSESPI for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of composites
Author(s): Vadakke Matham Murukeshan; Sant Kumar Malhotra; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Analysis of organic binder distribution in spray-dried granules by ultrasonic-atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Lili Jia; Michael Mandanas; Chiaki Miyasaka; Bernhard R. Tittmann; Gary L. Messing
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Detection of delamination located at ceramic/metal jointed interface by scanning acoustic microscopy
Author(s): Chiaki Miyasaka; Bernhard R. Tittmann; Masahiro Ohno; Shun-Ichiro Tanaka
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Optical nondestructive evaluation technique capable of predicting failure
Author(s): Sanichiro John Yoshida; M. H. Pardede; B. Siahaan; I. Muhamad; N. Sijabat; H. Simangunsong; T. Simbolon; - Adlin; - Jubir; A. Kusnowo
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Noninvasive measurements of structural damage by laser scanning vibrometer: an experimental comparison among different exciters
Author(s): Paolo Castellini; Enrico Esposito; Nicola Paone; Enrico Primo Tomasini
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Evaluation of residual stress gradients by diffraction methods with wavelets: a neural network approach
Author(s): Harald Wern; Marc Ringeisen
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Detection of fatigue damage zone by visualization
Author(s): Kensuke Ichinose; Kiyoshi Taniuchi; Yoshimi Kosaka; Katsumi Fukuda
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Evaluation of deformation-induced transformation and reversion processes of stainless steel by acoustic microscope
Author(s): Yukio Kasuga; Tomio Endo; Chiaki Miyasaka; Hideaki Kasano
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Ultrasonic nonspecular reflection and transmission for an immersed multilayered composite
Author(s): Aziz-Ur Rehman; Catherine Potel; Ning Guo; Jean-Francois de Belleval
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Aberration-free ultrasonic C-mode imaging system with an ultrasonic phase conjugator
Author(s): Masahiro Ohno; Ken Yamamoto; Akira Kokubo; Keiji Sakai; Kenshiro Takagi
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Nondestructive techniques for detection of delamination in ceramic tile: a laboratory comparison between IR thermal cameras and laser Doppler vibrometers
Author(s): Roberto M. De Andrade; Enrico Esposito; Nicola Paone; Gian Marco Revel
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SLDV (scanning laser Doppler vibrometry) for the analysis of defects in the teeth cavity resin filling
Author(s): Enrico Esposito; A. Putignano; G. Rappelli; Lorenzo Scalise
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Slipband propagation in aluminum alloy with dynamic speckle interferometry
Author(s): Qing-Chuan Zhang; Satoru Toyooka; Zhaobin Meng; - Suprapedi
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