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Enforcement and Security Technologies
Editor(s): A. Trent DePersia; John J. Pennella

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Volume Number: 3575
Date Published: 28 December 1998

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Mobile access control vestibule
Author(s): Jennifer M. DePoy
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Methods of identification and control of objects using of principles of creation and automatic recognition of unique optical images
Author(s): Vladimir A. Podgornov; Gennady S. Tsygankov
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ISI law enforcement research
Author(s): Jeff LaCoss; John Granacki; Jack Wills
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Laser dazzler for nonlethal force applications
Author(s): Jay D. Kehoe
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Pyrotechnic whistle technology enhancements to law enforcement applications
Author(s): Joseph A. Domanico; Terry E. Thomas
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Advances in nonlethal electronic weaponry
Author(s): James F. McNulty
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Concealed weapons detection using electromagnetic resonances
Author(s): Allen R. Hunt; R. Douglas Hogg; William Foreman
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Integrated platform for the enhancement of concealed weapon detection sensors
Author(s): Mohamed-Adel Slamani; Pramod K. Varshney; Raghuveer M. Rao; Mark G. Alford; David D. Ferris Jr.
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Cylindrical holographic radar camera
Author(s): Douglas L. McMakin; David M. Sheen; Thomas E. Hall; Ronald H. Severtsen
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Handheld ultrasound concealed weapons detector
Author(s): Franklin S. Felber; Norbert C. Wild; Scott C. Nunan; Dennis Breuner; Frank Doft
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Wavelet-based very low bandwidth video compression for physical security
Author(s): Paul G. Cox
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Surveillance through nonmetallic walls
Author(s): Lawrence M. Frazier
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Technical demonstration of a prototype nighttime identification system
Author(s): Jack McCready; Errol M. Glenn; Richard N. Paolino
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Specific NIST projects in support of the NIJ Concealed Weapon Detection and Imaging Program
Author(s): Nicholas G. Paulter
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Passive aircraft detection and noncooperative helicopter identification using extremely low-frequency (ELF) electric field sensors
Author(s): David M. Hull; Stephen J. Vinci
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Vehicle capture system
Author(s): Kenneth L. Tacke
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Assessing the security vulnerabilities of correctional facilities
Author(s): Debra D. Spencer; G. Steve Morrison
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Implementation of a national testbed concealed weapons detection system
Author(s): Lyle G. Roybal; Philip M. Rice; Ernest Glenn Shell
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X-ray BodySearch eliminates strip search in Montana prison
Author(s): David S. de Moulpied; Peter J. Rothschild; Gerald J. Smith
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Design process of physical security as applied to a U.S. Border Port of Entry
Author(s): George G. Wagner
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Optical security verification for blurred fingerprints
Author(s): Boon Yi Soon; Mohammad A. Karim; Mohammad S. Alam
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Fourier properties of fingerprints
Author(s): Jin Li; Markus E. Testorf; Michael A. Fiddy
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Case studies of the use of biometrics technologies to reduce fraud in governmental and industrial environments
Author(s): Roy N. Bordes
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Corporate security: aligning a security program with corporate goals and objectives
Author(s): Sal DePasquale
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Creation of security engineering programs by the Southwest Surety Institute
Author(s): Van D. Romero; Bradley Rogers; Tim Winfree; Dan Walsh; Mary Lynn Garcia
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Using common sense to effectively integrate security technologies within a school's security strategy
Author(s): Mary W. Green
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Ballistics firearms identification based on images of a cartridge case and projectile
Author(s): Dong-guang Li; Anthony Watson
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Mitigation of chemical attacks in enclosed public transportation facilities
Author(s): William A. Swansiger; John E. Brockmann
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Comparative study of the vapor analytes of trinitrotoluene (TNT)
Author(s): Cindy C. Edge; Julie Gibb; Regina E. Dugan
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Canine detection odor signatures for explosives
Author(s): Marc Williams; J. M. Johnston; Matt Cicoria; E. Paletz; L. Paul Waggoner; Cindy C. Edge; Susan F. Hallowell
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Airport vulnerability assessment: an analytical approach
Author(s): Richard T. Lazarick
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Changing first responder tactics through the use of advanced technologies
Author(s): William E. Nettles; Stephen Trotter
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CargoTIPS: an innovative approach to combating cargo theft
Author(s): Gail E. Toth
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging for contraband detection
Author(s): Stuart Enz Clark; John A. Lovberg; Joseph A. Galliano Jr.
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Mobile large-vehicle inspection system design issues
Author(s): Gerald J. Smith; William L. Adams; Suzhou Huang
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Mapping of explosive contamination using GC/chemiluminescence and ion mobility spectrometry techniques
Author(s): Carla J. Miller; D. F. Glenn; Steven D. Hartenstein; Susan F. Hallowell
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Pulsed fast neutron analysis for cargo inspection for drugs and terrorist threats
Author(s): Douglas R. Brown; Tsahi Gozani; Joseph Bendahan; Felix Liu; Robert Loveman; Peter Ryge; Patrick Shea; Mala Sivakumar; John Stevenson
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Effect of energy on x-ray penetration and image quality
Author(s): William Wade Sapp Jr.; Suzhou Huang
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Effects of extraneous odors on canine detection
Author(s): L. Paul Waggoner; Meredith H. Jones; Marc Williams; J. M. Johnston; Cindy C. Edge; James A. Petrousky
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Mobile TNA system to detect explosives and drugs concealed in cars and trucks
Author(s): Joseph Bendahan; Tsahi Gozani
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Recent developments in the VACIS gamma radiography systems
Author(s): Victor V. Verbinski; Jay Payne; Michael Snell
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GC-IMS: a technology for many applications
Author(s): Lawrence V. Haley; Julian M. Romeskie
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Explosives detection portal for high-volume personnel screening
Author(s): John E. Parmeter; Kevin L. Linker; Charles L. Rhykerd; David W. Hannum; Francis A. Bouchier
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Surface adsorption and retention of TNT vapors
Author(s): Edward J. Poziomek; Saeed H. Almeer
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Quality issues in the use of ion mobility spectrometry
Author(s): Edward J. Poziomek; Juliana Homstead; Saeed H. Almeer
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High-grade communications security: reprogrammable technologies for commercial wireless devices
Author(s): Kirk S. Spring
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Evaluation of less-lethal characteristics of a chemical delivery system for use by prison and corrections departments
Author(s): Jaime H. Cuadros
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