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Biomedical Sensors, Fibers, and Optical Delivery Systems
Editor(s): Francesco Baldini; Nathan I. Croitoru; Martin Frenz; Ingemar Lundstroem; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Riccardo Pratesi; Otto S. Wolfbeis

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Volume Number: 3570
Date Published: 15 January 1999

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New cyclic olefin polymer-coated silver hollow glass waveguides for the near-infrared to mid-infrared
Author(s): Yi-Wei Shi; Konosuke Hanamoto; You Wang; Yukio Abe; Yuji Matsuura; Shunichi Sato; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Pulsed 3-um laser radiation transmission through hollow plastic and hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Alexander A. Serafetinides; Kenneth R. Rickwood; Eugenia T. Fabrikesi; Giorgos Chourdakis; Nikoletta Anastasopoulou; Yuji Matsuura; Yi-Wei Shi; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Noninvasive determination of the optical properties of two-layered turbid media from time-resolved reflectance measurements
Author(s): Alwin Kienle; Thomas M. Glanzmann; Georges A. Wagnieres; Hubert van den Bergh
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Pulsed HF and Er:YAG laser radiation transmission through sapphire and fluoride glass fibers
Author(s): Alexander A. Serafetinides; Eugenia T. Fabrikesi; Giorgos Chourdakis; Nikoletta Anastasopoulou
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CO2 laser cutting and heating using silver halide fibers as scanning elements
Author(s): B. Dekel; Abraham Katzir
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Beam profile dependence on conditions of propagation through hollow flexible IR waveguides
Author(s): Alexandra Inberg; Mark Oksman; M. Ben-David; Abraham Katzir; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Special glasses for passive and active IR fibers for medical and biomedical applications
Author(s): Dimitrij Lezal; Jitka Pedlikova; Milan Karel; Ladislav Horak; Jiri Zavadil
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Multifiber integrated glass applicators for VIS and NIR radiation
Author(s): Ryszard Stepien; Longin Kociszewski; Dariusz Pysz
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Lensed-taper launching coupler for high-energy Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Yuji Matsuura; Hajime Hiraga; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Array configurations based on read-out techniques
Author(s): Guenter Gauglitz; Andreas Brecht; Hans-Martin Haake; Matthias Rothmund; Matthias Sauer; Uwe Schobel; Armin Schuetz; Ivo Stemmler
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Ellipsometric studies on deposition of complement from human serum to IgG and IgA immobilized on hydrophobic silicon
Author(s): Pentti Tengvall; Agneta Askendal; Ingemar Lundstroem
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Blood plasma coagulation studied by surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Trine P. Vikinge; Kenny M. Hansson; Johan Benesch; Knut Johansen; Mats Ranby; Tomas L. Lindahl; Ingemar Lundstroem; Pentti Tengvall
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Microstructure-based fiber optic pressure sensor for measurements in lumbar intervertebral discs
Author(s): Svante Hoejer; Martin Krantz; Lars Ekstroem; Allison Kaigle; Sten Holm
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Noninvasive detection of glucose using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Johannes Sake Kanger; Frits F. M. de Mul; Cees Otto
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Relationship between low-frequency fluctuations in arterial blood pressure and tissue blood volume
Author(s): Meir Nitzan; Anatoly Babchenko; Boris Khanokh
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Quantitative evaluation of photoplethysmographic artifact reduction for pulse oximetry
Author(s): Matthew J. Hayes; Peter Richard Smith
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Bile sensing with optical fibers
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Paolo Bechi; Fabio Cianchi; Roberta Coppini; Alida Falai
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NIRS monitoring of muscle contraction to control a prosthetic device
Author(s): Thomas Bianchi; Daniela Zambarbieri; Giorgio Beltrami; Gennaro Verni
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Multiobject wireless noninvasive optical oxygen monitor
Author(s): Qingming Luo; Pengcheng Li; Chenpeng Mu; Shaoqun Zeng; Britton Chance
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Surface plasmon resonance analysis of immobilized fibrinogen and fibrin and their interaction with thrombin and fibrinogen
Author(s): Jan E. Dyr; Marketa Jirouskova; Jitka Rysava; Ivo Tichy; Petr Tobiska; Radan Slavik; Jiri Homola; Jiri Suttnar
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Miniature fiber optic surface plasmon resonance biosensors
Author(s): Radan Slavik; Eduard Brynda; Jiri Homola; Jiri Ctyroky
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Design of a laser diode photoacoustic sensor for tissue measurements
Author(s): Onni Ahola; Zuomin Zhao; Jussi Tenhunen; Seppo M. Nissila; Risto A. Myllyla
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Angular dependence of light scattering by biological tissue
Author(s): Rene Alexander Bolt; Johannes Sake Kanger; Frits F. M. de Mul
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Photoplethysmographic sensor with smoothed output signals
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Uldis Rubins
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Improvement of solid state Er:YAG pulse laser performance for use in medicine
Author(s): Maris Ozolinsh; Karl Stock; Raimund Hibst; Rudolf Steine; Maris Kundzinsh
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Silicon microfabricated device for a non-sheath-flow cytometer
Author(s): Martin A. Afromowitz; Ming-Chieh Huang
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Biofeedback control analysis using a synchronized system of two CCD video cameras and a force-plate sensor
Author(s): Masako Tsuruoka; Ryosuke Shibasaki; Shunji Murai
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Photoimmobilization of biomolecules with a scanning near-field optical microscope: functionalization and detection at the submicrometer scale
Author(s): Claude Philipona; Patrick Lambelet; Luciana Vaccaro; Fabienne D. Marquis-Weible; Hans Sigrist
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Multispectral imaging fluorescence microscopy for lymphoid tissue analysis
Author(s): Monica Monici; Giovanni Agati; Franco Fusi; Piero Mazzinghi; Salvatore Romano; Riccardo Pratesi; Renato Alterini; Pietro Antonio Bernabei; Luigi Rigacci
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Fluorescence-lifetime-based phase-sensitive sensor array with LED or diode laser excitation for chemical- and biosensing
Author(s): Emmanuil M. Rabinovich; Michael J. O'Brien II; A. A. Ukhanov; Ravinder K. Jain; Victor H. Perez-Luna; Gabriel P. Lopez
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New confocal scanning-laser ophthalmoscope device: double pass in a fiber optic
Author(s): Frederic Lamarque; Jean Francois Le Gargasson; Vincent Gautier
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Laser ablation for mineral analysis in the human body: integration of LIFS with LIBS
Author(s): Ota Samek; Miroslav Liska; Jozef Kaiser; Vladislav Krzyzanek; David C. S. Beddows; Alexander Belenkevitch; Gavin W. Morris; Helmut H. Telle
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Time-resolved transmittance for the noninvasive determination of tissue optical properties
Author(s): Sergio De Nicola; Maria Daniela Falco; Maria Lepore
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Computer simulation of gene detection without PCR by single molecule detection
Author(s): Lloyd M. Davis; John G. Williams; Don T. Lamb
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Application of NIR laser diodes to pulse oximetry
Author(s): Sonnia Maria Lopez Silva; Romano Giannetti; Maria Luisa Dotor; Jose Raman Sendra; Juan Pedro Silveira; Fernando Briones
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Noninvasive real-time laser Doppler flowmetry in perfusion regions and larger vessels
Author(s): Peter Elter; Eric Seiter; Torsten Karch; Wilhelm Stork; Klaus-Dieter Mueller-Glaser; Norbert O. Lutter
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Use of polymer-coated AgClBr fibers for fiber optic evanascent wave spectroscopy (FEWS) of biological fluids
Author(s): Edward Bormashenko; Roman Pogreb; Semion Sutovski; Irena Vaserman; Abraham Katzir
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