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Medical Applications of Lasers in Dermatology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, and Dentistry II
Editor(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Reginald Birngruber; Peter Bjerring; Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Herbert J. Geschwind M.D.; Raimund Hibst; Herbert Hoenigsmann; Frederic Laffitte; Hericus J. C. M. Sterenborg

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Volume Number: 3564
Date Published: 4 February 1999

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Laser skin resurfacing using a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser after topical application of an exogenous chromophore
Author(s): Chryslain C. Sumian; Franck Pitre; Beatrice Gauthier; Martine Bouclier; Serge R. Mordon
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Laser skin resurfacing using a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser after application of a chromofilm
Author(s): Chryslain C. Sumian; Franck Pitre; Beatrice Gauthier; Jean Luc Levy; Martine Bouclier; Serge R. Mordon
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Interest of ICG blood clearance monitoring for reproducible 810-nm diode laser coagulation of blood vessels
Author(s): Thomas Desmettre; Sylvie Soulie-Begu; Jean-Marie Devoisselle; Serge R. Mordon
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Clinical review of pulsed ruby laser depilation
Author(s): R. Marc Clement; Michael N. Kiernan; J. Evans
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Various new applications of fiber optic infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy for dermatology
Author(s): Reinhard F. Bruch; Natalia I. Afanasyeva; Sydney Sukuta; Angelique L. Brooks; Volodymyr Makhine; Sergei F. Kolyakov
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Spectroradiometric measurements on sunbeds
Author(s): Harry Moseley; Marion Davidson; James Ferguson
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Retrospective analysis of drug photosensitivity in Norway
Author(s): Edgar Selvaag M.D.
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Myocardial tissue ablation by single high-energy laser pulses for ELR and TMR
Author(s): Dirk Theisen; Ralf Brinkmann; Hans-Martin Stubbe; Reginald Birngruber
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Laser-excited autofluorescence for discrimination of atherosclerosis
Author(s): Mersini I. Makropoulou; H. Drakaki; Nikoletta Anastasopoulou; Y. S. Raptis; Alexander A. Serafetinides; A. Pafiti; B. Tsiligiris; B. Arapoglou; P. Demakakos
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Ultraprecise medical applications with ultrafast lasers: corneal surgery with femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Frieder H. Loesel; Ron M. Kurtz M.D.; Christopher Horvath; Samir I. Sayegh M.D.; Gerard A. Mourou; Josef F. Bille; Tibor Juhasz
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New 223-nm excimer laser surgical system for photorefractive keratectomy
Author(s): Sergei N. Bagaev; Alexander M. Razhev; Andrey A. Zhupikov
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Simulation and optimization of argon laser iridectomy: influence of irradiation duration on a corneal and lens thermal injury
Author(s): Gabriela Apiou-Sbirlea; Jean Pierre L'Huillier
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Effectiveness of panretinal photocoagulation in severe diabetic retinopathy
Author(s): Yuri S. Astakhov; Fedor Ye. Shadrichev; Alla B. Lisochkina
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Noncontact tonometry using laser interferometry
Author(s): Joerg Drescher; Wilhelm Stork; Stefan Hey; Arnd Gundlach; Klaus-Dieter Mueller-Glaser; Christine F. Kreiner
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Functional topographic imaging of the human retina by confocal scanning laser angiography
Author(s): Joachim Noack; U. Schmidt-Erfurth; Norbert Koop; Reginald Birngruber
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Development of a versatile stereo scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Author(s): Fred N. Reinholz; Ross A. Ashman; Robert H. Eikelboom; Paul P. van Saarloos; Yogesan Kanagasingam
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First experiences with a slitlamp-adapted optical coherence tomography (OCT) system in the anterior and posterior segment of the eye
Author(s): Hans Hoerauf; Christian Scholz; Ralf Engelhardt; Peter Koch; Horst Laqua; Reginald Birngruber
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Criteria in the simultaneous presentation of the images provided by a stand-alone OCT/SLO system
Author(s): Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; John A. Rogers; David J. Webb; David A. Jackson
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Partially coherent interferometric biometry in cataract surgery
Author(s): Wolfgang Drexler; Oliver Findl; Rupert Menapace; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Adolf Friedrich Fercher
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Scanning laser ophthalmoscope optimized for retinal microphotocoagulation
Author(s): Frans J. Van de Velde M.D.
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Complex spectral interferometry OCT
Author(s): Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Rainer Leitgeb; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Harald Sattmann; Maciej Wojtkowski
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Er:YAG laser cavity profile affected by an FCP silver hollow glass waveguide delivery system
Author(s): Helena Jelinkova; Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Mitsunobu Miyagi; You Wang; Yi-Wei Shi
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Results of clinical application of YAG:Er lasers in dentistry
Author(s): Gregory Altshuler; Andrei V. Belikov; Victor N. Balin; Alexey S. Gook; Sergey P. Kropotov; Viacheslav L. Selivanov; Alexei V. Skripnik; Constantin V. Prikhodko
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Bond strength of composites on Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG laser-irradiated enamel
Author(s): Christian Apel; Norbert Gutknecht
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Improvement of marginal adaptation of composite restorations by means of YAG:Nd laser radiation
Author(s): Andrei V. Belikov; Ludmila A. Ermolaeva; Svetlana N. Vlasova; Yuri A. Sinelnik
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Measurement and modeling of temperature distribution for Er:YAG laser root canal sterilization
Author(s): Raimund Hibst; Karl Stock; Ulrich Keller D.D.S.
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Neodymium YAG laser for treatment of oral cavernous hemangiomas
Author(s): Paul F. Bradley
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Is LLLT effective in the management of TMJ pain?
Author(s): Antonio Luiz Barbosa Pinheiro; Marcos J.P.C. Alves; Ezenildes Ramos; Cecilia T.A. Manzi; Aluizio Barros Rolim; Alessandro L. B. Vieira
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Optimal properties for coated titanium implants with the hydroxyapatite layer formed by the pulsed laser deposition technique
Author(s): Lucia Himmlova; Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Miroslav Jelinek; Jirina Bartova; V. Pesakova; M. Adam
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Backscattered HeNe laser light intensity and distribution of the light scattered inside dental tissues
Author(s): Vladimir N. Grisimov
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Ablation velocity and thermal damage of myocardial tissue using a CO2 laser for transmyocardial laser revascularization
Author(s): Anna Sachinopoulou; Johan F. Beek; Ton G. J. M. van Leeuwen; W. J. Beek
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Optical model of Hunter-Schreger bands phenomenon in human dental enamel
Author(s): Vladimir N. Grisimov
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Interferometric measurement of the axial length of the eye
Author(s): Sverker Hard; Per-Ola Fuxin; Dan Gerhardsson; Per-Arne Torstensson; Tomas Nilsson; Johan Sjostrand
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Optical diagnostics of human tooth enamel surface
Author(s): Nickolai R. Belashenkov; Leonid I. Akopov; Nikolai N. Bondarev; Ella V. Shalygina; Anatoly A. Solounin; Sergei L. Studenikin
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