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Optical Storage Technology
Editor(s): Duanyi Xu; Seiya Ogawa

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Volume Number: 3562
Date Published: 10 August 1998

Table of Contents
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Gray-scale fidelity of images reconstructed from volume holographic memories
Author(s): Shiquan Tao; Zhuqing Jiang; Dayong Wang; Bin Tang; Lansun Shen
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Optical and thermal properties of some indolenine cyanine dyes used as optical recording materials
Author(s): Shuqing Sun; Ping Chen; Deshui Zheng; Tsuneki Okasaki; Masaaki Hayami
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Multivalued photochromic optical disk with dual-beam compensation nondestructive readout method
Author(s): Zhongping Cai; Duanyi Xu; Longfa Pan; Meigong Fan; Xianjuan Men
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Microscopic mechanism of Faraday effect in Bi-YIG
Author(s): Huaan Hu; Jiang Wei; Huahui He
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Mechanisms of optical bistabilitites in thin films and organic dye solutions
Author(s): Ailun Rong; Deyin Huang; Tong Lin; Luqing Shi; Zhonglin Zhang; Rui Wang
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Writing energy of near-field recording optical disk with fiber probe
Author(s): Hao Huang; Xiandeng Pei; Jun Huang; Jing Zhang
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High-reliability high-performance optical data storage system architecture
Author(s): Hai Jin; Peng Cheng; Dan Feng; Xinrong Zhou
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Preparation and optical characterization of push-pull azo-dye-doped poly(methylmethacrylate) thin film as optical recording media
Author(s): Guangbin Wang; Lisong Hou; Fuxi Gan
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Writing and reading method
Author(s): Lijun Ma; Duanyi Xu; Longfa Pan
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Multimedia data repository for the World Wide Web
Author(s): Ken Chen; Dajin Lu; Duanyi Xu
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Design of optical RAID
Author(s): Min Xu; Xuelei Xu; Hongzhi Zhao; Dajin Lu
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Optical jukebox for video-on-demand system
Author(s): Huiping Xiang; Hongzhi Zhao; Dajin Lu; Duanyi Xu
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Two-actuator cooperative seek control for optical disk drives
Author(s): Jiandong Yang; Longfa Pan; Xiandeng Pei; Duanyi Xu
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Optical grating laser energy beam splitter
Author(s): KeCheng Feng; Chengbin Shen; Haifeng Zhao; Fubin Gao
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Matrix solution of fiber-tapered waveguide
Author(s): Hao Huang; Peixian Deng
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High-speed data recording system based on optical disk array
Author(s): Chongyang Wang; Huibo Jia; Duanyi Xu
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One-dimensional modeling of magneto-optical read channel
Author(s): Yong Tang; Longfa Pan; Duanyi Xu
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Optical recording static tester for quasi-linear-region focusing search
Author(s): Zhongping Cai; Longfa Pan; Duanyi Xu
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Testing method for CDs
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Yuchang Lu; Duanyi Xu; Longfa Pan
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5X-density magneto-optical disk media tester
Author(s): Jiandong Yang; Longfa Pan; Zhenwei Lu; Yuechuan Lu; Hui Zeng; Jiang Chen; Lijun Ma; Duanyi Xu
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Electron transfer process in electron capture materials
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Yongsheng Wang; Zheng Xu; Zhengwei Cheng; Xurong Xu
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Difference between two kinds of electron traps in BaFCl:Eu2+
Author(s): Yongsheng Wang; Hui Zhao; Zheng Xu; Li Sun; Xurong Xu
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Thermal stability of magneto-optical properties in TbFeCo films prepared by rf-magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Rui Xiong; Zuoyi Li; Xiaofei Yang; Zuoqi Hu; Zheng Li; Gengqi Li
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Magneto-optic enhancement effect of dielectric layer and influence of magnetic layer thickness in bilayer films
Author(s): Xiaofei Yang; Zuoyi Li; Rui Xiong; Ying Xu; Gengqi Lin
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Optical properties of spectral hole-burning material Eu3+:Y2SiO5
Author(s): Shaolin Xue; Lingbing Chen; Liming Xie; Youyuan Zhao; Fuming Li; Shoudu Zhang; Haobing Wang; Qike Zhen; Xinju Yang
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Microscopic origin of optical absorption for Bi-YIG magneto-optic thin film
Author(s): Huaan Hu; Zhiyun Duan; Jianhong Wang
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Spectral and electrochemical properties of phenylazonaphthalene based on a self-assembled monolayer
Author(s): Aidong Zhang; Jingui Qin; Jianhua Gu; Zu-Hong Lu
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Comparison of two types of phthalocyanine thin films
Author(s): Jinlong Yin; Donghong Gu; Fulong Tang; Xiaodong Tang; Fuxi Gan
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Measurement and analysis of the optical parameters of two types of dye films
Author(s): Jinyan Li; Fuxi Gan; Donghong Gu; Xiaodong Tang
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Present and future of 3.5-in. magneto-optical disk
Author(s): Seiya Ogawa; Keiji Shono
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Future developments for high-density optical disk mastering
Author(s): Gerarous J. Verhaart
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Digital video on compact disk
Author(s): Erik Schylander
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Near-field optical recording
Author(s): Charles C. K. Cheng
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