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Photorefractive Materials: Phenomena and Related Applications II
Editor(s): Peixian Ye; Tsutomu Shimura; Ratnakar R. Neurgaonkar

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Volume Number: 3554
Date Published: 17 August 1998

Table of Contents
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Shallow and deep impurity levels in undoped Rh- and Ce-doped photorefractive BaTiO3
Author(s): Shuoxing Dou; Hongwei Song; Mingjun Chi; Yong Zhu; Peixian Ye
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Optimization of diffraction performances of reflection holograms in photorefractive LiNbO3:Fe
Author(s): Zhuqing Jiang; Quan Yuan; Shiquan Tao
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Two-dimensional perturbative analysis of photorefractive slant grating
Author(s): Yongyuan Jiang; Yuwen Feng; Xiudong Sun; Zhongxiang Zhou; Yan Li; Kebin Xu
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Phase-conjugate characteristics of the terbium-copper-doped potassium sodium strontium barium niobate crystal
Author(s): Xiudong Sun; Yan Li; Zhongxiang Zhou; Yongyuan Jiang
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Ring self-pumped phase conjugator with high-speed modulated incident beam
Author(s): Yan Li; Yuwen Feng; Yongyuan Jiang; Xiudong Sun; Zhongxiang Zhou
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Harmonic conversion of phase-aberrated beam in CLBO
Author(s): Yanxia Gao; Dianyuan Fan
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Dependence of grating dark decay on temperature in some BaTiO3 crystals
Author(s): Mingjun Chi; Hongwei Song; Shuoxing Dou; Yong Zhu; Peixian Ye
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Photorefractive properties of 0-deg.-cut and 45-deg.-cut BaTiO3
Author(s): Haiqing Xu; Haosu Luo; Zhenyi Qi; Guisheng Xu
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Coherent optical gain of multistage two-wave mixing in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Jinsong Liu; Jianyong Xiang; Keqing Lu
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Properties of screening-photovoltaic spatial solitons in biased photovoltaic-photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Jinsong Liu; Keqing Lu; Jun Xu; Zhonghua Hao
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Net coupling coefficient of two-wave mixing and its measurement in a photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Jinsong Liu; Jianqi Zhang; Xiaopeng Shao
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Effect of external applied alternative electric field on the temporal variation of photorefractive fundamental harmonic of space-charge field
Author(s): Yuwen Feng; Xiudong Sun; Zhongxiang Zhou; Yongyuan Jiang; Yan Li
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Saturating refractive nonlinearities and optical bistability in ZnSe/CdZnSe MQWs at room temperature
Author(s): Hongyu Li; De Zen Shen; Jiying Zhang; Shumei Wang; Baojun Yang; Guangyou Yu
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Bragg shift for reflection-type photorefractive holographic gratings
Author(s): Baoshen Li; Guoqing Liu; Zhuqing Jiang; Quan Yuan; Dayong Wang; Shiquan Tao
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Determination of dispersions of electro-optic coefficients and charge carrier densities of photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Shuoxing Dou; Juntae Kim; Jaichul Yi; Seungwoo Yi; Sungdo Cha; Seung-Ho Mr. Shin; Yong Zhu; Peixian Ye
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Mutual-coherent-pumped phase conjugation with cerium-doped barium titanate
Author(s): Changxi Yang; Yong Zhu; Xiaojuan Niu; Daofan Zhang; Tang Zhou; Xiaoming Wang; Hongbin Liu; Xing Wu
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Volume holographic storage in photorefractives: material peculiarities and memory performances
Author(s): Shiquan Tao
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Multichannel wavelet correlators by the use of associative storage in a photorefractive material
Author(s): Wenyi Feng; Gaogui Huang; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu
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Real-time 3D temperature field analysis using a photorefractive holographic interferometer and spatial filtering technique
Author(s): Xinmei Qu; Yurong Wang; Luzhong Cai
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Image recognition system based on volume holographic memory
Author(s): Dayong Wang; Yan Zhou; Shiquan Tao; Baoshen Li; Quan Yuan; Zhuqing Jiang
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Improving the recognition ability of the photorefractive correlator by using an extensive complementary encoding
Author(s): Haisong Liu; Minxian Wu; Guofan Jin; Gang Chen; Qingsheng He; Yingbai Yan
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Photoinduced anisotropy and high-efficiency optical storage in azobenzene side-chain polymer
Author(s): Changshun Wang; Haosheng Fei; Yanqiang Yang; Zhenqian Wei; Jinhong Xia; Yong Qiu; Qingxin Yang; Guijuan Sun; Yongmei Chen; Encai Hao
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Optical wavelet transform correlator with biomolecular materials
Author(s): Kangsheng Chen; Xianmin Zhang; Xiandong Chen
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Poly(N-vinylcarbazole)-based low glass transition temperature three-component photorefractive composites
Author(s): Qihuang Gong; Zhijian Chen; Feng Wang; Yiwang Chen; Huiying Chen
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Photorefractive properties of several crystals
Author(s): Zhiguo Zhang; Michiel Sprenger; Mathias Gyger; Hans Joachim Eichler; Aimin Yin; Panming Fu; D. Z. Shen; X. Y. Ma; J. Y. Chen
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Multigrating in photorefractive composites containing nonlinear chromophore azo-dye 1-n-butoxyl-2,5-dimethyl-4-(4'-nitrophenylazo)benzene
Author(s): Feng Wang; Zhijian Chen; Qihuang Gong; Yiwang Chen; Huiying Chen
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Synthesis and structural characterization of multifunctional polysiloxanes for photorefractive effect
Author(s): Jun Li; Zhen Li; Caimao Zhan; Jingui Qin; Bernard Kippelen; Nasser Peyghambarian; Seth R. Marder
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New method for identification of impurity levels in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Hongwei Song; Mingjun Chi; Shuoxing Dou; Yong Zhu; Peixian Ye
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Longitudinal-field GaAs/AlGaAs semi-insulating multiple quantum wells photorefractive devices
Author(s): Aimin Yin; Zhiguo Zhang; Manhong Zhang; Qi Huang; Junming Zhou; Panming Fu
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Optical limiting properties of a novel bromizated naphthalocyanine
Author(s): Yinglin Song; Yuxiao Wang; Junqing Li; Guangyu Fang; Xuedong Yang; Yiqun Wu; Ying Liu; Xia Zuo; Qingtao Zhu; Naisheng Chen
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Burning-hole behavior of the intersubband absorption in semiconductor superlattices
Author(s): Guozhong Zhao
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Synthesis of polyphosphazenes functionalized with photoconducting and NLO side chains
Author(s): Caimao Zhan; Jishan Wu; Xingshan Li; Xi Yang; Jingui Qin
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Properties of damage-resistant dopants in lithium niobate crystals
Author(s): Guoquan Zhang; Guangyin Zhang; Simin Liu; Jingjun Xu; Qian Sun; Jianjun Liu
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Recording volume holographic memories with a phase conjugate mirror
Author(s): Claire Gu; Miao Yang
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Temperature-dependent photorefractive effects in Bi4Ti3O12
Author(s): Xuefeng Yue; Karsten Buse; Romano A. Rupp; Eckhard Kratzig
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Temperature dependence of light-induced absorption in reduced Co:KNSBN crystal with multiple-shallow traps
Author(s): Yanqiu Li; Dangquoc Trung; Baoping Zhang; Yusaburo Segawa; Tadashi Itoh
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Improvement of the oscillation mode of the broad-area diode lasers by injection locking with photorefractive mutually pumped phase conjugators
Author(s): Tsutomu Shimura; Hisaki Horiuchi; Ken-ichi Iida; Osamu Matoba; Takashige Omatsu; Kazuo Kuroda
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Crosstalk of optical switching device using photorefractive crystal and interconnection mask
Author(s): Yoshihiko Shizu; Shinichi Komatsu
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Image transmission through a thick dynamic distorter without a reference beam
Author(s): Jiasen Zhang; Huitian Wang; Shin Yoshikado; Tadashi Aruga
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Numerical analysis of diffraction of image-bearing beam from a fixed index grating in photorefractive media
Author(s): Huitian Wang; Jiasen Zhang; Shin Yoshikado; Tadashi Aruga
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Self-adaptive external resonator for second-harmonic generation in laser-diode-pumped NYAB laser using photorefractive phase conjugate feedback
Author(s): Masayuki Shimosegawa; Hirohumi Watanabe; Takashige Omatsu; Akira Hasegawa; Mitsuhiro Tateda; Iwao Ogura
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Growth and photorefractive properties of doped Pb5Ge3O11 crystals and of (Pb1-xBax)5Ge3O11 solid solutions
Author(s): Stefan Mendricks; Xuefeng Yue; Thomas Nikolajsen; R. Pankrath; H. Hesse; Detlef Kip
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