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Fiber Optic Components and Optical Communication II
Editor(s): Shuisheng Jian; Franklin F. Tong; Reinhard Maerz

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Volume Number: 3552
Date Published: 6 August 1998

Table of Contents
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Design of high-reflection-loss FP filter used in WDM network
Author(s): Michael Han; Deming Wu; Shuo Tang; Linzhen Xie
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Same-source cross talk in the WDM dynamic all-optical cross-connects
Author(s): Wenlu Chen; Hai-yun Zhang; Yunsi Fei; Lei Zong; Yili Guo; BingKun Zhou
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10-GHz actively mode-locked fiber ring laser
Author(s): Yuhua Li; Caiyun Lou; Jian Wu; Boyu Wu; Yizhi Gao
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Spectral gain performance of optoelectronically gain-clamped EDFA
Author(s): Jingcui Cui; Xiaoming Liu; Dan Liu; Qun Li; Jian Wu; Pingsheng Tang; Jiangde Peng
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All-fiber Q-switched laser
Author(s): Shuzhong Yuan; Fuyun Lu; Chunfeng Ge; Yujie Liu; Xinhuan Feng; Zhenxing Wei; Yaxian Fan
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Bandpass filter by a stretch and double-exposure technique
Author(s): Kaiming Zhou; Guiren An; Huang Ge; Wei Wang; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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New wideband and temperature-stabilized optical isolator for wavelength division multiplexing fiber transmission system
Author(s): Min Huang; Weizhong Zhao; Shouye Zhang
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Realizing of flattening EDFA gain spectrum by FP filter
Author(s): Michael Han; Guisheng Xiong; Anshi Xu; Linzhen Xie
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Polarization performances of a twisted DBR fiber laser
Author(s): Jinsong Zhang; Tangjun Li; Yucheng Zhao; Daoping Wei; Shuisheng Jian
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Reconfigurable all-optical add/drop multiplexer with dynamic gain control function
Author(s): Wenlu Chen; Yunsi Fei; Lei Zong; Zhigen Xu; Hanyi Zhang; BingKun Zhou
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Influence of pattern effect and ASE on SLALOM as OTDM demultiplexer
Author(s): Jianfeng Zhang; Minyan Yao; Yizhi Gao
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Distance scale calibration of optical fiber OTDR
Author(s): Yuwen Fang; Jin Qian; Minming Wang; Xuesong Li; Tianchu Li
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Novel scheme of OADM based on WDM demultiplexer, switch array, and OLM
Author(s): Gang Zhao; Zhangyuan Chen; Baicheng Zhang; Anshi Xu; Deming Wu
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Development of integrated acoustically tunable optical filter using the coupled-mode theory
Author(s): Enguang Dai; Deming Wu; Anshi Xu
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Wavelength trimming technique during the fabrication of fiber Bragg gratings by phase mask approach
Author(s): Dingli Zeng; Chengcheng Sun; Wenwei Mao; Jing Cao; Shizhong Xie; BingKun Zhou
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Experimental investigation of temperature-induced Bragg wavelength shift in UV-written fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Genxiang Chen; Zhong'ao Jiang; Tangjun Li; Yuwen Qin; Shuisheng Jian
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Uniform fiber Bragg grating chirp tuning and its application in dispersion compensation
Author(s): Yuwen Qin; Yucheng Zhao; Jinsong Zhang; Tangjun Li; Genxiang Chen; Shuisheng Jian
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Dynamic characteristics of a Mach-Zehnder wavelength converter
Author(s): Xueyan Zheng; Nan Chi; KeJian Guan; Peida Ye
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Compact high-isolation polarization-independent optical circulator: characteristic analysis and experiment
Author(s): Yinlan Ruan; Luozhen Fang; Qiuhua Liu; Shuihua Liu; Jian Yao
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Inline detection method for fiber optic polarization with fiber grating
Author(s): Dongxiao Yang; Hongbin Yu; Xianfeng Chen; Zhineng Li
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Adaptive gain control in underwater laser communication system
Author(s): Yimin Lu; Zhufeng Du; Yuankai Zheng
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Low-cross-talk high-stability optical add/drop multiplexer based on fiber gratings and circulators
Author(s): Bo Wang; Shizhong Xie; Xiaopin Wu; Chengcheng Sun
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Maximum intensity noise induced by multiple-path interference from fiber-connector reflections
Author(s): Zhige Chen; Zeming Jiang; Zhaoming Huang; Hui Song; Xiaolei Jiang
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Novel scheme for biconically fused fiber polarization beamsplitters
Author(s): Daoping Wei; Yucheng Zhao; Li Pei; Jinsong Zhang; Zhong'ao Jiang; Shuisheng Jian
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Characteristics of pulse distorted by linearly chirped fiber gratings
Author(s): Xuewen Shu; Dexiu Huang; Ruan Yu
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Experimental study of four-channel tunable optical add/drop multiplexer based on fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Baicheng Zhang; Zhangyuan Chen; Hongbo Wang; Deming Wu; Anshi Xu; Chu Wang
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Dispersion of principal polarization axes (PPA) in optical fiber
Author(s): Chongqing Wu; Zhi Chao Wang; Yongpeng Zhao; Fenghai Xu
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All-optical demultiplexing of 8x2.5-Gb/s pseudorandom OTDM data stream using nonlinear optical loop mirror
Author(s): Minyu Yao; Jianfeng Zhang; Dapeng Wang; Jian Wu; Yong Xie; Yizhi Gao; Caiyun Lou; BingKun Zhou
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Effect on characteristic of optical fiber transmission system due to stimulated Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Hui Wang; Shizhong Xie; Yong Xie; Xiaopin Wu; Chengcheng Sun; BingKun Zhou
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N-soliton solutions in the higher-order nonlinear Schroedinger equation
Author(s): Zhonghao Li; Guosheng Zhou; Dachun Su
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Cross-talk study of order-packed flexible image bundles
Author(s): Yangwu Ma; Huang Lin
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New class of multicasting optical cross-connects employing splitter-and-delivery switch
Author(s): WeiSheng Hu; QingJi Zeng
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Analysis of design and characteristics of mode converter
Author(s): Yali Guan; Yandong Gong; Shuisheng Jian
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Resonance characteristics of fiber optic ring resonator in fiber optical resonator gyroscope
Author(s): Zenghua Xie; Zhong'ao Jiang; Shuisheng Jian; Wangbin Tao
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Improving the performance of OTDM device
Author(s): Tangjun Li; Cuizhu Pang; Yucheng Zhao; Daoping Wei; Shuisheng Jian
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8x2.5-Gb/s full-fiber optical pulse multiplexer
Author(s): Yucheng Zhao; Daoping Wei; Yuwen Qin; Tangjun Li; Jinsong Zhang; Shuisheng Jian
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Thermal phase noise compensation technique for fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Fengping Yan; Huijuan Lan; Shuisheng Jian
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Effects of initial chirp of control pulse on soliton-repulsion logic gate
Author(s): Chunyan Zhang; Liangzhong Zhang; Shuisheng Jian
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Reduction of polarization mode dispersion in fiber by nonlinearity effect
Author(s): Yandong Gong; Yali Guan; Zhong'ao Jiang; Shuisheng Jian
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Performance comparison of nonlinear WDM systems with different duty cycle
Author(s): Jianjun Yu; KeJian Guan
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Noise and performance analysis on SLALOM as an all-optical demultiplexer
Author(s): Hanxing Shi; Jintong L. Lin
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Nonlinear distortion and BER of QAM channels in AM/M-QAM hybrid optical transmission systems
Author(s): Yihong Chen; Yong Zuo
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Signal distortion compensation by midspan spectral inversion in high-speed optical communication systems
Author(s): Yong Xie; Shizhong Xie; Hui Wang; BingKun Zhou
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Quasi-soliton in optical fiber link with periodical dispersion management and power balance
Author(s): Guosheng Zhou; Xuemin Li; Wenrui Xue; Zhonghao Li; Suotang Jia
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Ring-shaped field pattern in backward stimulated Raman scattering in a multimode optical fiber
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Wei Pan; Qi Li; Yingli Chen
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Discussion of power management in an optical WDM network
Author(s): Zhangyuan Chen; Guisheng Xiong; Baicheng Zhang; Anshi Xu; Deming Wu
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Design and realization of programmable optical orthogonal code encoder/decoder for optical code-division multiple-access communication
Author(s): Hongxi Yin; Guangzhao Zhang; Shuwen Yang
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Reconfigurable wavelength-routing all-optical network testbed
Author(s): QingJi Zeng; WeiSheng Hu; Jianming Chen; Ailun Ye; Jianping Chen; Yang Chen; Yuxun Zhou; Kai Wu; Yufeng Li; Yizhi Xiong; Yaohui Jin; Yiping Han; Zongxing Xu; Sijia Li; Yunzhi Chen
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Pigtailing of solid state single-mode fiber optic 1xN switches
Author(s): Ning Zhu; Peter DeDobbelaere; Anthony J. Ticknor; John I. Thackara; Janelle M. Freeman; George F. Lipscomb
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Scalable and reconfigurable WDM network architecture
Author(s): Dan Guo; Zhensheng Zhang
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Wide-temperature-range linear 1.3-um DFB lasers
Author(s): Tirong R. Chen; Pei Chuang Chen; Wei Hsin
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PHOTONET: a field trial demonstrating WDM cross-connected networks
Author(s): M. Bischoff; Reinhard Maerz; Michael Lehdorfer; Dieter Werner; Piet Kuindersma; Bernhard Hein; Waltraud Muellner; Teresa Mendes Almeida; Michael M. Rasztovits-Wiech; Bart van Canegem; Clemens von Helmolt
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Loop experiments and simulations for the wavelength division multiplex network signal path
Author(s): Bernhard N. Strebel; Christoph Caspar; R. Freund
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Iterative method for the analysis of rectangular waveguides with external effective index correction
Author(s): Yong Ma; Mee Koy Chin; Seng Tiong Ho
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Enhanced TOAD performance with negative frequency offset between signal and control picosecond pulses
Author(s): J. M. Tang; Keith Alan Shore
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Limitations on the design of high-bit-rate soliton communication systems
Author(s): Mario F. S. Ferreira; Atilio M. S. Gameiro
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Building fiber optic networks in China for multimedia applications
Author(s): Yi Chen
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