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Chemical Microsensors and Applications
Editor(s): Stephanus Buettgenbach

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Volume Number: 3539
Date Published: 18 December 1998

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Miniaturized laser-induced fluorescence system with a fiber optic probe for the analysis of aromatic compounds
Author(s): Gerd Marowsky; Frank Lewitzka; Peter Karlitschek; Uwe Buenting; Matthias Niederkrueger
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Integrated optical sensor system for beverage analysis
Author(s): B. J. Luff; K. Kawaguchi; James S. Wilkinson
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Solution-based analysis of multiple analytes by a sensor array: toward the development of an electronic tongue
Author(s): Steven M. Savoy; John J. Lavigne; J. Seung-Jin Yoo; John Wright; Marc Rodriguez; Adrian Goodey; Bridget McDoniel; John Thomas McDevitt; Eric V. Anslyn; Jason B. Shear; Andrew D. Ellington; Dean P. Neikirk
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Waveguide immunofluorescence sensor for water pollution analysis
Author(s): Richard D. Harris; G. R. Quigley; James S. Wilkinson; Albrecht Klotz; C. Barzen; Andreas Brecht; Guenter Gauglitz; R. A. Abuknesha
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Fiber optic polymer residue monitor
Author(s): Kent B. Pfeifer; Robert L. Jarecki; Timothy J. Dalton
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Chemo- and biosensor microsystems for clinical applications
Author(s): Gerald A. Urban; G. Jobst; I. Moser
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Microflow devices for miniaturized chemical analysis systems
Author(s): Stephanus Buettgenbach; Christian Robohm
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Real-time online detection of organic compounds in aqueous environments using polymer-coated QCRs
Author(s): Fabien J. Josse; Rongnong Zhou; Rupa Patel; Ashok Menon
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Sensitive properties of soluble dodecylsulfanyl phthalocyanines for organic vapors using impedance spectroscopy and QCR
Author(s): Fabien J. Josse; Rongnong Zhou; Ahmet Altindal; Salih Dabak; Ozer Bekaroglu
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Chemically selective coated quartz-crystal-microbalance (QCM) array for detection of volatile organic chemicals
Author(s): Thomas W. Schneider; Gregory C. Frye-Mason; Stephen J. Martin; James J. Spates; Teresa V. Bohuszewicz; Gordon C. Osbourn; John W. Bartholomew
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Gas detection with work function sensors
Author(s): Theodore Doll; Ignaz Eisele
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Fabrication and characterization of gas-sensitive layers based on nanocrystalline materials
Author(s): Patrick Keller; Karina Zweiacker; Joerg-Uwe Meyer
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Chemical microsensors with molecularly imprinted sensitive layers
Author(s): Franz Ludwig Dickert; Wolfgang Greibl; Renatus Sikorski; Matthias Tortschanoff; K. Weber; W. E. Bulst; G. Fischerauer
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Temperature-stabilized silicon-based surface-acoustic-wave gas sensors for the detection of solvent vapors
Author(s): Stefan Bender; W. Mokwa
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Microstructured silicon substrate for low-power multi-gas-sensor applications
Author(s): Heinz-Georg Dura; W. Mokwa; J. Werno
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Electronic characterization of thin diamondlike carbon films for pH sensor applications
Author(s): Frank Schitthelm; Kai-Sven Roever; Ruediger Ferretti
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Self-contained handheld optical waveguide chemical sensor system
Author(s): Roger L. Himka; Richard J. Pollina; Helen Thomas; Stanley M. Klainer
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Microfabricated voltammetric sensors for trace metal analysis
Author(s): Giovanni Carlo Fiaccabrino; Peter D. van der Wal; Nico F. de Rooij; Milena Koudelka-Hep; Marylou Tercier; Cecile Belmont-Hebert; Jacques Buffle; Fabio Confalonieri; Guiliano Riccardi; Flavio Graziotin
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Heavy metal detection combining stripping electrochemistry and piezoelectric sensor technology
Author(s): Lester A. French; Michael G. Schweyer; Janet B. Foley; Jeffrey C. Andle; Charles Watson; Mitchell R. M. Bruce; Alice E. Bruce; John F. Vetelino
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Humidity effects on a commercially available refrigerant gas sensor (TGS 832)
Author(s): Claude Delpha; Maryam Siadat; Martine Lumbreras
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Air-conditioning study by data analysis using dynamic and steady-state responses of TGS sensors
Author(s): Frederic Sarry; Martine Lumbreras
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Buildup of Langmuir-Blodgett films on quartz resonators as biomimetic target structures
Author(s): Maik Liebau; Annegret Hildebrandt; Jens Hartmann; Ulrich Rothe; Johannes Muthing; Reinhard Neubert
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Kinetic characteristics of SnO2 thin-film gas sensors for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Ghennadii S. Korotchenkov; Vladimir I. Brynzari; Sergei V. Dmitriev
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