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Nuclear Waste Instrumentation Engineering
Editor(s): David E. Robertson

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Volume Number: 3536
Date Published: 29 January 1999

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Nondestructive boxed transuranic (TRU) waste assay systems
Author(s): John T. Caldwell; Stephanie A. Jones; Randy F. Lucero
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Status of the waste assay for nonradioactive disposal (WAND) project
Author(s): Gaetano L. Arnone; Lynn A. Foster; Charles L. Foxx; Roland C. Hagan; E. Ray Martin; Steven C. Myers; Jack L. Parker
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Recharacterization and segregation of transuranic wastes from low-level wastes by means of nondestructive assay at Los Alamos National Laboratory Solid Waste Operations facility
Author(s): James D. Soukup
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Instrumentation applications for radioassay of transuranic waste at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Author(s): Clifford J. Stanley; Larry V. East; Gary W. Twedell; E. Wayne Killian; Yale D. Harker
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Uncertainty analysis of nondestructive assay measurements of nuclear waste
Author(s): Larry G. Blackwood; Yale D. Harker
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Statistical analyses of nuclear waste level measurements to estimate retained gas volumes
Author(s): Paul D. Whitney; Guang Chen
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Uncertainty estimation of Hanford tank chemical and radionuclide inventories and concentrations
Author(s): Thomas A. Ferryman; Guang Chen; Brett G. Amidan; Stacey A. Hartley; Charles A. LoPresti; Julian G. Hill; Tom J. DeForest; Feng Gao; K. M. Remund; Brett C. Simpson
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Acceptance testing of the Lasentec focused beam reflectance measurement (FBRM) monitor for slurry transfer applications at Hanford and Oak Ridge
Author(s): Eric A. Daymo; Tom D. Hylton; Thomas H. May
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In-plant measurement and analysis of mixtures of uranium and plutonium TRU waste using a 252Cf shuffler instrument
Author(s): Jon R. Hurd
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Application of real-time radioscopy and digital imaging to the examination of transuranic (TRU) waste at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL)
Author(s): Kurt L. Davis; Clifford J. Stanley
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High-performance gamma spectroscopy for equipment retrieval from Hanford high-level nuclear waste tanks
Author(s): Gary L. Troyer; K. E. Hillesand; S. G. Goodwin; S. F. Kessler; E. Wayne Killian; D. Legare; Joseph V. Nelson Jr.; R. F. Richard; E. M. Nordquist
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Characterization of transuranic waste using artificial intelligence techniques
Author(s): Charles A. Sparrow; Susan M. Bridges; Julia E. Hodges; Jun Chen
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High-resolution real-time optical studies of radiological air sample filtration processes in an environmental continuous air monitor
Author(s): John C. Rodgers; Piotr T. Wasiolek; Stephen D. Schery; Raul E. Alcantara
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Performance of a neutron-sensitive scintillating glass fiber panel for portal, freight, and vehicle monitoring
Author(s): Richard S. Seymour; Richard A. Craig; Mary Bliss; B. Richardson; C. D. Hull; Debra S. Barnett
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Human intrusion monitor for special nuclear material storage facilitites
Author(s): Mary Bliss; Richard A. Craig; Richard J. Arthur; Martin D. Winterrose
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Neutron coincidence counting of plutonium and high-energy muon-induced time-correlated events in lead
Author(s): Daniel L. Haggard; Jennifer E. Tanner; Gabriel M. Mapili; Andrey Mozhayev; Andrey Savlov
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Nondestructive assay of curium-contaminated transuranic waste drums
Author(s): Lynn A. Foster
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Mechanically cooled patterned IG Compton suppression system for high-sensitivity gamma spectrometric assay of nuclear waste
Author(s): P. S. Haskins; Jack E. McKisson; N. Chakravarty; J. I. H. Patterson
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