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Advanced Sensors and Monitors for Process Industries and the Environment
Editor(s): Wim A. de Groot

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Volume Number: 3535
Date Published: 22 January 1999

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Optical sensors for process control and emissions monitoring in industry
Author(s): Sarah W. Allendorf; David K. Ottesen; David W. Hahn; Thomas J. Kulp; Uta-Barbara Goers
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Advanced diode-laser absorption sensors for combusion monitoring and control
Author(s): Douglas S. Baer; Edward R. Furlong; Radu M. Mihalcea; Michael E. Webber; Ronald K. Hanson
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High-speed monitoring and control of CVD metal-organic precursors using FT-IR spectroscopy
Author(s): David F. Marran; Chad M. Nelson; Louis J. Guido; Brendan Gaffey
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Performance comparison of advanced online sensors for steel-treatment atmosphere control
Author(s): Wim A. de Groot; Ronald Rich
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Measuring pressure with cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Author(s): Roger D. van Zee; John Patrick Looney; Joseph T. Hodges
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Evanescent wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy for ultrasensitive chemical detection
Author(s): Andrew C. R. Pipino
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Possibilities of NOx online control by using degenerate four wave mixing spectroscopy on intermediate species
Author(s): Roberta Fantoni; Luigi De Dominicis; Mariano Giorgi; Dmitri A. Sidorov Biryukov; Massimo D'Apice; Stefano Giammartini
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Diode laser sensors for aeropropulsion testing and control
Author(s): Mark G. Allen; Michael F. Miller; David M. Sonnenfroh; Bernard L. Upschulte
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Quantitative imaging of OH concentrations in a swirling methane jet flame via single-pulse laser-induced predissociative fluorescence
Author(s): Yei-Chin Chao; Der-Chyun Wu; Tsarng-Sheng Cheng
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Sensors for measuring primary zone equivalence ratio in gas turbine combustors
Author(s): Ramarao V. Bandaru; Sean Miller; Jong-Guen Lee; Domenic A. Santavicca
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Sensor for performance monitoring of advanced gas turbines
Author(s): Harri M. Latvakoski; James R. Markham; James A. Harrington; David J. Haan
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Real-time optical fuel-to-air ratio sensor for gas turbine combustors
Author(s): Quang-Viet Nguyen; Rajiv K. Mongia; Robert W. Dibble
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Detection of hazardous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in petrochemical industries
Author(s): Yechiel Spector; Esther Jacobson
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Application of LIBS to in-situ assessment of metal-contaminated soils
Author(s): Gregory A. Theriault; Pam A. Mosier-Boss; Stephen H. Lieberman
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Ground-based aircraft exhaust measurements of a Lufthansa Airbus A340 using FTIR emission spectrometry
Author(s): Klaus Schaefer; Joerg Heland
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Diode laser measurements of HF concentrations from heptane/air pan fires extinguished by FE-36 and FE-36 plus ammonium polyphosphate
Author(s): R. Reed Skaggs; Robert G. Daniel; Andrzej W. Miziolek; Kevin L. McNesby; Craig Herud; William R. Bolt; Donald Horton
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Laser photofragmentation/fragment detection studies on energetic materials
Author(s): V. Swayambunathan; Gurbax Singh; Rosario C. Sausa
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Low-cost fiber optic hydrogen gas detector using guided-wave surface-plasmon resonance in chemochromic thin films
Author(s): David K. Benson; C. Ed Tracy; Gary A. Hishmeh; Paul E. Ciszek; Se-Hee Lee; D. P. Haberman
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Dynamic derivative UV spectroscopy for combustion monitoring
Author(s): Karsten Sassenscheid; Ulrich Klocke; C. Marb; H. Riedel; Gerhard Schmidtke; Maurus Tacke
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Industrial combustion monitoring using optical sensors
Author(s): William A. Von Drasek; Olivier Charon; Olivier Marsais
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Detailed chemistry of NH3/N2O/Ar flames by mass spectrometry, laser-induced fluorescence, and modeling
Author(s): Rosario C. Sausa; Demetris T. Venizelos
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Ambient pressure REMPI monitoring of acetaldehyde production during the breakdown of ethyl-3-ethoxypropionate (EEP)
Author(s): Orven F. Swenson; Jason A. Williams; Ray Wells; Terence Tipton; Steve Baxley; Stewart Markgraf
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Fiber optic probe for primary zone fuel distribution measurements in actual liquid-fueled gas turbine combustors
Author(s): Jong-Guen Lee; Domenic A. Santavicca
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Smart chemical sensor using polymer-film-coated quartz resonator for hydrocarbon and organic solvent gases
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Naganori Dougami; Tatsuya Mukai; Toshio Ogawa; Eiji Kusano; Akira Kinbara
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Group velocity delay spectroscopy technique for industrial monitoring of electron-beam-induced vapors
Author(s): Jerry J. Benterou; Leon Val Berzins; Manish N. Sharma
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Computer-controlled scanner for continuous flow measurement using single sensor in harsh environment
Author(s): Bahman Tavassoli; Kambiz Shahnazi
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Novel two-dimensional IR image sensor utilizing photostimulated luminescence in II-VI compound phosphor ceramics
Author(s): Yoshiteru Douguchi; Tomoyuki Sato; Makoto Miyazaki; Atushi Imai; Eiji Kusano; Akira Kinbara; Shouichi Nasu; Hidehito Nanto
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Measurement of circular and linear birefringence in chiral media and optical materials using the photoelastic modulator
Author(s): Baoliang Bob Wang
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Characterization of polymer composites by fiber optic Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Sanmitra A. Bhat; Richard Osbaldiston; Marie B. DiTaranto; Wayne W. Smith; Jennifer Rose; Yong-Ming Liu; Montgomery Shaw
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End point determination using full-spectrum acquisition and evolving windowed factor analysis
Author(s): Wayne Branagh; Jason Rivers; Robert Fry
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Modified sodium line-reversal temperature measurements in oxy-fuel flames
Author(s): William A. Von Drasek; Olivier Charon; Romain P. Roux
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The LasIR: a tunable diode laser system for environmental and industrial applications
Author(s): Harold I. Schiff; Alak Chanda; John T. Pisano; Gervase I. Mackay
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