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Air Monitoring and Detection of Chemical and Biological Agents
Editor(s): Joseph Leonelli; Mark L.G. Althouse

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Volume Number: 3533
Date Published: 18 January 1999

Table of Contents
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Assessment of infrared remote chemical sensing systems with numerical simulations
Author(s): Herbert A. Fry; Brian D. McVey; Mark J. Schmitt
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Effects of spectral resolution on the identification of specific chemical compounds within complex spectral signatures
Author(s): John P. Kurmer; Russell H. Barnes; Busolo Wa Wabuyele; John M. Collier
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Development of radiometric system models for performance comparison of proposed instruments
Author(s): Betina E. Pavri; Gregory H. Bearman; Jack S. Margolis; Philip I. Moynihan; Karen Y. Liu
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Spectroscopic observations of low-lying gas clouds: sensitivity of detection by method of covariance matrix
Author(s): Jack S. Margolis; Karen Y. Liu; Philip I. Moynihan
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Monitoring biological aerosols using UV fluorescence
Author(s): Jay D. Eversole; Dominick Roselle; Mark E. Seaver
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Biological aerosol trigger
Author(s): Michael Scott DeSha
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Concentration, size, and excitation power effects on fluorescence from microdroplets and microparticles containing tryptophan and bacteria
Author(s): Nicholas F. Fell Jr.; Ronald G. Pinnick; Steven C. Hill; Gorden W. Videen; Stanley Niles; Richard K. Chang; Stephen Holler; Yongle Pan; Jerold R. Bottiger; Burt V. Bronk
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Two-dimensional angular scattering measurements of single airborne microparticles
Author(s): Stephen Holler; Yongle Pan; Jerold R. Bottiger; Steven C. Hill; David B. Hillis; Richard K. Chang
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Passive standoff detection of gas clouds in open field by IR imagery
Author(s): Gerard Pelous; Laurence Grenier; Philippe Adam
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LWIR multispectral imaging chemical sensor
Author(s): Christopher M. Gittins; William J. Marinelli
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High-throughput infrared spectrometer for standoff chemical detection
Author(s): Suneet Chadha; Chuck Stevenson; Lawrence E. Curtiss
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Chemical cloud mapping and identification using convex cone analysis of AIRIS multispectral imaging data
Author(s): Agustin I. Ifarraguerri; Christopher M. Gittins
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Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy of chemical-warfare agents and their synthetic precursors
Author(s): Angela R. Hight Walker; Richard D. Suenram; Alan C. Samuels; James O. Jensen; Dwight L. Woolard; W. Wiebach
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Aircraft integration solution for a COTS standoff chemical sensor
Author(s): Thomas C. Gruber Jr.; Larry B. Grim; John C.E. Berends Jr.; Monty Pugh; Roland Thorpe
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Sequential detection and robust estimation of vapor concentration using frequency-agile lidar time series data
Author(s): Russell E. Warren; Richard G. Vanderbeek; Francis M. D'Amico; Avishai Ben-David
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Frequency-agile bandpass filter for direct detection lidar receivers
Author(s): William J. Marinelli; Christopher M. Gittins; William G. Lawrence
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Compact hybrid IR/UV biological sensor
Author(s): Donald A. Leonard; James F. Shaw; Christopher Smith; Paul James Titterton Sr.; Norm Neilson; Russ Scofield; Sylvie A. Carlisle; Russell E. Warren; David E. Cooper
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Dual band mid-wave/long-wave IR source for atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): Frederick Vachss; Jeffrey B. Norman; Charles Edward Turner Jr.
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Pulsed SWIR wavelength meter for OPO-based DIAL
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Norman; Frederick Vachss; Edwin W. Evers
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Autonomous system for pathogen detection and identification
Author(s): Philip Belgrader; William J. Benett; Werner Bergman; Richard G. Langlois; Raymond P. Mariella Jr.; Fred P. Milanovich; Robin R. Miles; Kodumudi Venkateswaran; Gary Long; William Nelson
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Biological agent identification by nucleic acid base-pair analysis using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Wayne W. Smith; Susan Elliott; Jay F. Sperry
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Rapid cleanup of bacterial DNA from samples containing aerosol contaminants
Author(s): Darrell E. Menking; Suzanne K. Kracke; Peter A. Emanuel; James J. Valdes
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Enhanced selectivity and sensitivity in UV analysis of volatile organic compounds
Author(s): Karsten Sassenscheid; Ulrich Klocke; Gerhard Schmidtke; Maurus Tacke
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Localization of methane distributions by spectrally tuned infrared imaging
Author(s): Werner Gross; Thomas Hierl; H. Scheuerpflug; U. Schirl; Oliver Schreer; Max J. Schulz
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Mobile lidar system for monitoring of gaseous pollutants in atmosphere over industrial and urban area
Author(s): Irina Viktorovna Moskalenko; Djolinard Andreevich Shecheglov; Aleksei P. Rogachev; Aleksandr A. Avdonin; Nikolai A. Molodtsov
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New dispersive method for measuring weak pollutant concentration
Author(s): Yuri S. Galkin; Victor N. Kharchenko
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Standoff detection in a fixed military installation: some test results
Author(s): Smadar Egert; David Peri; Yehezkel Baumgarte; Doron Ronen
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Fluorescence of dipicolinic acid as a possible component of the observed UV emission spectra of bacterial spores
Author(s): Raphael Nudelman; Nicole Feay; Mathew Hirsch; Schlomo Efrima; Burt V. Bronk
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